Monday, January 04, 2010

When Will The Luck Run Out?

Barack Obama has been the political equivalent of Midas in his ascendency to the highest political office in the world. Every time a fortunate occurrence must happen to save his bacon he gets the chance and the option.

Obama somehow got into Harvard Law School with unknown grades and modest means. He even went to exclusive private schools as a youngster where his grades and who paid have been carefully hidden. The only editor of the Harvard Law review who never published a paper of his own. Everywhere he has gone he has defied the odds that would normally sink the average performer in spite of the affirmative action and that charismatic smile.

Barack Obama began his political career by disqualifying his State Senate opponent, then, when he moved on to National Politics, it was the leaked sealed divorce records of his Democrat primary contender and his Republican counterpart in the general election. The divorce record of Jack Ryan begat the replacement by the hapless and incendiary Alan Keyes, imported from Maryland to the ultimate alienation and embarrassment of Illinois Republicans.
Triple 7's to Obama.

When John McCain had Obama down in the polls just a few months prior to the 2008 election suddenly the financial crisis hit and the economy grinded to a near halt. Amazingly the media then began touting polls and inflaming passions that insinuated the American public trusted Obama and the Democrat Party more to repair the economy and return prosperity to the land. ??!??
Obama got the nod and the general public got to relearn what the Democrat Party has in mind for the economy and the engine of wealth. Again, timing was Obamas best asset.

Now we start 2010 with Iran on the verge of nuclear capability and terrorists attempting to perform terrorist acts wherever and whenever possible. Two challenges that Obama can actually use to gain credibility and stature with his opposition and his sane base. Iran is teetering on the brink of revolution and with minimalistic effort a regime change may be possible. Removing the Mullahs could remove the threat of Nuclear proliferation and conflict with Israel.

And in regards to the domestic threats we have seen recently with the Christmas Day underwear bomber and by Major Hasan at Fort Hood, just acknowledging them as terrrorists and basic countermeasures could bring instant credibility. The only way the Administration stopped the underwear bomber was with their hope, and the flying dutchman. It was blind luck, operator ineptitude and/or Divine providence that saved those 288 souls over Detroit, not Obamas treatment of enemy combatants with constitutional protections. Changing the definitions of perpetrators and their actions and trying them in civilian courts is not a policy of deterrence, it's an invitation to strike the paper tiger.

Obama is once again provided a glorious opportunity to shine and while I have little faith in him to actually do the right thing, I am heartened by his penchant for the fortuitous chance that eventually may even benefit US serendipitously.

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