Wednesday, January 06, 2010

State Of the State
Save our State
Shame on Shwarzy
Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a caricature of himself and what he stood for when he upended Gray Davis in a special election oh so many(7) years ago. A fiddle played by the Democrats for years, the Governator is like a Stradivarius for Tchaikovsky. As reactionary and unimaginative as the best the Liberals can offer, Shwarzenegger didn't slow down the descent of this state at all. He gave up at his first defeat and never was able to educate the general and often idiotic electorate where their penchant for more Government programs was leading this once great State.

The Governor barely alludes to the perennial budget stalemates that are as expected and accepted as trading productive farmland for a tiny fish. He wants the Federal money to bail California out but failed to mention how state workers are going to court to rescind their furlough days, thereby insuring either lost jobs or the eventual bankruptcy of this state, or more likely, both. Pensions, I guess, will be reworked after the state goes officially bankrupt. Its not just the state workers that are doing this, it is involved in every facet of state spending, the takers are killing the golden goose. And the Governor seeks to tie the prison system to the higher education system somehow in dollars spent? Maybe, and on this I am certain, there is tremendous waste in both systems. But there is no real and proven correlation, so why amend the state constitution? Hog tie us with another layer of red tape?

Regulation was hardly addressed when jobs were referenced, and the green jobs farce and Obamaesque hope and change rhetoric give clues the Governor is not really serious about making this state somewhere a person can raise a family and operate a business with little Government intrusion. Immigration has become only a tool to leverage more money out of Washington now, back when there was a chance to defend our border and save some American jobs political correctness trumped law and order, and the Hispanic vote was the holy grail both Republicans and Democrats sold the state out for.

Arnold has proven that he is truly his wifes husband, and more a Kennedy than a Reagan. Taxation without representation is what California Conservatives are used to and Arnold definitely delivered.
There is an old saying that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. How many years now has Shwarzenegger been a lame duck? Apparently this is his last year as our Governor and it is so unfortunate for me to have to say, good riddance.

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