Friday, January 08, 2010

Madam Senator... The Door>>

One of the first steps in the rebuilding of the once great State of California will be to remove a blight and a mistake made back in 1992. A direction that has paralleled the downward spiral this State has chosen as it's pathway to lead our Nation.

I am not sure in whom to put my hope to disengage this obligatory trough feeding, influence peddling, demagogue, but Carly Fiorina seems to have the real world credentials and personal ability to stand and fight an entrenched heavyweight. Barbara Boxer has never once even pretended to represent people like me and to have been in office for the last 18 years with so little to show for it but unapologetic partisan hackery speaks volumes about what we can expect from another term gifted to such an airhead.

If the Senatorship has to go to women from now on lets try a conservative woman for once and see what kind of representation we get. I am certain there will be at least some pro business policy with Carly. We always seem to look at liberal women when espousing gender politics. California really cannot do worse than Feinstein and Boxer, so lets try to start fixing some of the systemic credibility deficit on the Democrat pretenders and clarify perceptions about Conservative women. Lets begin to put this State back on the track to lead in the US and in the World, we have so much that can be good and to see it squandered like it has for so long is the most disappointing thing I can think of that I have seen happen right in front of my own eyes.

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