Monday, February 23, 2009

When Will It End?

In Egypt terroists have killed a French school girl and injured other tourists and classmates. Somehow this crime struck me deeper than a lot of what we hear about on a daily basis in our wide and wild world. There is a futility in the actions of these killers and an ineptness. Yet also, for one individual, this attack did what it set out to accomplish. It ended a life. And that life could have done more for the terrorist causes than they would ever know. What if that individual was the one that could bring the sides together? A future diplomat or counselor who could stop the grievence that the cowardly bombers feel is driving them toward committing these atrocious acts against their Karma and erasing any sympathy decent people may have for their plight. No, they kill at random and they kill anyone they can. And they really don't have any blessing from Allah or I am sure more would have died there in Khan el Kalilli marketplace. The God of Good people has protected a lot of innocent people there and kept the bloodshed to a minimum.

If the destabilization of Egypt is the goal, you wonder if the madmen thought this through all the way. Tourism is slowing and that is the main income for that country. If their economy goes worse because of these types of actions I am almost certain the terroists own lives will be affected. Or is no money and starvation what they are after here?

To answer my original question of when it will all end I believe it will when the good people on this world outnumber the evil by about 100 to 1. Sometimes, right now the way things seem, it is almost 50-50. I know that is not the case but the good people need to band together, pray together and raise a generation of good people and combat this evil with goodness. Good deeds against evil deeds, good thoughts against evil thoughts and above all else good will toward all men.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday the 15th, after Friday the 13th, before Monday the 16th

Take a look around America and remember how things were in the middle of a "crisis" when we were just about to climb out of it, but decided, while there is still injustice in this world, we keep on our sackcloth and ashes. The US Government is injecting itself with steroids aka stimulus and the Democrat Politicians are positioning themselves to feed at the trough indefinitely. Maybe there is a crisis and maybe there isn't. Numbers only lie when they are manipulated and strung together between falsehoods and fears. We have been sold the fear and the misinformation just happens to go uncontested.

If all this is really so urgent why does it all seem to be such a coordinated effort? I hate to keep belaboring the point that Obama ran on Hope and Change, but he did. Now it is as if the reassuring (Hopeful) part of his message and campaign has been abandoned. Now we are left in the wilderness with only Change and who should come to our rescue? The Democrat Party! Just like in the movies, this whole crisis/opportunity has a real orchestrated, surreal, telegraphed feel to it. Unfortunately the ending can only be a bad one for freedom. Capitalism has been portrayed as the menace that must be slain and to live happily ever after will have to be done under Government supervision.

The next generation of Americans has been raised with a sense of entitlement and instant gratification. I just wonder how they will feel when they learn that they too will be paying and paying dearly for this perpetual debt cycle we are about to wallow into. This system we are creating is just a gilded cage. There will be a time when we break free, or die.

Tuesday President Barack H. Obama will sign the legislation that will define his Presidency and put US on the course to an unsustainable future that must be reconciled one day. Every generation must fight for their freedom, or see it evaporate. I am afraid my generation must be the one that sacrifices its comfort so that our children and grandchildren can live free. Unfortunately it seems human nature will always push off the tough and terrible decisions into a future where there is hope something will change the dynamic and avert the reality.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Words of Hope..., for a Change?

The American people voted in Barack Obama because they felt like Washington insiders had run our country into a ditch. The call was for change, a new way of doing things, no more lobbyists, no more cronyism, hope for our country and change to better days.

The reality is we got shnookered by a used car salesman, Obama's new way in Washington is the old way(Clinton 3). The change is from semi-competent, semi-literate leadership to total incompetence and sugar coated empty rhetoric and campaign slogans even after the election is won and the Governing commenced. Lobbyists and crooks and tax cheats still fill the top positions and we are basically hiring the ones who messed things up to correct the problem. I get a feeling Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Charlie Rangel will try to cover up their complicity in the mortgage meltdown way before they try to help a single homeowner stay in their home. When our country really needed reassurance the lefties threaten US with calamity and catastrophe if we dont enact the big government solutions they have perscribed and fought for, and enacted, as best they could, for the last 60 years. We are out of the ditch and about to go over the cliff.

Unfortunately, the conservative party had a chance and failed to show the American people what lower taxes and reduced Government spending could do to create a better, more just society where everyone worked hard to pull their own weight. The choices people feel we have now are spending and more spending, and a Government that will continue to grow. And half the electorate will be ok with any Government, because in a 2 party system if you dont lose you win.

I did hear Obama say that he was an eternal optimist, but unfortunately it rang hollow as a throwaway banter line more than a sincere assessment of how he intends to lead. I think our economy and national psyche needs a shot of true optimism, true postive Reaganesque belief in this Country's ability to quickly get through this trouble with American ingenuity and grit and determination. I am afraid Obama will always hedge his insecurity with the blame game, and he will continually be forced to lower expectations because he promised US the moon. He can be sincere, he must be optimistic, he must lead.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

what would Obama Do?

Kim Jong il is throwing his spoon from his highchair, and Ahmadinajhad is sending rockets into space? Could these two thorns be testying Obamas resolve. Joe Biden said Obama would get tested early. I just hope when he stands up for his recitation he puts American and free world interests above being the saviour of the planet. I am sure the nature of the problems is aligning Obama closer to Bush than his rhetoric in the campaign would have ever allowed. Sometimes solutions to problems are bad and worse, not good for a guy who has to have everybody love him. We should all be praying that common sense wins the day, and the troubles are not allowed to become intractible.