Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday the 15th, after Friday the 13th, before Monday the 16th

Take a look around America and remember how things were in the middle of a "crisis" when we were just about to climb out of it, but decided, while there is still injustice in this world, we keep on our sackcloth and ashes. The US Government is injecting itself with steroids aka stimulus and the Democrat Politicians are positioning themselves to feed at the trough indefinitely. Maybe there is a crisis and maybe there isn't. Numbers only lie when they are manipulated and strung together between falsehoods and fears. We have been sold the fear and the misinformation just happens to go uncontested.

If all this is really so urgent why does it all seem to be such a coordinated effort? I hate to keep belaboring the point that Obama ran on Hope and Change, but he did. Now it is as if the reassuring (Hopeful) part of his message and campaign has been abandoned. Now we are left in the wilderness with only Change and who should come to our rescue? The Democrat Party! Just like in the movies, this whole crisis/opportunity has a real orchestrated, surreal, telegraphed feel to it. Unfortunately the ending can only be a bad one for freedom. Capitalism has been portrayed as the menace that must be slain and to live happily ever after will have to be done under Government supervision.

The next generation of Americans has been raised with a sense of entitlement and instant gratification. I just wonder how they will feel when they learn that they too will be paying and paying dearly for this perpetual debt cycle we are about to wallow into. This system we are creating is just a gilded cage. There will be a time when we break free, or die.

Tuesday President Barack H. Obama will sign the legislation that will define his Presidency and put US on the course to an unsustainable future that must be reconciled one day. Every generation must fight for their freedom, or see it evaporate. I am afraid my generation must be the one that sacrifices its comfort so that our children and grandchildren can live free. Unfortunately it seems human nature will always push off the tough and terrible decisions into a future where there is hope something will change the dynamic and avert the reality.

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