Monday, February 23, 2009

When Will It End?

In Egypt terroists have killed a French school girl and injured other tourists and classmates. Somehow this crime struck me deeper than a lot of what we hear about on a daily basis in our wide and wild world. There is a futility in the actions of these killers and an ineptness. Yet also, for one individual, this attack did what it set out to accomplish. It ended a life. And that life could have done more for the terrorist causes than they would ever know. What if that individual was the one that could bring the sides together? A future diplomat or counselor who could stop the grievence that the cowardly bombers feel is driving them toward committing these atrocious acts against their Karma and erasing any sympathy decent people may have for their plight. No, they kill at random and they kill anyone they can. And they really don't have any blessing from Allah or I am sure more would have died there in Khan el Kalilli marketplace. The God of Good people has protected a lot of innocent people there and kept the bloodshed to a minimum.

If the destabilization of Egypt is the goal, you wonder if the madmen thought this through all the way. Tourism is slowing and that is the main income for that country. If their economy goes worse because of these types of actions I am almost certain the terroists own lives will be affected. Or is no money and starvation what they are after here?

To answer my original question of when it will all end I believe it will when the good people on this world outnumber the evil by about 100 to 1. Sometimes, right now the way things seem, it is almost 50-50. I know that is not the case but the good people need to band together, pray together and raise a generation of good people and combat this evil with goodness. Good deeds against evil deeds, good thoughts against evil thoughts and above all else good will toward all men.

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