Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Harbinger

"I'm gonna to get some gas and kick your @ss". That's a quote from an old story my daughter loves to have me retell every now and again especially when we see someone who is out of gas hiking to a station with a can in hand.
The story goes something like this... Probably circa 1980 Troy was driving by and saw some homey's pushing their lowrider off the parkway and he hooted out loud, "Ha Ha". One of the frustrated guys shook a fist and shouted back that infamous quote "I'm gonna git some gas and kick yo ass". I told my daughter that may have been one of the first ever rap lines, I have certainly never forgotten it and it brings back good and bad memories of good and bad times.

Fast forward to the year of our Lord 2008. Gas prices spiked as the economy crumbled. It was only the complete ruin of the economy that brought gas prices to the low price we enjoyed at the beginning of Present Oh's rule. Here we are again, now 2011, having lost 2 years to Drill baby Drill, and the price at the pump seems only one more mid east uprising or gulf spill/ hurricane away from 5 or 6 $ a gallon. If that does not crown in glory the achievements of this one term wonder, only the ensuing dip of the subsequent recession will waken the blind following, kool aid drinking, facebook fixated, peace and love and head in the sand, psuedo intellectual, feel good~do nothing, scorched earth in lieu of green earth, dreamers hoping for change getting change and losing hope, up from their 2 year hiatus from reality.

There are enablers out there in the media, citizens of the country answering polling questions, fellow Democrat/Liberal Politicians who put a floor under Present Oh. They take him seriously when he sits there with Oprah or on the View with his legs crossed like he is one of the girls and makes jokes about serious matters. Maybe the birth certificate wasn't the issue, but portraying yourself as transparent and then stonewalling only roils the waters and foments more questions. Why make it seem like those who want to know are some how conspiracy nuts? We wanted to know all along and it has taken 2+ years. We still want to know about college and any other paper trail. What will future historians have to cull from? Autobiographies? Will it all come out some day when its too ;late?

What I always say is watch what the other hand is doing. The concerted effort is in and Oh needs the media to do their part to enable him to accomplish his plan. And never forget there is a plan being fulfilled right now. Tearing the country apart like a swarm of Tornados is the first step. Then, as in the aftermath of the gulf oil spill, its easy to put a moratorium on drilling. Create a crisis then offer the solutions, Govt solutions. Mark Levin said it best, Government is the crisis. But the daily news stories skip over the mid east fiasco and dubious appointments and dead or dying real estate markets and weakening dollar and impending inflation and necessarily skyrocketing energy costs and budgetary inaction/ deficits to bring you birth certificate and campaign sound bites and pardoned turkeys and college basketball picks and trivial pursuits. The media is even trying their darndest to bring US Present Ohs challenger, right now its Donald Trump, Sarah Palin has already been discredited, and who will we end up with? Probably a Moderate Republican aka Obamas personal campaign punching bag.
We are getting set up for the big take down in 2012 and if the country does not wake up the change we see will not be pretty, hope is not yet lost, but as close as you get before you find out what you fear is.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Candidate Obama

The launching of the next Presidential campaign ironically coincides with the revelation that all the demagoguery candidate o spewed about Bush and Cheney shredding the constitution was just political rhetoric nullified when the wOn continued to use the same policies against terrorists/sic makers of disasters, Guantanamo detention policy and against certain dictators in the Middle East. The Nobel peace prize winner is actually escalating conflicts. Where is the war monger outcry always heard when there is a Republican President doing these same things?

Now we see the same hatcheting of the messenger as Paul Ryan tries to wake up the American people as we sleep on the RR tracks with a debt locomotive just around the bend. Obama will try to stay above the fray as he floats ideas like trial balloons, threatens vetoes and separates himself from any position that could blow his political cover. Our President is no leader he is a campaigner, making a difficult decision is way above his pay grade and our country is so much worse off because of his weak, passive-aggressive, lawyerly style of Presiding.

Its is almost comical to think that our countries fate hangs in the balance of the 2012 election and there are nearly 50% Americans bamboozled by this charlatan who will blindly pull the lever and watch our future circle the drain.
But there is a Trump card. And right now seems like he could do the job we need done so much better. Candidate Obama, you're fired!