Thursday, June 06, 2013

Connecting The Dots

The abuse of Power by the Obama admin. is alarming on so many levels it's difficult to avoid sensational euphamisms because calling it out bluntly is downright damning to our country. If you break down all the Government agencies compromised since a month before the election it's almost an across the board indictment of our Government as a whole. State Dept., CIA, FBI, NSA, TSA, IRS, the voting process, DOJ, FDA, EPA, Health Care, HHS, DHS, Hell, even the House and Senate for their vacuous enabling.
The dishonesty as a standard way of operating staggers the imagination.
Take the IRS scandal, everything they have done and are still doing to harangue and pound into submission the opposition to the Government direction just reeks when you think of all the double standards. How they would punish the average Joe for the very excesses they themselves commit with impunity. Its so obviously a two level system thats been developed, and I don't think any true American would have ever thought that their Government could become so Mafia~esque in their self serving, power grabbing, and in doing so, become so indifferent to the other half of the Country with whom they are not ideologically aligned. Wait till the pendulum swings back again, there will be a pound of flesh required.
As I try to connect the dots that all these scandals project I see a scary future ahead. Either we are being run by a bunch of incompetents who have no idea about any of these developments, to quote their own sworn testimonies, or Liars from dawn to dusk.
Now I think that the Government could be  in the process of being toppled from within. The overloading of scandalous situations to either numb US or dumb US down seems plausible. The carelessness and flip manner which these serious problems are whisked under the rug, the expectation of the Media to ignore or run interference, the way things would be so diametrically opposed if it was a Republican in the White House just spells certain doom to me.
So maybe with all this coming out to the fore front of the National attention span something good can come about, the shrinking of the monster that is Big Gov.
To think of the bravery and Patriotism on this very day 69 years ago and where our country is going and who is leading US there now is sad, disheartening, and yet there is always Hope, Change is a constant in this fallen world.