Tuesday, March 04, 2014


That Obama would have to concede all his liberal Dogma in order to duel with Bad Vlad Putin. Sign on for the Keystone pipeline, bring our own energy to market, grab your cock~man(Spartacus ref.), lead!, all these things that Obama can't or won't do. Now the world is spinning him toward these very necessities and if he wants to remain a world leader, leading is paramount. Dithering may finally pay a dividend, as the pack laps US up, we will seem to be in front of things for a moment. I pray our President gains the fortitude on the one hand, yet, my chagrin at this absolute buffoon holding our fates does desire to see the inevitable revealing of the true charlatan, on the other hand.
It's all so twisted, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin both were well aware of what we were dealing with in Russia. Both were vilified in the press. Both have now been vindicated.
 I long for the day when truth will out.