Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's Good For the Goose Apparently isn't Good For the Gander

Sarah Palin gets the inquisition while Barack Obama gets a free pass? go figure. I think there is some merit as to who the liberals fear is who they try most to destroy. If our national news media had tried to excavate everything they could on one Barack Hussein Obama, like they are are now doing to Sarah Palin, our country would would not be saddled with him and his destructive policies until the year 2012. Our only hope is to reverse course in the mid term elections next year or kiss our country goodbye for ever. The Mainstream media has thrown in their lot with the Democrat party and will not present equal coverage, that is now crystal clear.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Watch What the Other Hand is Doing

Our snake oil salesman President is fanning racial flames right at the time he is commandeering a takeover of 1/6 of the US economy. It seems like the perfect distraction for his brainless followers and the media who serve him. The fact that Obama knows this "scholar" makes me think, 'how in the world could this story rise to prominence?' oh yeah, hmmm. The fact that Gates is apparently brilliant leads me to think maybe he knew exactly what he was doing?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Man of Words, Not Action

The 44th President of the US won office by being gifted in the art of the Speech. Given the benefit of the doubt, Obamas silver tongue, after 8 years listening to their President mangling speeches, seemed positively reassuring to the American electorate who were tired of reading between the lines and watching someone who seemed to be perpetually on a witness stand. Obama got to run against the Republicans parties probably next worst speaker, John McCain. Victory to Obama, again, by default.
The promises in the campaign were pure left wing fodder for the patsies, with enough grist for the conservatives who could be fooled. Americans needed to believe that things would not get any worse. We were set up to be let down.
Bush's run was ending with a whimper as high oil prices started the economy tipping toward catastrophe and no one in the House or Senate, run by the Democrat Party I might add, wanted to do what it would take to calm the markets. Like drill for our own oil and deal with our own friends. The economy going backward was sure to help Obama and the Democrats, all opinion polls stated. President Bush made some difficult choices and some mistakes as he embarked on bailout nation. Obama and the Democrat party signed on thinking we love spending and can blame Bush if it fails, a win~win scenario. Well the economy didn't go into depression as promised even though stimulus money still has not reached the economy. But we did save the banking and investment industry and kept ourselves in debt to them even though their reckless actions damaged the economy for everyone.
The mainstream media had their darling, a bright clean black man was now on top of America. Racial animosity was a thing of the past and we saved ourselves from ourselves. A new beginning, a new era. Barack Hussein Obama would unite the world under the auspices of fairness and hope and change.
Obama could talk down world leaders who were not looking for peace, sit down with those who did not want freedom for their people, and ram down any legislation that would radically change our country, in his eyes for the better, like it or not. We heard all the hoopla about what a great speaker Obama is, yet, when his teleprompter gives out he is not much better than Bush, tongue tied and umming and ahhing and squirming like he will be sure to be cross examined by Perry Mason. We got a lot less change than we hoped for on that front, but you would never know by all media accounts.
I hear the right wing talkers claiming that Obama is out to destroy the private sector and all this mismanagement of our economy is by design. I just have to wonder how Obamas grandiose scheme can benefit by a weaker country financially and soon militarily. Unless, as some have laid out he is not who he says he is. Does Obama have this Nations best interests in mind as he raises taxes in a deep recession? Scraps shovel ready projects that have our national security as their only objective? Talks in code to our enemies? Won't do whatever it takes to get companies hiring?A takeover of the entire health industry will subject all Americans and even our illegal alien population to Government control. How in the world will Obama and the left wingers benefit from our country weakened so much? They are bleeding the very lifeblood they need to pay for all their schemes.
Tonight we get another chance to see our overexposed President try to scare US into agreeing to rushing to give up more of our liberty for his grand social experiment. Basic economics say that this ruse will only add to National Debt and therefore more taxes and inflation down the road. The power grab has only got a shelf life of 17 months maximum, but reality has election season opening in just a few more months.

Monday, July 20, 2009

O for Oh

I noticed a story that said Oprah's rating had been going down. I wonder if that is because of her unveiled activism and slobbering all over the one? It makes sense to me, now her show is another campaign style add and she has offended a percentage of her audience by being in the tank for one political party in a system that is dividing our country in two. I guess she had her run, made gazillions but now Obama is coming for her money, so she better keep piling it up. Its easy to give more when you have more than you can spend right Oprah?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

World NewsWatch July 16 2009 AD

We must Buck up and pay the pied piper, he is leading and we are to follow. It can be good to hide in a ditch during a Tornado.

My friend got out of DC just in time, I heard the tale of blight and lawlessness just blocks away from the Whitehouse. Change there would be appreciated. But it is better than it was 10 to 15 years go.

The porky pig flu stops here? I know that a pandemic could result in Global catastrophe, but with mutation and all the different types of flu virus' unvaccinated I think that a vaccine could never be the answer to H1N1. And with the possibility of getting sick because I took the vaccine, I will take my chances in the real world. Obama loves to think that throwing money at a problem is the first step to solving it.

Team Obama is firing at conservatives for being against incurring a mountain of debt. They are trying to paint conservatives as just saying no and being against everything. But I hear the Republicans saying they want tax cuts across the board, a tactic that has cured many recessions in the past and curiously absent from Obamas list of possible policy maneuvers. Even John F. Kennedy realized how to create jobs is to help businesses that hire them. Why not try to throw some of the money back to the people?

We in California have plenty of things to be disappointed in, and high on my list is my state senator pair. I know that I have no chance to ever bring a grievance to either Feinstein or Boxer. Racism seems to be extolled and created to endure with the progressives, who are given a pass even when they live out an obviously racist thought process. The people of California deserve the hell we have created because we keep electing these types of idiots to our leadership positions. You cannot tell me there isn't anyone better suited to represent us here in CA than Senator Madam Boxer.

Ahmadinajhad can slap US, I guess. What can we do to him?Atomize him?

Ooh this could be a good one, watch how much Obamas endorsement helps Corzine. Could be a harbinger of things to come as Obamas honeymoon is about over.

More anti business credo from the administration that seems to want to do whatever they can to limit opportunity here in America. The increased logging in the old growth forest was to help lower fire danger, what happens when a fire burns all the trees down? Oh ya blame Bush, who caused the recession that caused the Interior dept to cut jobs which caused the fire to be unable to be contained. Makes all the sense in the world to someone who would vote for Barbara Boxer, I am sure of that.

Strike three and Obamas out? I know he would love to have some opposition cover, and I know the Republicans are right to ask, why the rush?

I must see this movie soon, I feel like a Democrat rushing a bill through before the public knows what's in it.

I will take any news thats good news but I don't want to get overly optimistic on a suckers rally. Lets pray that this great economy can overcome anything one unqualified President can do to damage it.

Well here is a vain attempt to get at the problem or is it an attempt at sympathy for a lawbreaker? The numbers do not lie as to what the state pays out for illegal aliens doing the jobs Americans won't do. I love that, too, day laborers. Doing what? Jobs that American contractors wont do as they are going out of business? What kind of advantage does that yield? These day laborers get welfare for their kids and go to emergency rooms with no intention of paying the bill. Beautiful system an American born contractor has to compete against. The Government loves the way the construction industry has been obliterated. All these "migrant" workers that can just be ignored with the ebb and flow of a boom bust economy and the industry most affected by that. Go home or go pick fruit when there isnt a house to build or someones living room to paint. Good luck with your lawsuits people when you try to sue an illegal alien for sub standard work.

Monday, July 13, 2009

When All Else Fails Bash Bush

The Liberal Democrats cant get their agenda out of second gear so they ripped a page right out of the olde playbook. Sounds as if the new redistribution of health care is going where the jobs that were created or saved have gone. Barry's spread himself out so thin even the new supreme court justice confirmation hearings will be a pleasant distraction for team Obama as they regroup and redouble efforts to claim as much American landscape as they can clamp their jaws around.
Everything Obama does seems to have a quicker than usual timetable as the light of day on these proposed changes causes the average American to recoil in horror.
The cap and trade fiasco will go down to defeat because the American people aren't willing to trade any more jobs for Obamas dreamworld. Health care should be fixed addressing the uninsured first, not the entire system. The stimulus isn't doing anything to create jobs. Escalating war in Afghanistan will be Obamas Viet Nam. I wonder if this is all done with a purpose, like to weaken our Nation and then impose more Governmental approaches to restoration. But is all this disaster around the President caused by Bush alone? that is the party line the liberals are running toward. The Democrats have had the house and Senate for 2 1/2 years now. Bush was a lame duck and they know it. He practically gave them everything they wanted, hence his strong disapproval rating with the conservatives. Now Obama wants to tear everything apart and be able to blame Bush for the change that no one voted for.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Politicizing Junk Science

The Global Warming Crowd is ratcheting up their attempts to alarm the world about this "climate change". To get as many countries on board to hamstring their economies seems to be the goal, and it makes no sense in a worldwide economic downturn. Think about it, this is really the first worldwide recession since the whole world has been united by the internet. The first chance one world Government types have had to make a big takeover move. Who will be in charge of emissions since CO2 is something we all emit, and how can it be regulated? This whole scenario is so bald faced in its attempt to control and command I cannot see how decent God fearing people fall for the hype.
On the other hand I see right through the Al Gore's and the Barack Obama's that want to rule our world. They know better how we should all live, but God help US and the world if we want our thermostats set at 72. Al Gore uses more carbon than my whole street and he's trying to tell US what we need to do? He is trying to further reduce my economic ability so I am that much more dependent on their Government, plain and simple. All I ask is whats next? Right, you guessed it, food. Lets watch the different ways they try to control and regulate how we try to feed ourselves and all the ways we strive to remain healthy.
Wake up people!! This is still America and Obama and Co. can't undo it all before 2010.
And the pace they are attempting all their endeavor signals to me that is their target.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Its ok Americans and fellow countrymen. The world just got safer. Barack Hussein Obama is making a deal with the Russians to disarm. Now we can all sleep easier at night because our appeaser in chief is making a deal with the devil. And those details? Don't worry about that, Joe Biden will make sure its a good deal. And you have Al Franken now as one of the 100 chosen ones, he and Barbara Boxer I am certain would make sure nothing bad ever happens to our country. God help US, but we do deserve the Government we get.
Payback is a _______er.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

*** Independence Day 2009 ***

Well yesterday we heard that Sarah Palin quit her Governorship, possibly to run for President in 2012? I think its a huge mistake, we needed her to continue to demonstrate how Conservatism works and quitting while you are ahead is not a good character trait. And knowing someone in Alaska, they need a good strong leader there anyway. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Kim Jong Il will give Obama and his weakling Foreign policy fits as his every move is countering Obamas pacifism and tacit deferences. Joe Biden hit the nail on the head when he said Obama will get tested and Americans will be disappointed in his amateur ability to lead in this arena. I think even Biden had no idea how many fissures would open up and distract the rookie. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Honduras, N. Korea, and our southern Border to name the hottest spots. This move by the North Korean dictator has been telegraphed for at least a week, wonder what our response will be when it's a surprise move?

Tack on the economy, Cap and trade, health care, and Government bailouts and I see Obama begging Colin Powell to take over in 3 more years. Only big Brother Powell is now closing the barn door after the horses are out. And in an ironic and now popular refrain Powell changes the subject by invoking Michael Jackson, how much of this have we already seen and how much more cover will they need?

Soon we will be celebrating another type of Independence, that of dependence on our own Government. They will be buried by this administration under debt and taking on every aspect of this Nation to the point of bewildered overloaded mismanaged fatigue. The incompetence will result in morass on the grandest scale this country has ever seen.
Buckle up and be prepared.

Friday, July 03, 2009

I Still Love My Country

Even though this great nation is being dismantled and fed to the dogs I still have to love it. It is my home, even though I have been feeling for years like I am being abandoned. It all started in 2006, maybe even earlier. Like right after the 2004 elections. That is when the Republican party took off the mask they had donned to trick conservative Americans into voting for them. I remember hearing talk of relegating liberalism to the ash heap and positioning Republicans for years of victories at the polls. But it was the feigning of conservative principles not the Republican Party that won elections in 2000 2002 and 2004. When it became obvious Republicans were only there to further their own interests the conservative voters abandoned the GOP or just gave up on politics altogether. That gave US the 2006 and 2008 corrections and unfortunately we have gone from bad to the worst.

Throughout the Bush Presidnecy I heard the liberals saying this wasn't their country anymore, they could not stand behind this terrible President and how everything Bush was doing was destroying the country they knew and loved. Well, now I know fully what they meant. In their minds, yes tiny and without much logic or cognitive reasoning, they blamed every conceivable wrong on the US government. From hurricanes to reactions to attacks by enemies to economic ups and downs to a mood set up by a hateful national media. The liberals were the useful idiots of the left who tore their garments and wailed about fascist dictatorship and government intrusions.

Isn't it amazing how everything has gone 180 degrees opposite of where we were just 2 years ago? Now the lefties are actually trying to break this nation down so they can remake it their way. They won't let a good crisis go by without gaining maximum political benefit. The tilt is way too far to the left and now the Democrats who were just gloating about doing away with conservatism altogether are feeling pressure to perform some feat of political success or they too will get tossed in the next election. Unemployment is almost at 10% and nobody is taking the Obama administration to task in the media. GDP is negative for the 3rd consecutive quarter and it wont be long before the Obama administration has to answer for that. After all weren't we told in the campaign that Americans trusted the Democrats to run the economy more than they trusted the Republicans? And the Democrats have owned the house and the Senate for 2 and a half years now! Even Obama helped to give himself what he has "inherited" via his very voting record. And he knew it was bad, he said as much. He also promised US that he was the one to 'fix' it. Well we got change all right, but nothing is fixed, unless its who's getting the stimulus money. I am certain that is payoff to Obama supporters, thats why there is nothing stimulating the economy.

I guess that I cant sound like the sour grapes leftists who wanted to get the President so bad they would let their country go too. I want this nation to succeed. But so help me if there continues to be such a divide on which path moves our country forward I won't feel that secession or civil war are the worst things we could face.