Friday, July 03, 2009

I Still Love My Country

Even though this great nation is being dismantled and fed to the dogs I still have to love it. It is my home, even though I have been feeling for years like I am being abandoned. It all started in 2006, maybe even earlier. Like right after the 2004 elections. That is when the Republican party took off the mask they had donned to trick conservative Americans into voting for them. I remember hearing talk of relegating liberalism to the ash heap and positioning Republicans for years of victories at the polls. But it was the feigning of conservative principles not the Republican Party that won elections in 2000 2002 and 2004. When it became obvious Republicans were only there to further their own interests the conservative voters abandoned the GOP or just gave up on politics altogether. That gave US the 2006 and 2008 corrections and unfortunately we have gone from bad to the worst.

Throughout the Bush Presidnecy I heard the liberals saying this wasn't their country anymore, they could not stand behind this terrible President and how everything Bush was doing was destroying the country they knew and loved. Well, now I know fully what they meant. In their minds, yes tiny and without much logic or cognitive reasoning, they blamed every conceivable wrong on the US government. From hurricanes to reactions to attacks by enemies to economic ups and downs to a mood set up by a hateful national media. The liberals were the useful idiots of the left who tore their garments and wailed about fascist dictatorship and government intrusions.

Isn't it amazing how everything has gone 180 degrees opposite of where we were just 2 years ago? Now the lefties are actually trying to break this nation down so they can remake it their way. They won't let a good crisis go by without gaining maximum political benefit. The tilt is way too far to the left and now the Democrats who were just gloating about doing away with conservatism altogether are feeling pressure to perform some feat of political success or they too will get tossed in the next election. Unemployment is almost at 10% and nobody is taking the Obama administration to task in the media. GDP is negative for the 3rd consecutive quarter and it wont be long before the Obama administration has to answer for that. After all weren't we told in the campaign that Americans trusted the Democrats to run the economy more than they trusted the Republicans? And the Democrats have owned the house and the Senate for 2 and a half years now! Even Obama helped to give himself what he has "inherited" via his very voting record. And he knew it was bad, he said as much. He also promised US that he was the one to 'fix' it. Well we got change all right, but nothing is fixed, unless its who's getting the stimulus money. I am certain that is payoff to Obama supporters, thats why there is nothing stimulating the economy.

I guess that I cant sound like the sour grapes leftists who wanted to get the President so bad they would let their country go too. I want this nation to succeed. But so help me if there continues to be such a divide on which path moves our country forward I won't feel that secession or civil war are the worst things we could face.

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