Thursday, July 16, 2009

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We must Buck up and pay the pied piper, he is leading and we are to follow. It can be good to hide in a ditch during a Tornado.

My friend got out of DC just in time, I heard the tale of blight and lawlessness just blocks away from the Whitehouse. Change there would be appreciated. But it is better than it was 10 to 15 years go.

The porky pig flu stops here? I know that a pandemic could result in Global catastrophe, but with mutation and all the different types of flu virus' unvaccinated I think that a vaccine could never be the answer to H1N1. And with the possibility of getting sick because I took the vaccine, I will take my chances in the real world. Obama loves to think that throwing money at a problem is the first step to solving it.

Team Obama is firing at conservatives for being against incurring a mountain of debt. They are trying to paint conservatives as just saying no and being against everything. But I hear the Republicans saying they want tax cuts across the board, a tactic that has cured many recessions in the past and curiously absent from Obamas list of possible policy maneuvers. Even John F. Kennedy realized how to create jobs is to help businesses that hire them. Why not try to throw some of the money back to the people?

We in California have plenty of things to be disappointed in, and high on my list is my state senator pair. I know that I have no chance to ever bring a grievance to either Feinstein or Boxer. Racism seems to be extolled and created to endure with the progressives, who are given a pass even when they live out an obviously racist thought process. The people of California deserve the hell we have created because we keep electing these types of idiots to our leadership positions. You cannot tell me there isn't anyone better suited to represent us here in CA than Senator Madam Boxer.

Ahmadinajhad can slap US, I guess. What can we do to him?Atomize him?

Ooh this could be a good one, watch how much Obamas endorsement helps Corzine. Could be a harbinger of things to come as Obamas honeymoon is about over.

More anti business credo from the administration that seems to want to do whatever they can to limit opportunity here in America. The increased logging in the old growth forest was to help lower fire danger, what happens when a fire burns all the trees down? Oh ya blame Bush, who caused the recession that caused the Interior dept to cut jobs which caused the fire to be unable to be contained. Makes all the sense in the world to someone who would vote for Barbara Boxer, I am sure of that.

Strike three and Obamas out? I know he would love to have some opposition cover, and I know the Republicans are right to ask, why the rush?

I must see this movie soon, I feel like a Democrat rushing a bill through before the public knows what's in it.

I will take any news thats good news but I don't want to get overly optimistic on a suckers rally. Lets pray that this great economy can overcome anything one unqualified President can do to damage it.

Well here is a vain attempt to get at the problem or is it an attempt at sympathy for a lawbreaker? The numbers do not lie as to what the state pays out for illegal aliens doing the jobs Americans won't do. I love that, too, day laborers. Doing what? Jobs that American contractors wont do as they are going out of business? What kind of advantage does that yield? These day laborers get welfare for their kids and go to emergency rooms with no intention of paying the bill. Beautiful system an American born contractor has to compete against. The Government loves the way the construction industry has been obliterated. All these "migrant" workers that can just be ignored with the ebb and flow of a boom bust economy and the industry most affected by that. Go home or go pick fruit when there isnt a house to build or someones living room to paint. Good luck with your lawsuits people when you try to sue an illegal alien for sub standard work.

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