Monday, July 13, 2009

When All Else Fails Bash Bush

The Liberal Democrats cant get their agenda out of second gear so they ripped a page right out of the olde playbook. Sounds as if the new redistribution of health care is going where the jobs that were created or saved have gone. Barry's spread himself out so thin even the new supreme court justice confirmation hearings will be a pleasant distraction for team Obama as they regroup and redouble efforts to claim as much American landscape as they can clamp their jaws around.
Everything Obama does seems to have a quicker than usual timetable as the light of day on these proposed changes causes the average American to recoil in horror.
The cap and trade fiasco will go down to defeat because the American people aren't willing to trade any more jobs for Obamas dreamworld. Health care should be fixed addressing the uninsured first, not the entire system. The stimulus isn't doing anything to create jobs. Escalating war in Afghanistan will be Obamas Viet Nam. I wonder if this is all done with a purpose, like to weaken our Nation and then impose more Governmental approaches to restoration. But is all this disaster around the President caused by Bush alone? that is the party line the liberals are running toward. The Democrats have had the house and Senate for 2 1/2 years now. Bush was a lame duck and they know it. He practically gave them everything they wanted, hence his strong disapproval rating with the conservatives. Now Obama wants to tear everything apart and be able to blame Bush for the change that no one voted for.

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