Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Politicizing Junk Science

The Global Warming Crowd is ratcheting up their attempts to alarm the world about this "climate change". To get as many countries on board to hamstring their economies seems to be the goal, and it makes no sense in a worldwide economic downturn. Think about it, this is really the first worldwide recession since the whole world has been united by the internet. The first chance one world Government types have had to make a big takeover move. Who will be in charge of emissions since CO2 is something we all emit, and how can it be regulated? This whole scenario is so bald faced in its attempt to control and command I cannot see how decent God fearing people fall for the hype.
On the other hand I see right through the Al Gore's and the Barack Obama's that want to rule our world. They know better how we should all live, but God help US and the world if we want our thermostats set at 72. Al Gore uses more carbon than my whole street and he's trying to tell US what we need to do? He is trying to further reduce my economic ability so I am that much more dependent on their Government, plain and simple. All I ask is whats next? Right, you guessed it, food. Lets watch the different ways they try to control and regulate how we try to feed ourselves and all the ways we strive to remain healthy.
Wake up people!! This is still America and Obama and Co. can't undo it all before 2010.
And the pace they are attempting all their endeavor signals to me that is their target.

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