Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Man of Words, Not Action

The 44th President of the US won office by being gifted in the art of the Speech. Given the benefit of the doubt, Obamas silver tongue, after 8 years listening to their President mangling speeches, seemed positively reassuring to the American electorate who were tired of reading between the lines and watching someone who seemed to be perpetually on a witness stand. Obama got to run against the Republicans parties probably next worst speaker, John McCain. Victory to Obama, again, by default.
The promises in the campaign were pure left wing fodder for the patsies, with enough grist for the conservatives who could be fooled. Americans needed to believe that things would not get any worse. We were set up to be let down.
Bush's run was ending with a whimper as high oil prices started the economy tipping toward catastrophe and no one in the House or Senate, run by the Democrat Party I might add, wanted to do what it would take to calm the markets. Like drill for our own oil and deal with our own friends. The economy going backward was sure to help Obama and the Democrats, all opinion polls stated. President Bush made some difficult choices and some mistakes as he embarked on bailout nation. Obama and the Democrat party signed on thinking we love spending and can blame Bush if it fails, a win~win scenario. Well the economy didn't go into depression as promised even though stimulus money still has not reached the economy. But we did save the banking and investment industry and kept ourselves in debt to them even though their reckless actions damaged the economy for everyone.
The mainstream media had their darling, a bright clean black man was now on top of America. Racial animosity was a thing of the past and we saved ourselves from ourselves. A new beginning, a new era. Barack Hussein Obama would unite the world under the auspices of fairness and hope and change.
Obama could talk down world leaders who were not looking for peace, sit down with those who did not want freedom for their people, and ram down any legislation that would radically change our country, in his eyes for the better, like it or not. We heard all the hoopla about what a great speaker Obama is, yet, when his teleprompter gives out he is not much better than Bush, tongue tied and umming and ahhing and squirming like he will be sure to be cross examined by Perry Mason. We got a lot less change than we hoped for on that front, but you would never know by all media accounts.
I hear the right wing talkers claiming that Obama is out to destroy the private sector and all this mismanagement of our economy is by design. I just have to wonder how Obamas grandiose scheme can benefit by a weaker country financially and soon militarily. Unless, as some have laid out he is not who he says he is. Does Obama have this Nations best interests in mind as he raises taxes in a deep recession? Scraps shovel ready projects that have our national security as their only objective? Talks in code to our enemies? Won't do whatever it takes to get companies hiring?A takeover of the entire health industry will subject all Americans and even our illegal alien population to Government control. How in the world will Obama and the left wingers benefit from our country weakened so much? They are bleeding the very lifeblood they need to pay for all their schemes.
Tonight we get another chance to see our overexposed President try to scare US into agreeing to rushing to give up more of our liberty for his grand social experiment. Basic economics say that this ruse will only add to National Debt and therefore more taxes and inflation down the road. The power grab has only got a shelf life of 17 months maximum, but reality has election season opening in just a few more months.

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