Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I feel conflicted about the year 2008, it came in and I thought I was doing fine, just with lifes normal difficulties. Little by little my world crumbled around me, like so many other people, but in the end I am still standing and looking for better things in 2009. In a year as tumultuous as any in my recent memory there was a lot of good mixed in with the bad. I would not change anything about the year for fear of undoing my blessings. I lost a marriage and gained love. I worked hard and saw my business go backwards, but now I know how to operate in a more streamlined fashion. I have given back some of my gains but I am smarter than I was before, and that will pay dividends in the future. I never lost any perspective and I feel more motivated than ever before to come back better and stronger and wiser than I was even aware I could become.

My sports teams failed me in 2008, but my mood does not hinge any longer on the outcome of any game. My political party lost more elections but I believe my conservative ideals were winners because they were taken up by both sides. I think our whole country is better off because we have stood our ground in the fight against the terrorists. I hope we have learned as a country we need to begin to live within our means. Sometimes growth can be painful and I think we can show the other side politically how to lose with class. I think in the end our country can stay united in our effort to bring peace and innovation into the world, if we have that one goal. If we never forget that we believe God is leading US forward.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Puppeteers and their Cast

I hate getting played, manipulated and led around by people who are self serving under the guise of 'reporting'. The Democrat Party won the elections of 2006 fair and square. The Republicans, and conservatives affiliated with the Republican Party were tossed from offices they had held for 12 years in majority. The country had good growth and some setbacks along the way but overall our trajectory was steadily upward. The Republicans somehow got lost and seperated from their principles that got them elected, and people stopped being enthusiastic about voting for lessers of the two evils, and 2006 happened and we got "change". Since 2006 we have seen our economy deteriorate rapidly and while we expect our elected representatives to legislate and govern all we have had is an effort to complete the undermining of President Bush. The war in Iraq was a hot button disagreement with Bush that was nuetralized when the surge succeeded and Iraq stabilized. Something had to be done to tarnish Bush and complete the Democrat victory. The economy was an easy target, simply because it was a house of cards waiting to be shaken. A Democrat victory could be guaranteed if the economy were to falter, and the newsmedia was unquestionably favoring Obama over McCain. So the stories about doom and gloom in the economy have been front and center for all to see and share in the pain and anxiety. I do not understand how the Democrat congress and Senate get a pass on the last 2 years. They have been in charge and Bush has been a lame duck. They set the agenda and could have made policy that would guide US through the impending down cycle that started in 2007 and continued right through the election year. Obama always says they (meaning the US government)were irresponsibly de-regulating financial and housing and energy policies that started the downward spiral we are still caught in. As if he had no ability to stand up and make the problems known or addressed. As if only Bush was privvy to control the direction we were heading. I guess running for President absolved him of all responsibility to exercize his leadership ability which we are now supposed to have faith in as our one great hope. I get the feeling this whole "crisis" has been exacerbated to bring about the change, and now all we can do is hope that when Obama steps into the oval office January 20 2009 that the media will start to try and become positve and optimistic, and that they have as much power to control the mood of the country for good as they do for evil.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Need to Believe

As the new ruler ascends to the throne we are encouraged to offer our support and trust. We must remain unified as a nation to build up our moral highground so our concessions to the world keep US above water. I have no doubt that President elect Obama plans on trading away some of our might for something he perceives as global unity. My fear is that he is either unaware or does not care that there are many in the world who do not wish US well no matter what we do. Obama thinks he is more persuasive than any enemy can resist. More reassuring than any dissentor's best arguments, and above all untidy political distractions. I want to believe Obama, I want to believe in the liberal way. It would be great if nobody was a crook, it would be nice if we all treated everybody with respect and kindness, just as we want to be treated ourselves. Then liberalism would work. But look at what is coming to our country, now its the Democrats turn to prove that politicians are all liars and swindlers and power mad. I am convinced that the power we cede to our political leaders corrupts them all equally and with no regard to party affiliation or their original idealism.

I want to believe that Barack Obama is above the muck and mire, I wanted to believe that George Bush was above all that, too. Its so easy to go negative when the politician immediately denies all contacts and associations, even as they are so readily available for all to witness . Its so hard to remain loyal to the hope that they are bigger than the ordinary, fallible, human being we annoint them to rise above. There are some natural human reactions we want our leaders to present, and some we want them to cloak, and others we want them to deny. That is why we depend on the press to do a thorough job of making it clear who the candidate really is. When the media has its own horse in the race we are lucky to get a clear picture. Unfortunately this time we did not get even close to knowing who Barack Obama really is. We will find out, and I for one am praying that if he is being deceptive, its the weak, faint-hearted liberals and news media world citizens who were deceived. They are the ones who will destroy our country as we know it, yet they are continually given a pass on bad judgement and mistakes, both accidental and purposeful.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

With the world Economy in fits and supposedly the capitalist system teetering on the edge of insolvency I find stories about the Day After Thaksgiving very interesting and informative. In this time of financial armegeddon we find people waiting in line all night for what? A loaf of bread? No!! They are waiting for laptops and Guitar Hero 3 to go on sale. Now forgive me if I somehow got some wires crossed but I feel a real pinch to get by right now. So the last thing I would ever think about is to go out and stand in a line just to get some frivolous electronic, time wasting video game. I was thinking that this malaise our country finds itself mired in could be a good thing to strip away our materialistic tendencies, and get back to the basics, like the true meaning of Christmas, families, and sober thinking. The media on one hand paints a picture of dire consequences and then on the other frets or bemoans the demonstration of real financial restraints. I know retailers have based their whole years success on how they do on this one weekend and the subsequent weeks until Christmas, but isnt that all the evidence we need to see that we have lost sight of the true meaning and gravity of what Christmas is really all about? All of the lessons we have set ourselves up to learn collectively and individually are not going to be easy. They will be even more difficult if we never get to the core of the problem and swallow the bitter pill.

I suppose retailers will be next in line to get bailed out, when we find we start trying to 'fix' everything we chase the problems round and round and get sucked into the whirlpool. Sooner or later, even if we do all we can to manage this crisis, the piper is still out there waiting to be paid. Maybe he is the last one who will need a bailout.

Friday, November 21, 2008

World NewsWatch November 21, 2008

Trends we will likely see as Barack Obama takes over the Rulership of America, Militarily we will be weakened Democrats have said they would like to cut the military budget by 25%. The world will like US more when we are nuetralized. Since that is a major focus of where B.O. would like to take US, well...

At least we will have the Civilian Defense Corps, or whatever Barack will call his brownshirts.

Obama ran on change and purposefully left it vague. Conservatives and republicans were rightfully concerned and we said change, from what? to what? Now we know , we are changing back to the Clinton administration. Hallelujah you may say? the 90's were roaring? Well in the 90's the liberal tendencies of Clinton were held in check by the Republican house and Senate gains of '94. We won't get those checks and balances this time unfortunately and there is no technological boom coming to save the day. We will be stuck with Obamas policies and the Liberal Democrat way of managing our economy, trouble ahead. But hey I am willing to give socialism a try, I think we are halfway there anyway and it seems we have all the dog eat dog characteristics of capitalism and the socialism we sprinkle on top helps the upper crust and the poor. There is nothing out there for the monkey in the middle. Everybody says that socialism will bring on laziness and other negative consequences, but I would love to have a Government job and I already have a work ethic that my conscience wont let me abandon. Even Government health care is better than none. Maybe there can be some reform of insurance and social security under the umbrella of socialism. I only fear if we did go down that road only the political class would have a better life, and maybe the dirt poor who do not and would not work anyway. All I would like is a little security, but maybe we are not supposed to have it as easy as we would like. Oh my goodness I am starting to sound like a liberal. Next.

Somebody has to do it. It's good to know that the U.N. gave India the go-ahead. I wonder what they will allow the Obama administration to go do?

Heres a little insignificant side bar but I can't resist. When I was about 10 years old I knew all the rules and kept up to date on them throughout my interest in the NFL. Which has waned as the players change teams, get so rich they become out of touch, and really ~you realize~ maybe they are not all that smart.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I had a dream last night that I met Barack Obama. He was a very nice guy and we even had a few words together. At first he thought I was a groupie Obamanaic, I think, because I extended my hand to him and he signed it. I was about to tell him I was a Republican when I corrected myself and said 'I am an independent and I didn't vote for you.' I cant recall if he even said anything there but I then told him I was praying for him. He looked taken aback a little and told me thank you. Then he said he got chills from that moment and I did too, it was very interesting. Then he went on his way, it was some outdoor harvest Halloween event. I was doing my thing there, too, and a little later I saw him again and asked him for his autograph for my daughter, I figured since he was in a signing mood... He obliged and went to this rack of drying paintings of halloween scenes and took the one he painted and wrote to John T. and signed it. I thought that was so cool, but the paint was still drying so I had to hold it carefully and couldn't roll it up. Well as I was looking for my daughter a young man, couldn't have been much more than 18 was with a few friends and he wanted to take the painting from me. He didn't know that it had the future Presidents signature on it but I thought he was being ridiculous anyway and I told him so. He persisted and started getting physical so I told him I would fight him for it but I wouldn't give it to him. It was for my daughter. He obliged and so I found a safe place to put down the painting and we squared off. Right then I woke up, right before my alarm would have gone off anyway. I was looking forward to how that scene would have turned out. In my dreams I am kind of a tough guy in those situations, he would have been in a lot of trouble. Oh well, I wanted to write it all down because it was vivid, interesting, and unlike any of my usual dreams. Plus I woke right up and remembered it well.
What would Freud think?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bailing Out.


Our Government is bailing out industries and institutions left and right at the moment.These moves are all concocted to fix a problem that was created in part by the Governments own policies and social engineering agendas. Part of the problem lies at the feet of these institutions and those whose greed propelled the lack of oversight. The population as a whole was also energized by a feeling of wealth that was ethereal and convinced people to spend more than they had. Sooner or later a storm that needed not even be 'perfect' could come in and blow the thing down. As the economy shifted into higher gears we needed more people to do the hands on work and then more managers and more money movers and more of everything. All good stuff for a growth based economy for sure. But if we are basing our whole economic structure on growth it had better be sustainable and reliable. At the very foundation of our collossus were illegal immigrant workers pouring into the country at over a million a year. Everyone knew they were everywhere and yet no one wanted to slow down the train. Housing was needed to accelerate even though the migrant workers would cohabitate at 10 or more per household. So we built more, and then we needed more to build. Eventually even the illegal immigrants got in on the largesse, as we now know there are 5 million fraudulent loans to undocumented people in default at the moment. I am certain that number will continue to grow. Once the construction industry realized it had to slow down, sales were plummeting and every business connected to homes and construction and all the manufactured goods that go along started to wither. The dominoes are still knocking each other out on down the line and the American people have elected Barack Obama to fix the problem? If he starts to repair the problem by closing the border maybe we have a chance to come right back. If not we will continue to bail out most everything left.

The Democrat leadership is pressuring President George W. Bush and soon to be President Barack Obama to bail out the auto industry now. We have bailed ot Freddy and Fanny, AiG, Banks, Financial intitutions, basically money is getting thrown everywhere. The tab will end up being over 1Trillion $. The stated reasons for these bailouts are these companies are all too big to fail. So that is the secret? grow to where you are unsusutainable and then when the firm has been looted look for a handout? We can bail out businesses until there are none left, but the water will still be pouring in. Eventually they will realize its the little guys who make things work, the guys that are just the right size to fail.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack has promised you the Moon

But what can he deliver? A block of Government cheese? To each according to his needs?

I want to congratulate the Democrats for their big win, and I am praying our country doesn't lurch to the left. But coming back to the right is a pendulum swing away and that seems to be the way we go now. Obama has a chance to unite US, he promised he was the one to find bipartisan agreements, I want to see that. Bipartisanship in the liberals and the national medias eyes is always the conservatives making concessions, let's never forget that conservatism is holding the line, traditional values and not forgetting where we have come from. That is probably why the Republicans lost, because that is exactly what they did. They moderated and then got to become part of the system that they were appointed to reform. I just don't understand though, if we throw out the Republicans for becoming part of the big Government machine why do we elect Democrats who promise to become part of that same collective, freedom-choking monster?

And at some point I will either link to or make a list of all Barack Obamas promises to the people and see how he follows through or attempts to follow through on everything that was said to seize this election. I think it will be very important for the American people to see that when their votes are bought with promises they get their moneys worth.

And one last thing, let US not forget the $ amount that Obama put out to buy this Presidency, I know its over 600 million dollars, and that doesn't even count what it takes to buy the Mainstream media. So if you're telling your children they can grow up to be the President, if you are not Bill Gates Jr. or the next Warren Buffet, the kids better be working on their alliances from an early age. There are not too many novelties left now, but I imagine they will all be tried. If the situation were reversed and there was a Democrat sitting president and Republicans had done what Obama has done with the fund raising and opting out of public money and taking illegal contributions there would have been an absolute furor. I believe it wasn't all that long ago that was the issue. We didn't like the way money was corrupting our politics. Well, when money buys the desired result, I suppose its all good.

Enough sour grapes for me though. I was on the side that chose the weaker political candidate this time. I will not get bitter and this blog won't turn into a daily mocking and rant on President Obama. Life goes on and if things get that bad I can always try to leave the country. Right now it feels as if my country has left me, but I know the times are a changin' and world events are speeding to some conclusions. I put my fate in God's hands and pray for all my elected representatives, even (especially)those with whom I do not agree. Two years is not so far away and should the left foot stumble, hopefully our right foot will be ready to stride forward. I don't want to already be thinking about more elections because it is becoming quite tiresome. Let US live free and praise God for this day.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Let's Get Out and Vote

At least everybody that feels the conservative pathway is the one that will lead our Nation forward. Let the apathetic stay home, let the disaffected complain and do nothing, this is the day for everybody to stand up and be polled by the only poll that matters. If all conservative voters got out and voted their conscience with informed thoughtful reasonings and knew the issues and candidates thouroughly we could move this country forward. I am disappointed that when the Republicans had the majorities they spent their time trying to increase those majorities and destroy opponents. When they could have given good evidence that conservative values and ideals work for a better country. Now the Democrat party is at that very same juncture and more than likely they will fritter their staus away the same. Or they will overreach and throw the pendulum back the other direction again. In times like these we need stability and we need leadership to advance ideas that move US forward. We need unity as a country and I fear divisiveness will forever be a part of our national fabric until there is war within or without. Or some other calamity that can show US we are all on the same team after all.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Don't Come To My Party Late

Sometimes things in the world at large just work themselves out. Or so you would think, but for the fact that the underlying problem is still there waiting again to resurface. Our nation has been safe for the last 7 years, well probably not "safe", some have been killed in a variety of tragic accidents and violent crimes. But overall we have not been attacked since September 2001 on our shores. There are reasons for that, some serendipitous and others because of applied vigilance and threat awareness. But because we have not been attacked again does not mean that the same people are not still out there. More than likely, more Islamascists than were here on September 10,2001 are here, lying in wait for US to let down our guard again and sneak in another sucker punch. Our citizenry is self obsessed and now all we see is an economic protraction and our first Black President. Threats are not going to go away just because we lose our focus, they are actually being invited by such indifference.

We have not done enough to secure our southern border and neither candidate for the highest office in the land has even given that problem a passing glance. There are millions of unassimilated illegal aliens in our midst compounding this recession, but we can only focus on Barack Obamas auntie? Our priorities are so skewed that it will take years (Obamas first term?)to see which way is up. Now the recession has slowed the flow of illegal immigrants from across the border, so that problem has solved itself? I think not, it will just wait until the economy starts to roll again and then they will continue the invasion. They are probably still coming because the recession that will hit Mexico and points southward will feel worse than earning peanuts in America. Too bad for the American workers trying to struggle their way out of this pit our politicians have shown US where to dig for ourselves. The lessons we learn had better be committed to our long term memory. I am so afraid certain segments of our population cannot even factor this equation: A+B=C. So how will they remember or even possibly know how we brought this trouble down upon ourselves?

Politicians get all the credit and most of the blame for everything that happens. They get the blame because they are always trying to take credit, and they cast the blame back and forth like they are playing tennis. It is slightly unfortunate for Barack Obama that these gas prices have come down a few weeks too soon. It would have been a perfect first act of the new Messiah to deliver relief at the pump. Now all he can do is appease the environmentalists and deny the need to get our own supply of oil. Obviously we dont need it any more right? Nothing could possibly come along and spike the prices again. Like confrontation with Iran. Or coming to Israels aid in a broader middle east conflict, or Russia failing to live up to the agreements they made in regard to Georgia. The only plan Obama has for Hugo Chavez and creeping South American communism is to import their education philosophies. And the fifth column, trying to destroy our country from within, will probably get a seat at Obamas round table.

The only choice that makes sense is for Americans to wake up and elect John McCain president. If Barack Obama is to be our first Black President I would like to see him have more than a half term as a US Senator and take some stands on issues instead of hiding behind a 'present' vote. I think the major US media outlets have done US a disservice to have investigated Sarah Palin and Joe the plumber more than Barack Obama and his political alliances. For a man named Barack Hussein Obama to have come out of nowhere and come this close to the Presidency without the electorate having a full picture of who he really is in times like these is practically self destructive by half of Americas voters. Just because they want to fundamentally change our country doesn't mean we have comply by going along with their suicide by Islam theory on how to get US the "change" they desire.

If its the best Obama can do is to paint McCain as an extension of the Bush administration, guilt by association, why aren't his own associations also being scrutinized. Let the American people know who really has worked within, without, and even against his own party in times of necessity and personal conviction. John McCain has taken numerous stands and is what you see he is. He has sacrificed a lot in service to our country. Obama on the other hand blames our country first, McCain will put our country first. In two days will will see if the American people abandon wisdom for madness.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here they come with both barrels

Aiming for the conservatives spirits. We are supposedly glum while Obamas backers are gleeful? With the race tightening I am sure Obamas backers are worried, but that story line admits there is a race and in order to suppress the conservative turnout the media/Obama team must stress the inevitability of an Obama win on Tuesday. I expect every story written between now and Tuesday morning to be slanted toward an inevitable Obama presidency, complete with illustrations of his centrist acumen, ability to lead, no references to who he would appoint to the supreme court, how he will gain the defeat the defeat they want to pin on Bush in Iraq. With Israel and Iran right on the new horizon we will be assured that President Obama will be able to heal the Middle East along with the rest of the planet. Suddenly the economy will start to heal itself, with all the good will flowing around the world and in all of Americas now healed racist, greedy, bleeding hearts.

I also expect the already slanted coverage to continue against McCain Palin. I just wish that the liberals and the media elitists would be honest about liberalism and their own positions. Then I would be able to accept better a possible electorate defeat. But when the lies and coverups are so blatant and the people so obviously uninformed I think we deserve the right to have a straight up coverage of what is happening and who all these politicians really are. But we will wait until after Obama is elected and then the grime will seep out little by little and as Biden said we will have to stand behindf the neophite after he blunders, but we will have change America, and we will have to live with it, too. Four years can seem like a long time when you want to change back.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today, The Stock Market Will Soar?

When the markets plunged recently the reasoning was fear of recession. Now, just a day or a few days later, the markets are poised to soar. Could that fear of recession have gone away so quickly? Or was that never the issue, fear of recession. We have a consumer driven economy and when we are bombarded daily with news of a coming economic tsunami, well, everybody will certainly be a little more judicious in what they consume. I am starting to think that the traders have used this market for all its worth, perhaps with everything so leveraged out there the only way they can make the money they need is riding up and down on these waves thereby making even more waves. Everyone is wringing every last cent out of this thing and a return to normalcy will have to wait until after the next President is sworn in. At least we can have a little comfort in the fact that if Obama wins the press will don rose coloured glasses and project a more positive story line. However if McCain wins, there will be a concerted effort to shield the Senate and congress and lay blame on the last 8 years and retrench along the party lines. I wish McCain would come out with a flat tax and keep it low. Let the economy soar and then watch the revenue pile up. Of course that is a dream, a flat tax makes too much sense because it is fair.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dragging To The Finish Line

With the world economics in a state of panic and turmoil, I wonder, if whoever wins the US election for the presidency will get the job he set out for nearly 2 years ago. Times have changed and the situation is dire. No longer will we be able to just raise taxes and expect x amount of dollars to roll in to pay for every social program under the sun. No longer can we just cut taxes and not have to cut services and programs across the board. I know many think that if we elect Barack Obama they will wake up on Wednesday to a bright shiny new world full of hope and possibilities. That is an awful lot of eggs in one shaky basket. Things look as if the Democrats may control all branches of Executive and Legislative Government. That is a very scary proposition to me. And since my industry has already been decimated I can roll whichever way I have to, I have no choice but to pick up pieces. But I would like to think things can come back quickly so I don't lose everything I worked for all these years.

Should John McCain win there will be lots of pressure to work with the Democrat congress and Senate. McCain has proven he can do that but gridlock is a distinct possibility and partisanship may have to wait until problems are solved like adults who both have the same desired outcome. Teamwork is what we need all the way around, throughout our country. Will we get that with divided Government? Probably not, but can we wait for the pendulum to swing all the way out before it comes back? That is the million dollar question.

It seems almost comical to me that our future will depend on millions of uninformed voters who want a change even though there is a possibility of change for the worse. It can't get any worse? Well, lets wait and see, but I have a feeling we haven't seen anything yet. Another mindset I have noticed is the aversion to recession. It seems as if those who control all the levers of the world economic system avoid recession like the plague. Maybe they have so little faith in the rebound, or maybe giving up a little gain now is worth the risk of a lot of loss later? What goes up inevitably comes back down, we never were all as rich as we thought, and living in America we will not be as poor as we fear either. Things will turn around and the politicians in power will take credit where they don't really have a lot of influence. It is incumbant upon all people to remain informed and not be led around by manipulators and talking heads.

Change is coming America, George Bush will not be president much longer. For better or worse. I know people weary of the same old, but sometimes there is comfort in knowing where you are going. We are about to embark on a great adventure, enjoy the ride!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain Needs To Let US Know Where We Stand

John McCain should be the next President of the United States, by all accounts he has given more to this country than any other politician who ran this year. McCain was not my first or second choice on the conservative side, however, but when going against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama he seems to be head and shoulders above in the ability to lead our country where I would like to see US go.

I have heard not a peep out of the McCain campaign on the illegal immigration issues that are vexing our nation. His stance on more Government is break even at best. The socialism he accuses Obamas policies of espousing are not unlike his own. We are getting a lighter or a juiced up version of liberalism with either one of these candidates. We are once again left with the choice of the lesser of two evils. But McCain does believe in the sanctity of life, a strong national defense, and reigning in spending. And these are all in total agreement with me. The Republicans have exiled themselves but conservatism will continue onward, without them if necessary.

If it weren't for the newsmedia selling everybody on their victimhood, and our governments ability to redress these hurts, we would see a lot more self reliance in our populace. The blame game that goes on in political circles goes on everywhere where people have a hard time taking responsibility for their own actions. We all know where we personally lost sight of our ideals and started chasing something that was contrary to what we knew was right, we cannot go back in time but now is our time to learn the tough lessons.

We must unite but Barack Obama does not seem like he can bridge the gap. Our country was united after 9/11 but the liberals began the partisan bickering anew. George W. Bush did more for the liberals causes than any other 'conservative' would have dared, but look where that got him. His own side became disillusioned and his political adversaries became even more rabidly unhinged, thereby creating his historically low approval rating. Obama's rhetoric has always condescended toward his political rivals, his glib, air-of-superiority style leaves me feeling he has absolutely nothing in common with a guy like me. He claims to be fighting for guys like me as he talks down at me with all that reverb in his sound system. He has no idea how the things that he would pin on me are the things that are killing me. His open borders ideals have destroyed my trade, his tax policies will kill my motivation to work harder, his ideas on national defense may even kill US all. His endorsement of and by the trial lawyers assures me that a large and ever growing percentage of my income must go to insurance against such vultures. Maybe his health care will save me if it doesnt just kill the medical industry as a whole. He would rather I stayed mired in a middle class that will increasingly lose ground as opposed to gaining a few rungs up the ladder.

If either McCain or Obama would propose and wholeheartedly endorse a flat tax, or a visionary mortgage and housing saving plan like 40 year mortgages, they would probably win and win with ideas and policy as opposed to destroying their opponent. That would be a win we could all celebrate.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Sins Has Our Country Committed to Deserve A President Obama?

I fully believe that if we elect Barack Obama to the Presidency that our electorate will deserve exactly what they get. To let someone who has no business in the oval office B.S. his way this close to that world influencing postition is a travesty and a testimony to how the Democrat machine/Liberal media cabal can work together and trick gullible, scared, and uninformed sheeple to throw the baby out with the bathwater. How a struggling economy plays to Obama's strengths is beyond me. Because he says he cares, people think that rhetoric alone will solve our troubles? That is what got Bill Clinton to the presidency in 1992. Only a Republican congressional win in 1994 that checked the liberal surge and the dot com boom gave our economy the turbo-boost it needed and got in the mid and late 90's. Bill Clinton's claim to fame. But we have been going steadily downward in our National sense of purpose in this world. Becoming self serving and more dependent on the Government all the time. And now the media have convinced the people Obama is only what he says he is and there is nothing to look into on all the allegations that he may not be fully truthful about his past associations with shady characters. And his voting record or lack thereof is in no way indicative of the character of this 'great' man. There is nothing to worry about this guy who has come out of nowhere to take the lead of our country in these most perilous times?

We don't even have to wonder what would happen to our country with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama running our ship. That kind of triumvirate contolling US I believe will put our country in mortal danger. But if we elect Obama and an override proof House and Senate we will undoubtedly be sowing the seeds of our own destruction. At the very least we will be on a liberal/socialistic path that will take US right where Europe is now. If the Republicans had not blown it in every conceivable way when they had power in the mid 2000's I would be more disappointed. But a good conservative friend of mine just told me, "maybe its time to let the other side have a crack at it". I would agree if there were not other signs that all of western civilization is in trouble and about ready to buckle from within. Our excesses and liberalism together have caused US to walk away from God and good conservative values. We will reap what we have sown, and drink our cup to the dregs. We really are ripe for the plucking.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Which promise will Barack Have to Scuttle First?

Do you think its the tax breaks for those who pay little or none? Defending Israel? Or how about Univesal Health care? I am certain there will be another need for a peace dividend, but Iraq will obviously need to be nurtured. Afgahanistan I believe is better contained than wading into a bloodbath, likewise Pakistan. How about some of his promises to his own constituents, like reaching across the aisle and becoming a bi-partisan healer of political stagnation. Or being the one to address the racial divide or come to terms with political corruption on both sides of the spectrum. How about our national defense, and weapons systems? Will Obama be able to push his protectionist agenda when it becomes clear we need NAFTA now more than ever? No doubt he will still feel Columbia will be worth supporting in the creeping Communism of South America, oh wait, he would rather find out what hugo Chavez would like to do.

I am nearly certain if even Joe Biden won't give up his guns to Barack, that that will be an easy one to abandon. Obama - like all liberals, has to fake to the center to get elected, and if he talks the centrist talk all his leftist pals will get disappointed. Unless Barack is a liar. And that is where I am leaning. He is just another politician who will say anything to get elected and then do what he would like to do for 2 years and then start working on his re-election. This is a pattern we have seen time and time again, and now that we are at a crossroads all Americans must weigh their hopes and dreams against hard cold reality.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

There is Something Eerily Disconcerting about all of This

The Bible predicts a unified world monetary system at the time when Jesus' return is imminent. If the signs on where everything is going are not enough to waken up all who believe and look for His return, maybe nothing ever will. Things could not be more perfectly in line with what is foretold in the Bible and that alone is enough to convince me that it is indeed the word of God. I know that a lot more has to happen before we can be sure, but these things keep happening and I see no way to deny it is not clearly spelled out for the whole world.

A lot of other predictions seem as if they could begin to have a possibility of fulfillment in the recent future. Right here in the US we are ready to elect a man no one knows much about, to the Presidency. A man with no visible record and suspect associations, a carefully crafted image that will not stand up to scrutiny and yet gets none. Barack Obama probably isn't the one who the Bible says will unify the world into a consolidated Government, but he shows me that people can be easily manipulated to support a candidate fully, when they have no idea who he really is. Once somebody masquerades as President of the United States and the rest of the world is on board, look out!

Russia's resurgence and Israels continued battle to stay alive surrounded by foes are right there in the revelation. I have been paying attention for years, but it always seems like the more that is fulfilled, the more that I become aware of that is close to fulfillment. And there are a lot of big things also, that must be coming. What a time to be alive, I am excited and fearful all at the same time. I hope to live life to the fullest and enjoy some simple pleasures. I pray that the Lord's will be done and may he have mercy on US all.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Standing at the Precipice?

Are we really, as the news media and politicians are telling US, at the edge of a cliff and looking down? Because if they know something we don't know and that could really happen, why are there stories about Steve Fossets remains and The pork in the bailout bill as if it's business as usual and we can just point and counterpoint our way to a legislative utopia? Old stories that have a conclusion that is irrelevant, and going toward stories that are in the heart of the matter but taking a partisan or adversarial tack won't help educate the public about what the real position we are in actually is. I don't really care who is in Major league baseball playoffs, and The pirates off Somalia should probably just get blown out of the water. Either we are really getting ready for financial armegeddon or the politicians and their media mouthpieces are managing the populace with yet another crisis called wolf.

I believe if there really is that much of an impending train wreck in our economy how could our elected representatives take a day off for Rosh Hahsana. I would work through new year to save the country, wouldn't you? And they werent even all observing the Holy day, just taking what they were allotted. It is all these little things that turn my stomach on the politicians. They are always out to serve themselves first even in a crisis. When they are debating they take potshots at others instead of telling US how they themselves view the issues and would govern. I have a hard time believing there really is a crisis out there, and if there is, we should all take the politicians out to the grave they have dug US and make them look in. They will certainly see that they will be there, too. And the media can tell the rest of the world what happened.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Have I Got News For You

America is at the crossroads and what I think most on the wings of the left and the right fail to recognize is that we are already a socialist country. The only people who are truly free in this country are the rich and they are getting decimated by market forces right now. Soon only the ultra rich will be rich and the rest of US will be fighting for the crumbs. The lower and middle classes will will morph into a commonality of delusion and exclusion.

Our representatives play politics with every single issue and our country coming up better is not part of any equation. This is no game, there are people who worked hard all their life and their retirement years are on the line. Some don't have the time to wait for things to come back.

I believe we are already socialist because of the layers upon layers of regulations and insurances we must navigate just to be legitimate businesses. And the loopholes are exploited by many, aided by connections and insiders. Just to have a motor vehicle requires such a chunk of the poor people and lower middle class peoples time to keep on the road that they are in servitude just to attempt to access the American Dream. So I don't really see the hard liners on the right reasoning that the line in the sand is here, now. If the Government needs to inject liquidity to save our financial system then we can't wait till this 11th hour to say that we are fighting socialism, when we are already socialistic in just about every other facet of our national experience. Lets all just break everything down and start all over?? It's not really fair at all.

The Liberals are trying to destroy capitalism because they believe that there in a world of a Government controlled economy they will have the ultimate control over all of US and the power they covet will be wielded by like minded micromanagers who tell all citizens what to do and where they can do it. Sometimes I wonder why we conservatives fight this fight because we battle for everything we get here in America, but the lamebrains who don't even try get free health care and benefits that are inaccessible to anyone who wants just a little more out of life than barely getting by. Or having to break the law to get ahead. It is obvious to me that the Liberal Democrat party will only gain the white house if there is economic trouble out there. Now economic crisis or meltdown may not benefit a neophyte like Barack Obama, when more Americans will be attentive and seeking an experienced hand to guide US through these troubled waters. These are perilous times and i know the Bible predicts that such things as this are all foretold as signs that we are in the times near the end. As selfish as thisd may sound I pray to God to hold off and let my children grow up and let me realize some of lifes dreams like love and charity and enjoying a little bit of this life.

Forgive me for being so selfish.
Hope We Can Change

Pay as you go, that is the way to live, work from ahead, something I have always wanted to try. One of these days our country will figure things out and we too will make those goals a priority as a group. Because I do believe when the people of the country see the Government acting so irresponsibly they cannot help but get drawn in to similar behaviour. We can pass this test and we will, because if we fail...

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Audacity of Change
We Hired These Guys To Do Their Job

We hire the politicians to do a job, not to spend their time trying to get another job. This Financial crisis needs to be dealt with as quickly and as forcefully as possible. It's difficult to imagine these politicians being able to put aside their quest for retaining their seats of power in order to preserve so many peoples futures, livelihoods, and life's savings. This is a time to lead, this is a time for someone to step up and and reaffirm their constituents faith in why we cast our vote for them to be there in Washington. I will pray that all of these Politicians think about the landscape they are creating and how they would try to support their families in the climate they are creating.

Action is required and not more politicking.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Left's Rage Exposed

The Liberals and Leftists who hate George W. Bush have refocused their enmity upon Sarah Palin now. With enough invective to stir a pot the size of Lake Ponchartrain these defenders of privacy and due process are smearing anything in the way of their grab for power. I am certain one of these demented demagogues pet peeves is habeas corpus and the 'illegal' wiretapping of terrorist communications. Yet they turn right around and go ten steps worse than anything they could have dreamed that the Bush regime would do.
Go figure.

I know this is more than likely a fringe wacko and nowhere near the Obama campaign, but I think it would serve all well if Obama acknowleded these loonies are on his side and in the spirit of a new kind of politics or the change he is promising, he denounced these things as contemptible. I know there are many Liberals who also shudder at this kind of hysterical mania that is creeping closer to the heart of the Democrat Party. It's unworthy of anything we would look to as helpful to bring about the reform that is sorely needed from the campaign to the inauguration.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Hope can Change

The economic trouble that our Country is now experiencing can be tracked back into the 1990's and really, even before that. Two balls set in motion years back have been rolling toward the pins and are now making strikes. The first was Ronald Reagans amnesty program (1986) that made a mockery of our immigration laws and opened the door for the future waves of illegal immigrants and those who wished to use them as a foundation building block for our economy. The second was Bill Clintons banking deregulation that set the stage for the concurrent waves of speculation and greed. This was not just a Clinton Administration effort but a bi-partisan accord that was definitely at the core of the sub prime mortgage meltdown. It just took a few more years and some more de-regulation to achieve the final results.

Update: After some diligent research it has become clear that regulation not de-regulation has been the cause of all these woes. The Federal policies of people not qualified to buy homes that were encouraged to step into sub prime loans to access the American Dream have instigated the credit freeze and financial institution capitalization crisis. It is social engineering and political manipulation that created the unequal playing fields that fueled the instability we have now.Let US never forget that an offshoot of liberalism is at the heart of the housing bubble. The Government forced the lending institutions to lend to people (low income/ minority) who could not afford to pay the terms back, meaning well but forgetting about the basic weaknesses of human nature. And the real possibility of an economic downturn. Greed set in and everybody thought their assets were worth more than in reality they really were. When the bubble popped everything it had obscured became exposed.

And now Barack Obama will take this as a last chance to appeal to our hope for change. The only way Obama can win is if our economy is in so much trouble that the people will turn to the snake oil salesman in utter desperation. And Obama would rather win and Govern through a depression than lose and graciously say the right things to calm Americans fears about where our economy is heading. There is no doubt that if you continually talk something down it will become ingrained where it is heard. For years we have been hearing the lament on the sour economy, but if those stories had been tempered with a plea for personal responsibility from the borrowers and lenders maybe we could have avoided some small portion of this mess. I believe the Bush administration was naive to think that an ownership society could ever take place where so many are simply willing to walk away or run away from their bad decisions. And how companies are allowed to offer deals that border on Loansharking. The lender should take some responsibility in what they are doing to their fellow man, and the borrowers need to be honest and make every attempt to pay back their debts. But people should not be ruined by things that are out of their control. And conversely we need to walk away from the instant gratification mentality that is poisoning the well. There will be a reckoning and it would be wise for all of US to remember from where we came.

In the end we all must take the responsibility of what our actions have caused to come into being. We buy things at the dollar store or Walmart that are made in China, or anywhere else that have no human ethical standards. We should buy American first whenever possible to keep our money in our own country. We should invest in our own energy first for the same reasons. And if all of our own people would be willing to work, and work hard we would not have to look to other countries for our labor 'shortages'. Now we have a job market that is tight and millions of illegal aliens pushing the wages even lower. That is the lesson I have pulled from all these spirals, It never goes up high enough and fast enough to offset the speed at which things deteriorate and and fall apart again.

And these are not Liberal or Conservatives exclusive problems, they are not Republican or Democrat, they are human problems and the solutions are not so simplistic.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Theres a Certain Fascination

Scientists who don't believe still would like to mess around and try to find out more about God. They believe they are so smart that anything in their mind can be tried and if they can't disprove the existence of God, then back to the drawing board. I know in my heart that one day it will be someone like that, who is a little restless, arrogant and maybe even slightly suicidal, who will unleash something in the world that starts a chain reaction or an outbreak of some deadly disease, that impacts most everybody on the planet. I suppose then they will get a chance to see and believe.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

They Will Put the Grit Back in Integrity

Sarah Palin seems like a great choice of a Running mate with John McCain. She will undoubtedly stand by her convictions and vote her conscience. I was one conservative voter who originally was not overly impressed with John McCain as the best conservative candidate the Republican Party could have put forth this election year. But as a hard working and tenacious campaigner and speaker/debater, McCain has shown me something. And this choice of Sarah Palin I believe is a good one. She has a toughness like John that our country needs right now. And she has a reformers track record. If they both stand up and do what they say I think our country will benefit greatly, it remains to be seen how they woeld fare with Democrats controlling both houses of congress. But at least these two have shown they can work across the aisle to get things accomplished, so I am holding out hope all our elected representatives can grow up and realize our country needs co-operation , not never ending political gamesmanship.

It seems that energy independence will be right at the top of the Republicans agenda and I think right now that is probably our most important issue since it is the energy source that drives our economy. I did hear Sarah mention natural gas too, contrary to what T. Bone Pickens asserted. But I do agree with his theory that we must maintain our own supply of petroleum until we complete our transition to renewable energies. I think Palin can trump Obama on this issue and the experience angle becomes moot. But don't forget Obama is running for the Presidency, Palin will just be the V.P. , a very big difference there. Can't wait for the debates, I know both the Republican candidates will do much better than people think, as they will pound on the issues that matter more to our everyday needs. The war is won, we need our own energy now, and we won't grow our economy by raising taxes.

Big troubles are looming on our horizon and Obama seems as if he will get caught up in little issues and let US get swept away by the big things. I think if the media plays this thing fair America will be able to decide and then we must live with our choice. I pray everyone can be honest and then I will accept the chips wherever they lay. God Bless our great Country.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

'If my Daughter makes a Mistake I dont want her Punished with a Baby'

Compare that quote from the pro-abortion candidate for President, Barack Obama, to the statement by the Palin's that the left wingers are trying to spin into golden hypocrisy. 'As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support'. The truth is the conservative Christian position for life cannot be condensed into a soundbite or any individuals statements or situation. We believe all life is sacred and therefore falls under the bill of rights protection of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those who seek to tear down the Republicans will smear anyone who gets in their way. If they have an issue with Governor Palin that would be one thing, but they are stepping in quicksand with the families and life issues they are attempting to raise. There is no scandal in this 17 year old ending up pregnant, it is unfortunate that she is so young but maybe this baby was meant to be born now. We can never know all of God's providences, but I am sure many left wingers and liberals have dealt with this very same challenge. If we all waited until we were perfectly ready to have children there would be very few children born at all. After all, its a liberal mindset that encourages youngsters who are not married to have sex and then planned parenthood has the solution. Is that the liberal scandal here, no abortion? Governor Palin's family is actually living out their pro life beliefs, so more power to them. And more power to the left wing kooks who are trying to influence people by digging up dirt on the children of their political opponents. This tactic will surely backfire in the end. As one of the independent voters out there I certainly have decided, and on this one issue alone I choose life, and the candidte supporting life. With real hypocrisy swirling around their candidate it seems funny that they have to invent something to try and besmirch their opponent.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Talk is Cheap

Barack O)bama is promising US the world, what will he really be able to deliver?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Political Winds of Change

Nancy Pelosi has decided to allow a vote on offshore drilling because she can see the polling has turned in favor of this direction. The Democrats have continually been a day late on their issues and yet have somehow persuaded the American people to cut them slack when their footdragging has cost our economy billions. Now San Fran Nan will step in and claim credit for the groundbreaking deal. Although I am almost certain that there will be so many regulations and governmental red tape the whole deal will just be another election year show.

I don't know any conservatives who are in favor of pollution or unchecked greed. All we want is for our economy to stay strong enough that as many as possible can experience the American dream. As many legal naturalized Americans, that is. If we need more citizens all Americans should be in favor of doing it orderly, and with legal protection, especially for all of US who are already citizens. Congress' approval rating is standing at 9%, that cannot be only the Republicans. That has to be all congress. And that is a worse rating than George Bush who is the Leftists and the Medias favorite scapegoat.

John McCain will apologize for just about anything that is said near his campaign in regards to Barack Obama. I personally like the phrase Obama Nation. I think that is right about where we could be if we elect a man with this little experience to run our country. I am sure a lot would be delegated out to subordinates, but who would these subordinates be?? Obama has proven to be pretty naive with his assocaitions in the distant and recent past. He can distance himself from any and all contacts but he still has to lead US with a vision and a direction of his own. He cannot figure that one out because every time someone is vetted they are exposed as another hypocrite who hates and blames America first. All these Democrat positions always seem to have to be redefined and explained because once examined people see they're senseless and misguided and generally seeking to obscure facts more than to clarify positions. Obama to me is really more of a puppet of the Democrat machine and I can see him getting in his office and being told what to do. I wonder if when that happened he would rebel and become his own man or honor all those who have put him into this office. A pinnacle he could not have acheived all by himself with his flimsy resume'. I know every President has to adhere to a party hierarchy and platform of positions that are not entirely their own but we elect a person we feel we can trust, and I am not sure even the staunchest supporters of Barack Obama could say they know his positions and feel they can trust him.

Barack Obama can try to tie McCain to Bush all he wants, but we could then turn around and tie Obama to the pacifists and leftists who are thrilled at the prospect of an Obama Presidency. McCain has held many positions longer than Bush has been president, like being against abortion and for having a vigorous national defense. But on some issues McCain has come to the party a day late too, like our Borders and getting our own supply of oil and natural gas here as opposed to enabling dictators and thugs to dominate the market. But all in all I will take a guy who eventually comes around to where I think as opposed to a guy who will try to trick me into believing he is on my side along with every one else. In the end it will all boil down to who can we trust? Obama has his work cut out just to find a position he can sell and McCain must find the people that he wants to hear his pitch. The newsmedia would do our country a great service if they just put it out there and slanted it right down the middle, so we could make up our own minds on who we can trust. And on one thing I am sure is that we cannot trust the media.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's saying Obama's Osama's Guy?

The messiah is in, now He is out. He will raise taxes without a doubt.
He is committed to green and will not get our own oil.
Prefers tough love on energy,and bankrolling dictators thoughtlessly.
His radical Liberal friends cause me to recoil
We cant pin this guy down on even a mundane issue
Can we elect this 1st term Senator who doesn't have a clue?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

~ O*M*G* ~ Obama Mania Gaga

This whole Barack Obama thing is becoming scary again, because, even when He goofs he still gets credit for being something he really is not. Everybody is putting all their hopes and dreams upon him and he is still just a human being, fallible and vulnerable. I guess everybody thinks he will give them something, whether its a Govt. job, health care, welfare, a new climate, or just plain hope, its seems scary to me that he is allowed to tell everybody what they want to hear and is not really being analyzed and scrutinized as a typical politician, saying whatever they need to say to get elected. I worry about a whole world ripe for the plucking, it can happen. Yes it can.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blowing Bubbles

First we had the dot com bubble and then there was a real estate bubble, now we have an oil speculation bubble? Some economists tie them all together. Some people like to say it is a conspiracy, the likes of which we have seen by the powers that be. I know that those with money can always figure out a way to keep it over those who do not have any themselves. I guess we should all be asking, why isnt any investment being made in refining, especially by those who are getting so wealthy from this situation. Well, I suppose it's easier to make your money from the top end when you don't have to do as much, where the very existence of your product creates higher demand for more. When all these producers and oligarchs have to do is go out and create some drama to get more income is it any wonder there is not even more drama?

All these bubbles follow the same pattern, spiralling upward to dizzying heights and then when they can no longer be supported, succumb to the darts and pinpricks levvied by the masses. This oil/gasoline situation will follow the same procession, but I wonder who will be left standing when this plays itself out. In an ever more and more interconnected global economy I think these bubbles will be just an outward manifestation of instant pressure being concentrated in any given area for even just a short time. The evidence is in that a herd the size of the race of man can stampede one direction then turn around and stampede the other way, without even thinking.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Where Hope Comes From Doesn't Change

Life and circumstances change with the climate. Hopes and dreams can become reality in any season and at any time. The secret is to stay available for the opportunity to knock, and then answer. Its too bad my anxiety twists me up and robs me of my ability to live in the moment and enjoy life even as I am battling through the trials. In my life it seems like good things come here a little there a little and my trouble comes in troughs and piles on top of me. I pray for an even keel and rarely do I seem to get any smooth sailing. I guess its my destiny that when, even when the glass is half full I will wonder why its not all full? I know I am blessed in so many ways and the blessings keep coming in, I just wonder why my luck never holds out. I must just take for granted when things are going good and not notice that it is good. I wish I could snap out of these doldrums and live free.
Sooner or later I must, because being happy depends on it, and I intend to be happy.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Another birthday for America, and we keep moving onward, just not upward anymore. Unfortunately my own patriotism and love for this country may have peaked. I would hate to think that I was a fair weather friend or a good time charly here because I am not. Times supposedly had been good and I made some lifestyle gains, but by no means did I get a big slice of American pie in the last little boom years around here.

Yeah, I worked every day and had my business get exposure and experience, so that was great. But all around me I saw my industry get destroyed by a wave of illegal aliens that our government thought were more important to our economy than home grown, grass roots, American workers moving up and starting their own businesses. I feel that the Government wanted to go gangbusters and generate capital for the War (which I feel did need to be fought and won) and created an uneven playing field benefitting the players who were willing to cheat and lie. The Construction Industry has been completely destroyed and now entry level kids without college degrees cannot raise a family on the wages available to less skilled workers. Home building used to be a craft where skill and dedication and pride in a job well done were all rewarded with a decent living. Now we have mud spreaders, nail pounders, dirt rakers and ditch diggers, instead of true craftsmen. There was a housing boom that got fed by outpacing the demand with more product, and the very workers that were flooding our area became part of the need for even more housing. The house of cards got stacked so high and the greed of those making all the money so great that before anyone could say whoa! it all crashed down. Will all the illegal aliens go back south? Or back to the agriculture industry where the need was not even being met? When they all moved into the more lucrative field of construction, and lower skilled services. Now that the labor markets are tightening up and American kids are having to step off their high horse of easy work and easy pay, will the pressure be to keep all these illegal aliens where they are, or move them up the food chain and create an incentive for even more entry level workers/immigrants with disposable backs?

I think I know which way our new President will go on this one, and neither Barack Obama or John McCain will protect me and my little business from the sharks out there. And their desire to pander to this 'new' voting block that will eventually outbreed US right into a 3rd world country like the ones they(migrant workers) are all trying to escape. I can even agree with Barack and Michelle Obama on the part about the bar getting raised when a person achieves a certain level. Because I worked hard and earned a contractors license and then the government did nothing to protect our borders and now my license is worthless because I am unwilling to hire illegal workers in order to compete with all the contractors out there who do just that. No longer can I keep up and do work for half the rate that it takes to run a business above board and pay all the taxes, fees and insurances necessary to avoid being put out of business anyway. Now I must go back and become someones employee and punch a clock? Or cheat and Lie? I hope our politicians see what they have done. I know it would be different to the politicians and the news reporters and the talk show hosts if their livelihoods were being destroyed the way that mine has.
I guess it is just time to move on?

On top of all that our elected "rulers" can do nothing about the energy issues that will cripple this country and drive even more people into poverty. We have enough resources to affect world markets and at the very least retain some wealth within our own country. But politicians beholden to special interests, like environmentalists with a socialist agenda they both covet, will try to manipulate the people into whichever industry is paying them off. I hope the American people think it all over when they vote in November about who is really trying to move US forward and who is trying to move US where they want US to go.

Well, I still love this country, but I feel there are forces out there that will eventually strip US of all that we once held to be why we really did love our country. The rule of Law and Order is arbitrary, when making a buck is more important than doing the right thing, we will reap what we have sown, and pay a higher price than anyone could ever imagine. I am so thoroughly disappointed in where our Country is headed I would think of leaving, but we are still the last best hope of true freedom in the world.

So where does that leave US? And where does that leave me?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Lots of things in life happen when we least expect them, and while many are for our own good, sometimes our calculated goals can lead toward misfortune. Sometimes we see clearly and other times we tint the vision to suit our own needs. When the path taken forks off, choices will not wait for indecisiveness. Getting out alive is not the objective here, its living this life to the fullest.

Wherever one door slams closed another one opens up. Opportunities abound when we have our freedom and motivation to succeed. The series of moments that make up our lives continues ever onward and upward completing the Big Picture. Friendships make the difference between a mundane existence and potential happiness. True love is the greatest gift of all.

Possibilities are endless to find beauty or ugliness in this life, I will just try to remove all the negative thoughts from inside my brain and see what happens next. Working harder to get to my goal is a good first step. And when I get there how could I ever say or think anything other than...God is Great!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
Lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil:
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever. Amen.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Setback for the Whitehouse?

The news reports state the supreme court activism in todays decision was a setback for the President, the administration, or conservatism in general. I see it just a little more in depth, I see it as a setback for the rule of Law and Order, a setback for all Americans, and a victory for Terrorists captured in battle. The Geneva conventions are afforded to armies and soldiers who follow those rules. How can we give protections to combatants who have no ethical code of conduct, no flag, no country, and no mercy for anyone whom they may capture? I am afraid our very decency is what will be our demise in the end. I see it as a conundrum that the political parties who are supposed to be working together, see political points scored as more important than upholding their sworn duty to protect our country and defeat the enemies of the free world.
Where do they think the logical end of this decision will reside? It's not as if our court system is not already burdened by a whole lot of wasted time, frivolous lawsuits, appeals and continuances ad naseum, and miscarried justice. I guess when we look back at this Presidential election that will be where we either lose the battle or hold our ground on reigning in the judicial Activists that would overcome the ability of we the people to have a say in our Laws. For the next President of the United States will most likely have the opportunity to appoint 3 justices who will either be strict constructionists whe revere the constitution or activists who will take it upon themselves to legislate from the bench Laws and dictates that would never pass Democratically held elections.
I believe the appointment of supreme court judges to be the linch pin in where our country goes in the election of 2008. Think about it before you cast a vote for hope and change to a guy who can't even surround himself with decent law abiding people who really love this country. The hipocrisy that swirls around Barack Obama will only be magnified as he gets elected President of the United States.
Another thing I have noted is that the news articles that talk of releasing these criminals never state that a certain percentage end up back on the battlefield. I wonder why?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Which Way do we Go??

At the crossroads we slow down, and take a look around. If we are smart we see in reality. Hope for change can bring change all right, but what if it's not the change you bargained for? What if we have been led to the destiny we always feared and would never have chosen on our own? Would we go if we knew it was supposed to become so difficult? I think no, but the prophets said so.
Sooner or later the world will take that last turn for the worst and Gods' Judgement will descend like a curse.
Where will we be?
I believe in the prophecy that states in Heaven there will be a war. And in the end it will come down on us all. We make choices and set stages,
Let thy will be done! Oh Heavenly Father. You are the potter and we are just the clay.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

D Day

Lets go back 64 years and see what happened then. And where we have come to get to our present day situation. I try to watch one of my all time favorite movies every year on this grim anniversary. Saving Private Ryan is an Amazing tale of bravery and heroism, revolving around the invasion of Normandy June 6, 1944. Steven Spielberg captured all of the horrors and heroics of a battle that had to be won. I cannot imagine how those soldiers went on and defeated that enemy. So many didn't finish the task, but it took all of them to complete that mission, especially those who died, they put down their lives so others could do what they had to do. That was the nature of that kind of warfare, so many tragedies, so much wasted lives. It makes me sad for the loss but so very proud of the honorable sacrifice, words cannot express my gratitude. We owe our way of life to what others have done and continue to do even to this very day. That kind of bravery is something I hold in the highest regard, it somehow makes sense in a senseless kind of way.
Throughout all time we humans have had wars, it seems as inevitable as the seasons. But to be fighting on the right side of the war is the key. I can see defending your homeland or other people, what I cannot see is going to war to conquer and take something thst belongs to someone else. So tere is always something justifiable and somethings not justifiable about war. I wonder if it has something to do with the transmigration of souls in and out of the earth plane. Why does it have to happen? Where does the impetus come from for leaders to lead their people out to where there is danger and death for so many? I know the answer but I still wonder why and how these kings answer the call of the Devil to go out and create war. And in this day and age we cannot sit back and wait for an overt sign, all signs and antagonistic rhetoric must be taken as seriously as a heart attack.

Monday, June 02, 2008

World NewsWatch June 2, 2008 A.D.

When you can't think of anything to do, just do anything. Maybe only the good intentions will get noticed, not the unintended consequences.

Buying time is what the Islamascists are attempting all the way around. When their desire is reached, they will rear their headup and say "Here I am!"

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Maybe if more of these guys tasted the fruits of lying and ruining others there would be less lawsuits out there. I kinda doubt it, though, that is how they make their living.

I wonder if they are going to the food summit looking for a free meal. Both these leaders, Mugabe and Ahmadinajhad, have created disastrous economies within their own countries and now are what? Hoping the world will come in and save them? I don't know, it seems right to have outrage directed at 2 of the most disruptive forces in the world today. I suppose when a leader says ridiculous things to get attention,they must continually up the ante. But it's clear Ahmadinajhad has an overarching goal, and will not quit.

In passing: Ives St.Laurent, Bo Diddley. On the mend Theodore Edward Kennedy, Kelsey Grammar.

Top Honors and even a little dishonor. This young soldier gave everything he had to give for his friends, and these friends of ours gave a little and decided to quit when the going gets tough. And that going is back home in politic world, not in the real world of the war, where Australia was very brave, stalwart, and helpful, but hardly taking casualties.

Could any man this close to the Presidency be this unqualified? Barack Obama is a study in political expediency. He is a day late and a dollar short every step of his press conferences. The softballs that the reporters throw him still somehow manage to trip him up and turn him into a stammering, woebegone, unprepared, reciter of notes. Obama had to wait all the way until the racist tilt of his church was more than any silver tongued apologist could gloss over. He sat in the pew for 20 years and watched his fellow parishoners clap and cheer the racist diatribes the pastors and guests blasted from the pulpit with politically charged rantings that can only divide. For a man who could by his very heritage unite the races, Barack Obama is in no position to do this since he only views himself from his black side. Of course this is Democrat Party politics 101, being a member of a minority group gives one a leg up in all internal party politics. But being POTUS is being president of all Americans not just the ones who brought you into power. B.O. cannot unite, his judgement has always been clouded by political steps over right and wrong. If the people of the United States elect this man President we will surely deserve whatever comes from it, which I for one can only see bad tidings.

If these guys rage could be bottled there would be enough power to fuel the whole world. It's unbelievable to me that one simple incident can continue to vex a whole culture. And its telling how violence is the quickest outlet these perverters of Gods laws and justice twist and impale their souls on to their eternal destruction.

I have to hand it to Hillary, she is plucky and seems to have backbone. But the Clinton thing is so indelibly stained on my brain, disgust comes to the surface first. I do think Hillary would be a far better President than Barack but would still damage our country greatly. Hillary would most likely be able to stand far stronger than Barack in the world at large, but both these pacifists scare the Hell out of me.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Realization

Its like just realizing that you are still alive.

Its like waking up and realizing you are in love.

Its like pretending you are who you really are.

Its like understanding we are not really alone.

Its like imagining the most perfect day.

Its like having the right thing to say.

Its like time standing still for a minute.

Its like the stars in the sky, infinite.

Its like letting nature take over its course.

Its like getting power straight from the source.

Its like acknowledging your limits are safe.

Like new friends, good friends, Old friends

Like new learning, good wisdom, Old school

Its like serendipity dealing an ace.

Its like dreaming big dreams that come true.

Its like wide open skies ever so blue.

Its like a friend at the door unexpected.

Its like when the flowers suddenly bloom.

Its like undertsanding God's promises are true.

Its like the sunset at the beach in the summertime.

Its like watching all the children getting along.

Its like Christmas everyday, peace in every way.

Its like every good thought i have ever had.

Its like the caress of velvet, touching my soul.

Its like the simplicity of watching a ball roll.

Its like a Redwood forest shrouded in a thick cool fog.

Its like the sound of a bell signalling dinner time.

Its like a huge crowd gathered in one accord.

Its like the arrow hitting the bullseye from 100 paces.

Its like the answer to your most vexing question.

Its like a friendly smile from a stranger and a wave hello.

Its like my child appreciating my sacrifice for them.

Its like a kiss from the one you really want.

Its like the answer to all my prayers.

Like heaven on Earth, just one more day.

Like every holiday celebrated on your birthday, today.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The War of the Worlds

The new spaceship/rover has landed, what an awesome feat of engineering. I wish it hadnt taken me 30+ years to gain the appreciation for such amazing thinking ability. If I would have realized such feats were truly achievable maybe I would have studied harder. Future inventors and scientists have to be captivated by what they are being taught. If a person really wants to do something I don't see anyhting stopping them but their own selves.
Goals and accomplishments.
I wonder if the Dimensions are allways aligned or if there could be planetary, and magnetic warbling or shuffling. Maybe on other worlds life is smaller than we can see, or larger throughout the whole universe than we could ever comprehend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Survival of the Fittest

The pain at the pump, economic slow downs, wars against enemies, education, relationships, physical ailments, mental health and stability, all that gets put upon us by the news, all that stuff has a flip side. And the flip side is not always good or bad. Sometimes it just is what it is. Self preservation and the survival mechanism is the most powerful force in nature, and mountains will move if they must.
I look at my concerns as stated above and I see a temporal, short sighted, mired in the day to day tussle, person who cannot break the chains of the world. I cannot get to a bigger picture because I'm hanging on to some false hopes. I want the world to stay the same but somehow start working for me. I need a break that it seems like others are always getting. Like a good, easy job, or a nice loyal customer who only wants to be fair. The never ending competition and swirling forces that atrophy my profession will either kill me or make me stronger. Maybe on the inside I am stronger, but on the outside I dont always feel I am increasing in power.
Things change and also stay the same, I feel I must worry my way through this life. Even though I am aware of the pitfalls I fall right into every one. I feel as if when I am not worrying I am not caring as much as I should. It really is pathetic, but I can't help myself. The feeling of being alone even as others are around continually haunts me. I have taken the key to freedom from these thoughts yet somehow I find myself back inside that prison. I do look for a saviour perhaps everywhere but right where He is. I do pray for help, and I always get help.
Why isn't it ever enough?

Monday, May 26, 2008

There is a Rock
Happy Memorial Day

A day to honor the defenders of freedom who made the ultimate sacrifice. A day to remember those who serve, and what could happen, what does happen, whether we are aware or not.
The respect the men and women deserve is of the highest honor. They are out there really doing the jobs that most Americans won't, can't, or are just too scared to do. The necessity of each individual skirmish can and will be debated, but what cannot be debated is... this is the front line of the defense of our Country and our Freedom.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

World NewsWatch May 18, 2008 A.D.

It's a full frontal affront to Barack Obama. President Bush's speech at the Knesset was long overdue, I believe, even before Barack gave his Democrat wowing speech at the 2004 convention. But here we finally got some clarity on appeasement and who should jump out of their thin skins and prove it really is upfront in their minds? Democrats! Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dick Shumer, Chuck Durbin, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and etc. ad nauseum. So Bush states the obvious to the Israelis, can,t the Democrat Party Hierarchy see that Israel is on the front lines in this Global War on Terrorists and the Nations that harbour them? They must stay strong, too, and they are battling complacency, war weariness, and appeasers in their midst. Then there is all of Europe and we know how they have dealt with existential threats in the past. It's funny that the Democrats immediately take these words personally. And Barack Obama says he would be tough in his "Talks" to Ahmadinajhad and Nasralla and their ilk, like JFK was 'tough' and Reagan was 'tough', well Reagan did appease, they were fighting a more direct threat of Soviet expansionism, and talking only gives enemies time when thats why they want to talk. And JFK was perceived as weak and his vacillating caused the cuban missile crisis which to his credit he found the strength to stand up against. So if Obama wants to compare his foreign policy to those two we really are in a world of hurt, so to speak, if someone as unqualified as Barack Obama gets elected President of the United States.

The Teddy Kennedy deathwatch is on? I know a lot of left-tilting freedom chokers celebrated the passings of Charleton Heston, William F. Buckley Jr., the Rev. Jerry Falwell, and would welcome the passing of President Bush, Karl Rove , or Dick Cheney, but rejoicing in the calamity of others is a very evil mindset to engage in. I care not at all for Theodore Edward Kennedy, however I think discrediting his bad policy is much more beneficial to my life than his life ending. I will pray for this man who I almost completely disagree with on all matters moral and political, hoping for his long life and health and his awakening into a conservative thoughtful leader. I know there is little chance for that, but I will earmark my prayer with that condition.

Maybe it was an unwise move but somehow i can't think that using a Koran for target practice is much more than a nutty gesture of irreverence by an individual. What do you suppose these Islamic 'Holy' men do to the Bible?

The Peoples Republic of California has heard the fiat from our rulers, four black robed activists. These autocrats have proclaimed to the state that voting on an issue is worthless. Just like proposition 187 the people have spoken and unelected, practically unimpeachable, Lawyers and descendants of Lawyers have re-written the code of Life. In this state we already had civil unions, with all the rights that married people have as to property and legal issues. But the Homosexual Lobby wants more, they feel they can gain credibility and perhaps even whitewash the stain of their sin with the blessing of Government. I really don't care what the Homosexuals call their cohabitational legal status. It is their rights as Americans to do what they want, as long as they dont interfere with anyone else. They don't need to call it marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman and sacred and a pillar of society. Marriage is for family and a homosexual person does have the right to get "married", although that would be to someone of the opposite sex, and they have rejected that. So go ahead and enjoy the civil unions, and let men and women marry each other, it sounds so simple but when you add the subversive tactics of the enemy of God this is what you get. Painful parsings of the language and text of our Laws that don't illuminate, they only create shadow areas for sinners to hide. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but to be saved means to repent, to ask forgiveness, not to change definitions so you are now with the mainstream. There is a slippery slope that humankind continues to flirt with and one day we will wonder where all decency and goodness has gone. When Judges get to make Laws eventually we will have more judges making laws more people disagree with and then there will be real trouble in Paradise.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Faith Is...

~Believing everything will be ok when you can't do anything more.~
~Trusting in God to do what he said.~
~Knowing the difference between want and need.~
~The most powerful force in nature.~
~The foundation on which we build our lives.~
~The very glue that holds civilization together.~
~What gets tested first.~
~What must hold up to the end.~
~Not supposed to be so easily shaken.~

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Breaking Down the Barricades

As one hurdle in life is passed the next presents itself. I must have the confidence to move past the last and onto the next. Could all my energy focus on the tasks at hand with the ultimate goal remaining in sight? Getting to the goal no matter what? I don't want to get bogged down in self pity or remorse. Of course, theres always a hunger for more. But not being greedy by nature helps me to have the necessary patience to wait until times are right.
It really is about power, the power needed to withstand setbacks, mental power to stay above the storms. Serenity really is at the end of the rainbow and only stability provides the path. If my career can generate the vehicle to go where I need to go, I have chosen the right path. Working harder than I have ever worked is the answer to get farther than I have ever been. The good things in life are out there waiting for those willing to do what they must to get their reward. I know I have the strength to do what it takes to succeed, and to be with who God has sent to me. I must only take hold of the faith I keep lacking. God has always provided and He will always provide, I know this, but I doubt. I stop focusing on God and start looking at the creation, the wonder and the beauty, the pain and despair. It all scares me, but I love it to death, all the same, I know I am blessed.
Life really does beat us down bit by bit, fraction by fraction until we are under six feet below. But energy is what it takes to combat this malaise. And that's why people that suck energy are so important to avoid. Black holes that swallow whole galaxies. I have thought I was strong enough to help, now I wonder if I was even half as strong as I thought I was. The vacuum moves in one direction only. At some point letting go is the only way to save yourself. Ties that commit us to each other are not quite as strong as the tie that binds us to life. And I will find the strong nexus and remain.
An old friend in trouble clouds my minds eye. I can't make anyone do what they must do to survive. If they can't see for themselves, why would they need my eyes? If I had burned so many bridges and opportunities, I doubt I would care about anything, really. Two friends whose paths crossed the same lines 30 years ago, now are perpendicular and headed away from each other. I have nothing left but prayers for the lost souls who won't help themselves.
I have to look after my own wayward soul. I guess I fear everybodies problems could become my own, and they can, if I let that happen.

May the Lord have Mercy!