Sunday, May 18, 2008

World NewsWatch May 18, 2008 A.D.

It's a full frontal affront to Barack Obama. President Bush's speech at the Knesset was long overdue, I believe, even before Barack gave his Democrat wowing speech at the 2004 convention. But here we finally got some clarity on appeasement and who should jump out of their thin skins and prove it really is upfront in their minds? Democrats! Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dick Shumer, Chuck Durbin, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and etc. ad nauseum. So Bush states the obvious to the Israelis, can,t the Democrat Party Hierarchy see that Israel is on the front lines in this Global War on Terrorists and the Nations that harbour them? They must stay strong, too, and they are battling complacency, war weariness, and appeasers in their midst. Then there is all of Europe and we know how they have dealt with existential threats in the past. It's funny that the Democrats immediately take these words personally. And Barack Obama says he would be tough in his "Talks" to Ahmadinajhad and Nasralla and their ilk, like JFK was 'tough' and Reagan was 'tough', well Reagan did appease, they were fighting a more direct threat of Soviet expansionism, and talking only gives enemies time when thats why they want to talk. And JFK was perceived as weak and his vacillating caused the cuban missile crisis which to his credit he found the strength to stand up against. So if Obama wants to compare his foreign policy to those two we really are in a world of hurt, so to speak, if someone as unqualified as Barack Obama gets elected President of the United States.

The Teddy Kennedy deathwatch is on? I know a lot of left-tilting freedom chokers celebrated the passings of Charleton Heston, William F. Buckley Jr., the Rev. Jerry Falwell, and would welcome the passing of President Bush, Karl Rove , or Dick Cheney, but rejoicing in the calamity of others is a very evil mindset to engage in. I care not at all for Theodore Edward Kennedy, however I think discrediting his bad policy is much more beneficial to my life than his life ending. I will pray for this man who I almost completely disagree with on all matters moral and political, hoping for his long life and health and his awakening into a conservative thoughtful leader. I know there is little chance for that, but I will earmark my prayer with that condition.

Maybe it was an unwise move but somehow i can't think that using a Koran for target practice is much more than a nutty gesture of irreverence by an individual. What do you suppose these Islamic 'Holy' men do to the Bible?

The Peoples Republic of California has heard the fiat from our rulers, four black robed activists. These autocrats have proclaimed to the state that voting on an issue is worthless. Just like proposition 187 the people have spoken and unelected, practically unimpeachable, Lawyers and descendants of Lawyers have re-written the code of Life. In this state we already had civil unions, with all the rights that married people have as to property and legal issues. But the Homosexual Lobby wants more, they feel they can gain credibility and perhaps even whitewash the stain of their sin with the blessing of Government. I really don't care what the Homosexuals call their cohabitational legal status. It is their rights as Americans to do what they want, as long as they dont interfere with anyone else. They don't need to call it marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman and sacred and a pillar of society. Marriage is for family and a homosexual person does have the right to get "married", although that would be to someone of the opposite sex, and they have rejected that. So go ahead and enjoy the civil unions, and let men and women marry each other, it sounds so simple but when you add the subversive tactics of the enemy of God this is what you get. Painful parsings of the language and text of our Laws that don't illuminate, they only create shadow areas for sinners to hide. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but to be saved means to repent, to ask forgiveness, not to change definitions so you are now with the mainstream. There is a slippery slope that humankind continues to flirt with and one day we will wonder where all decency and goodness has gone. When Judges get to make Laws eventually we will have more judges making laws more people disagree with and then there will be real trouble in Paradise.

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