Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Realization

Its like just realizing that you are still alive.

Its like waking up and realizing you are in love.

Its like pretending you are who you really are.

Its like understanding we are not really alone.

Its like imagining the most perfect day.

Its like having the right thing to say.

Its like time standing still for a minute.

Its like the stars in the sky, infinite.

Its like letting nature take over its course.

Its like getting power straight from the source.

Its like acknowledging your limits are safe.

Like new friends, good friends, Old friends

Like new learning, good wisdom, Old school

Its like serendipity dealing an ace.

Its like dreaming big dreams that come true.

Its like wide open skies ever so blue.

Its like a friend at the door unexpected.

Its like when the flowers suddenly bloom.

Its like undertsanding God's promises are true.

Its like the sunset at the beach in the summertime.

Its like watching all the children getting along.

Its like Christmas everyday, peace in every way.

Its like every good thought i have ever had.

Its like the caress of velvet, touching my soul.

Its like the simplicity of watching a ball roll.

Its like a Redwood forest shrouded in a thick cool fog.

Its like the sound of a bell signalling dinner time.

Its like a huge crowd gathered in one accord.

Its like the arrow hitting the bullseye from 100 paces.

Its like the answer to your most vexing question.

Its like a friendly smile from a stranger and a wave hello.

Its like my child appreciating my sacrifice for them.

Its like a kiss from the one you really want.

Its like the answer to all my prayers.

Like heaven on Earth, just one more day.

Like every holiday celebrated on your birthday, today.

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