Wednesday, May 07, 2008

World NewsWatch May7, 2008AD

Every Day I see the news reports, the toll mounts in Burma. This goes to show what happens with Third World dictatorships. These poor people crowded into low lying areas just to scratch out a living. Without a good warning system they were sitting ducks when this storm rolled in. If we could spread affluence around the world tragedies like this would still happen but the scope of destruction could be limited. We think Katrina was a disaster? Compared to this Katrina was a walk in the park, maybe not for those killed, for them its the same. But the staggering number of victims is incomprehensible to US in the West. And no help should go there if it just helps the warlords or dictators or whatever the juntas call themselves. I can't believe they feel a need to put any conditions on the help they will receive.

I see Russia did exactly as expected, shuffling the deck and dealing off the bottom. Well, "once KGB always KGB", is the phrase I have heard, and I suppose Putin would not have let Medyeved win if this spot didn't come to him. Theres a snake in the grass over there, beware!

What McCain expects from federal judges has an odd ring to it. What should any US citizen expect from Federal judges? Just that they follow the constitution and not try to read any of their own views or biases into what has stood the test of time. Interpret the constitution directly and you cant go wrong. The Founding fathers were geniuses, and knew that it should be up to the states and elected officials to write the Law, not Judges.

I find it alarming that this game has such widespread appeal out there. Is it a sign of the times? There is something rather unsavory about a video game built upon violence and criminal behaviour being a best seller that causes me to worry about our very souls. If we ever want to rise to new heights we could sure start by picking ourselves up out of the gutter. GTA is a harbinger of what decadence and moral turpitude has done to the very fabric of our society. We are reaping what we sow, only it has a slightly delayed reactionary time.

Should we tar and feather the whole school district over this? Sounds like its not just a church/clergy thing after all. Will we get a Witchhunt here, too? The Catholic church took the shots dealt to them and survived the hyperbole. The public school system is more than likely more prone to this rottenness therefore has an even more stringent desire to equivocate and cover up. There have been plenty of abuses in the public school system , but when its a female teacher and male victims things get easily swept under the rug. And when its a male teacher he's hung out to dry whether it's a girl victim, or a boy. And deservedly so, but whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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