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Monday, December 20, 2010


The START treaty needs to be stopped, or at least slowed. I heard today that Russia wants no amendments to this treaty signed already by POTUS Obama but needing to be ratified by congress. I can only ask why our President is in this headlong rush to get this deal inked and permanent before the new more balanced congress convenes at the beginning of the new year. The last election had consequences and the Dems seem to want to complete their banishment with a flurry of last minute legislation aimed at weakening our countries national defense and our economic viability. Two legs
of the stool our whole house of cards is stacked upon right now. I continually wonder why moves are being made that make US weaker. In this time that just begs for national unity what is there to possibly be gained by these fantasies of the leftists being turned to reality?

And on a similar note the state of California going it alone on their own cap and trade scheme really is impossible to rectify with common sense that says in times of crisis just do no more harm. We are slitting our wrists even as we have already lost almost all our lifeblood to cerebral hemorrhage. And now Schwarzzy is cozying up to Obama for a Climate Change gig now that he helped bankrupt this once great state. It's really too much to swallow, I can only ask,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain Rain

After about 4 straight drier than normal years of winter rainfall here last winter was a welcome return
to normalcy. We started this wet season off with some rain and it seemed like we would be in good shape again to have a normal winter rainfall accumulation. Since I don't have a TV I am not barraged with running totals on the weather report on which percentage of normal we are at and how much snow is in the Sierra and all that. But I can say in my semi expert opinion, I have found that construction workers, and probably farmers, are better weather forecasters than what gets trotted out on the local TV stations. And this seems like a year for potential flooding. I guess with the value of water in this state we should be very thankful, and I am also thankful to have 1 job under cover and one ready for a finish coat and curing beautifully as I sit here dry and typing.
The global warming (now climate change) hysteria and myth must sooner or later be put to rest and we can all just say that the weather is so much bigger and more complex than any of us can realize. The Earth moves in and out of Ice ages and the sun has calm and active periods and we are along to witness the different phases and hang on to weather any storm. We self inflict many troubles upon ourselves as Nations and individuals but one thing I am most certain is that weather is not something we have any control over whether we want to admit it or not.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big Game Mania

The San Francisco 49ers have had one heck of a disappointing season so far. In the preseason they were looked at as a team that could not miss the playoffs for the 10th straight season or however long it has been. They rolled through San Diego, Minnesota, Indianapolis, and the Raiders and looked like they were going somewhere they haven't been in recent memory, the playoffs. Then came the ugliness of the regular season and ineptitude and just really bad football, really hard to watch football. 0-5 right out of the gate, oof. but then a little fighting and some professional soul searching and they righted their ship, somewhat. Every big game this year they have had a chance to step up thy have stepped back. After being 1-6 and alternating victories with losses to the point they are 5-8 it is really a miracle they still have a shot at the division at all. Once again this weak division will be represented by a team right around .500, and this year possibly 7-9. If the 49ers make it to the playoffs they will most likely be 8-8 and on a nice little end of the season roll, something we used to take for granted from this team was a very strong December run into the playoffs and a team that once in the playoffs had a great chance to go all the way. Of course those days are long gone now and we don't expect much from this team anymore. But the SF Giants caught some magic and just maybe the Niners can too. They will have to be playing great right when they need to be this year, and as much as I would like to jump on the bandwagon it seems every time I get into the hype the last few years the team comes out flat and disappoints again. I will be watching Thursday evening and throwing a grain of salt over my shoulder.
Heres to hoping they can play their best game of the year against a tough team, ironically the very city team (San Diego) the SF Giants had to get past in their improbable run to the MLB championship. Lots of interesting angles here and at least for one more week we have a football team to cheer for playing a meaningful game in December,
always so much fun.

UpDate January 17 2010

Last nights game really made me realize how much a waste of time it is being emotionally involved in pro sports. The "professional" athletes go home the next day or into their offseason still multi-millionaires and the fans get to dream of the what-ifs and next year and all that garbage. What I witnessed last night was embarrassing and pathetic. In the biggest game of the year the 49ers went for a running play on 4th and inches at the goal line(whatever happened to the quarterback sneak!) they had a kick return(opening the second half) for a TD called back for a penalty, then after a 3 and out and a punt they drop a sure game changing interception, I mean with so many squandered opportunities you would think you were watching Obama and the Democrat controlled congress here. I give up, and if the League does do a strike and kill themselves off like that count me as one who could not care less. What a waste of time and effort it is to invest in these big babies.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Merry Christmas Jerry Brown

Politicians want the job so bad they would do anything to get it. Beg for money, align themselves with groups who may not be entirely on the same page with them, compromise their core principles, and basically tell everybody what they want to hear, and promise the moon. Well Edmund G. Brown Jr. got the gig, just like Barack H. Obama. It is now coming out in public, as if there was still someone out there who didn't know it that we are in a fiscal crisis. California is once again leading the Nation, only this time it is toward an insolvent, debt laden, welfare state. How long can we figure it will take the new Governor Brown to say this problem is so much worse than anyone realized and now more drastic measures are needed to remedy the situation? The excuses for being unable to tackle the problem are being teed up for Brown just like apologists for Obama have somehow forgotten that he said he could fix the problems, he was on top of it and knew what to do. That is why he got elected and then we come to find the trouble is above his pay grade, he really doesn't have a clue how to solve the mess we are in. All the evidence we the people need that talk is especially cheap in the wonderful world of Politics. 
And we are paying them to shape the world we will have to live in.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wonder if...

 ➬  Assange could use his remarkable skills in information gathering to find birth certificates and college transcripts?

 ➬  After the Stuxnet worm tripped up Tehrans quest for nukes this battlefield can stay in cyberspace.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 Years

In 2 years we have seen change, we have seen hope ~ evaporate. Supermajorities come and go but the buck never stops spinning. Media shills have been exposed and the greater public is now aware of the threat to our democracy, from within. The power(lessness) of giant bureaucracy has been illustrated and who can say our Nation is more respected in the world at large now than before? All I see is diminishing on all fronts, earning ability is down, travel is compromised, peace is threatened and by Government growing ever larger freedom is fading.

In 2 years Obama has done a lot. The country is more divided than ever before, US and European economies remain on the brink of insolvency with no leadership anywhere on the horizon to give the confidence that is what is needed for this recovery. Free markets are assaulted while our border remains open. Our enemies are undefined therefore nonexistent? War is looming on the horizon as North Korea rings the bell to get their payoff or what? Will they march to their own destruction and upset the region? It will take a strong leader or leaders to diffuse these potential undermining of our current structure and stability, unfortunately we have the opposite of a leader at the helm of our country. Destiny has a powerful pull and we will yield to its force some way or another.

2 years in and 2 to go. A lot has happened in the last 2 years and the next 2 should be an interesting and telling ride. Obama is already campaigning and I would say he really never stopped because that is really all he knows. He may prove his naysayers wrong and actually begin to lead the whole country. I doubt that because I think he is ideologically incapable, right now I would rather be wrong, but ....
We think that all this TSA junk and the inability to profile our enemies and to defend our borders are all steps to empower the civillion man army that Obama predicted and will need if he is indeed going to claim dictatorship of these United States, again, I hope I am wrong but only a fool would ignore all these warning signs. But judging from election results there is still a lot of willful ignorance going on out there. It's a 50 - 50 crapshoot which way we go. Talk about teetering on the edge.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The State of California
Our ship of state, or our ship of fools.
And things to come for this country and possibly, the whole world.

We have come to the point where those receiving benefits outnumber those working to pay for them. The system is top heavy and doomed to fail. A politician was heard saying "Let's get serious". I ask the question, what is it going to take? We don't deport illegal aliens even when they are convicted of criminal activity, jobless benefits have been extended ad infinitum, voter fraud goes unpunished, whenever cuts are proposed its always public safety first~ as a kind of threat to the people~ more money is always the answer for a broken educational system, social security and medicare changes are always viewed as politically suicidal if there is any effort to stave off the inevitable insolvency, the list of evidence to the schizophrenia of the American voter could fill volumes. We want it all and don't want to pay for it. Well, I for one and many like me want Government as small as possible, or we want exactly what we are getting for our money spelled out and all waste better stop gushing.

I can only hope and pray that new (old) Governor Jerry Brown will realize this is his swan song and put his legacy before his covenant with those who put him back into the Governors seat. Fixing this once great state should be worth the risk he will face as he must undoubtedly require sacrifices from all of us. His core constituency will squeal the loudest but that is who is right now crushing the state with their demands. It is ironic that Gov. Brown gave these public service employees the right to unionize and strongarm their way straight into the treasury, and now he is the one who must reign them in, or its on him.
It will be most interesting to see how this is all sorted out, since now the Democrats have no one else to blame their incompetence on,
to enable and prolong the inevitable, or to lead, that is the question here.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

On the Brink of...

The Country for the most part came to their senses and voted according to what they saw as America in Decline. However, certain parts of the country seemed to have embraced the decline and actually voted for acceleration of the decline. Here in California a most curious idiosyncrasy occurs every election. Herein CA the state is nearly bankrupt, it has been in the near complete control of Democrats for 40 years. So, on the verge of insolvency, what is the smart thingm to do? Would it be to retain the elected officials who created this mess? Apparently so. Maybe the people here thought that Arnold was the Repub brand and he was the one to blame. Well Arnold caved at his first defeat by the unions and the special interests, he was a lame duck for years, with a teeny veto pen. Now we have tax and spenders at every level of State Govt. And worse still the Legislatures were given the ability to raise taxes with a simple majority now. But the far seeing voters didn't quite get that one, they were so focused on no more taxes and fees. And a straight one time payment of 18$ to get in all state parks was too much to pay! But wait, there's more. The proposition to suspend the carbon tax failed, so what do we get? Higher taxes on gasoline and heating gas and most likely all utilities. Go figure that one out. We are in a no tax and fee mode and give politicians the right to raise taxes on us every way to Sunday, I am thoroughly convinced that my fellow citizens in this state are insane , or just plain stupid. And voting Jerry Brown as a 3rd chance Governor is the coup de grace. Don't think he will raise taxes whenever and wherever he can??!!?? Say by to prop 13 and good bye to your homes, seniors on fixed incomes, Jerry Brown has a plan to save the state. He will save it all right, for the Government workers, Unions, and illegal aliens. We will have lots of teachers firefighters and prison guards wondering how the illegals will pay enough taxes to support their lucrative retirements. Oh well, the state is in decline so I guess it might as well go all the way down then maybe the Conservatives will get a chance to fix it. At least here they cannot be blamed for how bad things are, they have not had a say in sooooo long.

On the National level part of me is somewhat relieved that the Dems kept the Senate. I feared that if Obama had the Republicans to blame by way of their new gains in both chambers he could have cruised to another 4 years. Now the Democrats simply must show some leadership and some restraint at the same time. This kind of gridlock may work in the countrys favor. I just don't see the economy totally turning around in the next 2 years so I think we conservatives need to learn to lead and learn to work with baby steps. 2012 is shaping up to be the pivotal election, and while I don't think I will have the ability to leave CA by then, I should be close, and all the evidence anyone needs as to the failures of liberalism will be apparent for anyone with eyes to see.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Giants Win!!!!

The Benefit of the Doubt

In American Politics the winner gets the spoils, quite literally. It is ever a 50-50 proposition that will win the day. Or 45-55 or 55-45 lets just say it is close and no one can ever claim a mandate, Apathy and busy-ness insure that we may never get to a real high voter turnout which is what is required to really know exactly where this country stands.

So when George Bush won in 2000 and was then torn apart on a daily basis we never got the chance to rally behind true unity and see what was really possible according to his philosophy. The same holds true for Barack Obama. The same has held true for every President over the years. But the really great Presidents and the really effective ones have always risen above the pettiness and got something done that moved the country forward. Right now Obama is killing his party by lowering the stature of the Presidency and acting decidedly un Presidential. He is acting like he is only President of those who voted for him, or those who can become controlled by their allegiance to him and into and through his vision.

Maybe what was in George Bush's imagination and desire was what was best for this country, maybe what Barack Obama would enact if he could would be better than that, even. What we do know is that the alternate reality will never be known and National Unity may never be realized. Even if this country divided the two new halves would find plenty of issues upon which to separate.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Such Hypocrisy

Google is a multi Billion dollar enterprise with a most definite Liberal Political bias in their headlines, in their political donations and in their corporate image. Now why in the world would they want to shield Billions and billions of dollars from US Corporate income tax? Can they really feel that a wealthy individual should pay between 50 and 70% rate when their Corporation is only paying 2.4%? I really cannot follow the logic there.

National Public Radio fires Juan Williams for being candid while he was working for a cable Television program. It seems that the official National Government position is that of an Islamophobe, or one who is afraid to offend Muslims. Now Juan Williams seems to me an individual who would bend over backwards not to be provocative toward Islam and to get fired for speaking truth just illustrates why I think we have already lost the debate in the battle of civilizations Islam imposes on US. They are masters of using their host countries benefits and open societies to further their goal of turning that very country into a totalitarian dictatorship.

Everybody I talked to wondered is this terrorism? Or just a nutjob terrorizing people.

Christine O'Donnel makes a great point in her debate at a Law School on the Church/State issue and gets ripped in the press and by the junior league Lawyers. What part of "Congress shall make no Law" do all these liberals fail to be able understand? Our Constitution is clear and precise and the Framers were very obvious they believed and intended our Nation to continue to seek Gods favor first, by doing His will and remaining true to Our principles and to Gods own edicts. Its amazing to me how our Nation continues to remain strong with so many using the very freedoms this country offers to tear this country apart.

Will they care this much when they kill their Golden Goose?

Go Giants!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny in a Sad But True Way

“You voted for Obama to prove you’re not a racist. Now, who are you going to vote for to prove you’re not an idiot?”Commenter at NBC-11(by way of Doug Ross)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Circling the Drain

California is doomed the way we are set up and being run right now.
Evidence in point:
*Selling off State owned buildings and then renting them back.
*The Candidates for Governor are squabbling over a Nanny and a name calling.
*A budget that yearly get passed months late is always covering up deficits with shenanigans.
*The largest population of Illegal Immigrants in the country.
*The largest population of welfare cases in the nation.
*Big Cities that are liberal and rural areas that are conservative with most all population in the big cities.
*12 and a 1/2 per cent unemployment.
*Highest taxed citizens in the country.
* State Government fixated on global warming to the point of skewing numbers in order to raise taxes and restrictions.
* Current Governor endorsing a pathetic RINO in another state.
* Willing electorate to watch the debacle and continue to vote in the same politically corrupt hacks election after election.
*Good productive citizens leaving for other states if they are able to do so.

Face it fellow Californians, if we don't start electing representatives who look out for all the interests of all our people this State will only be Golden in our memories.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Progressive NightMare

The voters in this country who lean to the Left and support Obama in his remaking of America are now starting to feel that maybe they have followed his lead a bridge too far. With the possibility of losing the US House of Representatives for sure and possibly the Senate in a few weeks the total power they felt for 2 years is rapidly evaporating. When they lose the Presidency in 2012 the whole Government structure will be tilted to a President having more authority to work without the advice and consent of Congress and a precedent of UnConstitutionality. Both these improbabilities wrought by Obama with nearly full Democrat Party support. Both these issues will be rued by their creators when the shoe is on the other foot.

Obamas legacy will be that he brought US closer to the likelihood of Dictatorship. When a Republican President takes over I can already hear all the howling and moaning from the left and their MainStream Media mouthpieces. Today we are already getting some preliminary stories on this subject and its slanted toward Republicans who have been completely out of power for 2 years and virtually out of power for 6.
Its funny and sad that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander but how quickly we forget when we are on the outside looking in. Beware what you wish for, you just might get it, and all that goes with that wish may not be what you really want. In the Democrats case it is so much easier to criticize Republicans than to actually lead and have ideas that work. When there is no critical press reporting and no one to tell you that you are on the wrong path look how far off the track you can get, in just 2 years!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

California is about to be Left Behind

When the political tsunami hits this country in just a little over 3 weeks there will be a few noteworthy stories on the victories of the Leftists. One will be right here in the failing state of California. So many strongholds of liberalism will be rocked and their once solid foundations undermined and exposed. But on the Left Coast California will stand apart as a monument to liberalism that may never be toppled.

After over 100 days without a budget the State politicians finally passed the latest version of smoke and mirrors and passing of the Buck to the next year(s). The Federal Government operating in much the same way is about to get corrected. The reason for that is the rest of the Country will provide the restraint as their way of life will be eroded right along with those who use the Government en masse. There is a quote about when the electorate can vote from the public treasury largesse for themselves you have effectively lost your Republic. That is where we are right now in the country at large and here in the once Golden State. The voters will figure out which way they want to go as a group.

Unfortunately California progressives are taking the path to decline as the Country as a whole is taking its turn back toward prosperity and sanity. This State may very well be a drag on the whole country as our population and GDP are equal or greater than many countries. We will be able to judge the seriousness of the California voter after November 2nd if Jerry Brown takes the Governorship and Barbara Boxer remains our US Senator. That will be my signal that this state may have to crash and burn completely before we regain our spot as the best State in this once great Nation. If I could realistically pick up and operate my business in any other State or country I would seriously consider doing it. I know we need people to remain loyal to where they were born and raised and work hard to fix the problems, but we are importing our demise faster than we are raising up a new generation to repair the damage. The exponential growth of this imbalance makes rebuilding almost impossible.

I know out of every problem a better answer will emerge. All we have to do is look what is happening on a National level with Obamas agenda and his unmasking, creating a refreshed Conservative Movement to offer US hope. The same will happen here in California.
Day always follows night.
Its always darkest right before the Dawn.
Soon we will know just how serious the people of California really are...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Held To Account

I finally made it to my accountant today to finish up my 2009 fiscal year Taxes. It was a good meeting and so very refreshing to find out that he is a man of God. After all the information was posited and my dreadful year was laid bare we had a chance to talk about fiscal health on the personal and national level. I was having a difficult time keeping up with him even though I have been interested and keeping up on world financial trends and trajectories. I want to become more wise in economics and my quest to become debt free is now almost complete. I will live the rest of my life with only a mortgage debt, I hope and even that is something I have a chance to eliminate in less than 10 years. I have a friend I greatly admire in her ability to make this philosophy a way of life. I know I will never again become the slave of debt unless it is to save a life.

After 17 years in a marriage that started and ended broke I have learned enough to write a pretty good book, and I may do just that. I have been close to 2 women accountants in the last couple years and they have made such an impact on my life. I know they were put in my path for a reason, and even though I have not figured out exactly what that was and why, I have been blessed by them and the control I now take on financial situations is testimony that lifes lessons are difficult as well as beautiful, timely and all the evidence I need that God continues to bless my very existence. What a friend we have in the Lord, if only we are able to understand His Love.
He gives us a trial and a way out. And that is such a great way to learn.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Divided We Stand

President Obama came into office with controlling majorities in both houses of Congress and a phenomenal 70% favorable rating out in the electorate at large. Big cities and small towns all gave him the benefit of the doubt in regards to goodwill and how they believed he would Govern from the center, not from the left. Incredibly Team Obama has totally blown their advantages to the point of losing the House of Representatives and maybe losing control of the Senate. They will definitely not have a super majority anywhere anymore, maybe never again... Unless the Republican Party falters once again when they are given a chance to lead with Conservative Principles as their guide post.

Some of US knew all along that Obama was just pretending to be bi-partisan to gain the confidence of the independents and all the people who pay little attention to actions and deeds but only listen to sound bites on the evening news. We knew that sooner or later a man who was the most partisan in the US Senate, even if he was there for only 2 years, would not be able to stay a middle course when he had a chance to take a hard turn toward the left. Obama had a great opportunity to be one of the greatest Presidents ever. But he was blinded by his ideologies and subservient to those who empowered him through their investment in his candidacy. Now we are left with a petulant sophomoronic college lecturer of a President. How he governs without the cover of delegation to Pelosi Reid Waxman and Biden et al will tell all we need to know about the character of the 44th President of the United States.

Its ironic that what will first test the mettle of our young President will be from within the safety and security and confines of our Nation. Outside the walls, the wolves are circling, we have been invaded and pressure is mounting to give up as defenders of freedom and Democracy.
This fall will not be pretty.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Faith The Nation

With all the campaigning going on out there it figures that the President will want to get out of Washington and into the friendly confines of a good campaign rally somewhere where he can control the environment and the questions that his teleprompter will answer.

To question the faith of any man is not really fair, it is God's providence to judge US and correct us. But when a man stands up and professes a certain Faith those of US who also believe must surely assess the truth and veracity of what is said. For a politician to use religion as a tool to identify and get credibility with a certain group is nothing new.

The election coming will yield a whole new dynamic in the US Senate and House of Representatives. I hope whoever claims whatever religious affiliations remains steadfast and honorable to their convictions and lets see if they are considering doing Gods will above all else.

In a representative republic we are forced to elect people to vote on our behalf on measures that effect everything. The Founding Fathers of this country knew this instinctively along with great knowledge of human behaviour and psychologies. We need to have faith in our system and in God, as for our fellow man we must let the evidence of their actions speak louder than their words.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who is Electable anymore anyway?

Christene O'Donnell should take heart that Rangel could win in NY. If you are in agreement on positions a voter will overlook a less than pristine path to the office, And in some powerful Democrat circles out and out corruption is not a dealbreaker either. We have all seen what a spotless candidate represents, its a whitewash if you are a Democrat and just one misstep equals a forced step down if made by a Republican. How else could an Obama rise to the level he is at? Beltway Republicans had best realize that true Conservatism is the direction this country is finally heading after 60+ years of a failed experiment with Liberalism. O'Donnell and Angle and Paul will show the way.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 11

Synonymous with emergency, or a date of infamy, but its also two odd numbers, one a perfect square root the other prime right in sequence. It can also represent September 11 of any old year. People have birthdays, wedding anniversaries, football and soccer games on this day and just celebrate their lives. Life goes on. It could mean a little after 9 am and coffee break is almost over or any different number semantics. The point of this is that wherein the biggest story is to some all encompassing, there are so many isolated insignificant and even mundane side issues in any happenstance that ambiguity or disillusion are ever present altering perceptions. It takes universal perspective to be in 100% agreement on anything, and only God has that.

Take the Ground Zero Mosque and the Koran Burning in Florida and the 1st Amendment story. 2 wrongs dont make a right and where real rights are concerned we all have a right to free speech, except you yell fire in a crowded theater and thats a crime. So is bearing false witness. With rights come responsibilities and sensibilities. It makes no good point to offend other people. If Islam really is a religion of Peace why put a Mosque right where 3,000 people were murdered in the name of Islam. It would just make sense they can put it somewhere else. If a Pastor wants to burn the Koran he should think of all those who believe that is the word of God and do not subscribe to the radical Wahabbist brand of Islam. It is highly insulting to mock their faith like that. Let him set up a debate with Islamic Scholars and point out all the various contradictions and fallacies in that text. Makes more sense to me to do that, of course a small church like that cannot generate any notoriety and does not deserve the InterNational recognition they have received for this stunt. Thats the news Media hyping a story sure to inflame passions on both sides. 9 11 to them means 2001 is forever the definition and protests, counter protests, symbolism and remembrance all vie for our attention in their news cycle news reporting on that infamous anniversary.

The fact that our President and our top General out there fighting these Radical Religionists came out and said that this will cause our troops to be in danger seems so weak and its as if we have already surrendered to Islam. The fanatics on the Islamic street and their crazy, hell-bent tirades and protests and just their willingness to die for their ideology will always win out over our desire for everybody to like US and our standing up for freedom and our desire for a peaceful resolution. Asymmetry in every way, from our efforts to separate Church and state to their Caliphate. Its as if US being in the Middle East and fighting these terrorists isn't really fighting at all. If, after all, it just takes a wacked out Pastor in a dinky Florida Church to burn a Koran to put our soldiers in danger?!? Come on, we know that as long as we play tiddly winks with these Radical Theologists there really is no sense fighting them at all. Eventually they will win if we don't want to. We should have never gone to War if we were not prepared to utterly destroy our enemy. And Afghanistan as it is now composed is not worth a drop of American blood. So if we don't want our troops in danger, why are they there?
Its as simple as that. We really don't.

Maybe our speech is free, but we have to live with all the ramifications of it and the truth will be evident for all to see and what has been said can't be taken back. Whether it makes you seem weak, or mean, or upset, or indifferent, the impression never goes away.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Answer Your Own Question?

There was a poll taken and Americans were asked if Barack Obama is a Muslim. I think there is really no question at all that he is hiding who he really is. And not that there is anything really wrong with Obama being a Muslim, other than the fact he would be lying about what he believes to get elected where he otherwise would never have had a chance. And that we are at war with a radical strain of Islam that the religion as a whole cannot seem to separate itself from or show any need for reformation. No real Christian would ever say the things that Obama says about Islam and the "Holy" Koran, or espouse abortion, overtly cow tow to Muslim Nations and leaders, deny our national prayer day, endorse a Mosque at ground zero, embrace Black Liberation theology, say our Nation is not a Christian Nation, not set a good example by going to Church when you are such a high profile believer, endorse Marxism/ Socialism, say your fellow believers are clinging to religion and guns in such a condescending manner, set himself on the wrong side of the Israeli/Palestinian conundrum, claim that the Muslim call to prayer was one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth, be born a Muslim, etc. etc. And not that all people are not hypocritical either, nobody is perfect, yet we must stand for something. And standing for what we believe in is what we are called to do.

The writer for AP story linked above, Alan Fram, says it so assuredly that the poll respondents are~ incorrect. I wonder how he can be so certain when Islam teaches its adherents that they can lie or sin in just about any way to further their religious/ political belief system upon the infidel? I see little to no evidence that Obama is a Christian at all, other than his claim, which like everything else hidden in his past, seems to be only to further his political career.

There is little evidence that Obama loves his Country and I don't see him saying Jesus Christ is his Lord and Saviour, either. I believe many are right to question where his loyalty lies, only because he is contradicting himself. If he wanted to keep his faith to himself that would be one thing, but he has shown outright favoritism toward Islam over his professed true religion. It is right to discern who this is that we have leading US and to where is he leading?

War is on the horizon with Iran, or the balance of power in the middle east shifts with their acquiring of an Atomic Bomb. What is our President doing to avert that disaster? Appeasement will only ensure that the war is worse than we could ever imagine. And all Christians who believe their Bibles know that we must stand with Israel if we wish to continue to receive Gods blessings on our country. Bible prophecy predicts that the world will unite against Israel and I see Obama lining US up on the wrong side of this situation. If he really is a Christian and I can't say for sure he isn't since I don't know his heart, I am praying he makes evidence that he truly believes in the same God as Christians and Jews and does what is right. There really is no voting present on this issue and peace or war hang in the balance.

I know a lot of people say what does the Middle East and Israel really have to do with US and North America? Well if that whole situation there went as bad as possible and Israel was destroyed and took Iran with them and the whole middle east went bonkers we would still be standing here, yes. Europe would be in huge trouble since they are so dependent on that oil, probably China too. The whole world economy would suffer greatly and chaos like we have never dreamed would ensue. The status quo is hardly acceptable but if Iran gets the bomb and proliferation engulfs the middle east we will regret the day we turned this problem over to one Barack Hussein Obama. Granted former President Bush punted on the Iran problem too, but he swam against such a tide and time was not on his side. But he did set up the next President with all the necessary logistics to make the tough decisions a little easier. Obama's handling of the situation will be exactly what the radical Islamascists were hoping when he got elected. World dictators know they have a very weak global cop right now. The wheels are in motion now. So much is about to be plowed and many will pay with their lives.
And we will have change.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Tool and a Fool

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. What politicians promise and what we get are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum, which is usually what happens when we put our faith in fellow man. Sometimes the players get played, and eventually the Faustian bargainers become grist for the mill.

Like a relationship between a man and a woman, trust must be in the center point balancing everything out. If the relationship starts with lies or is predicated on deception how can it ever progress into unconditional love, respect or admiration? The same hold true in our relationships with the Government and everyday people with whom we interact, like anyone selling anything, health care professionals, automotive repair people , people who work in on and around our homes, even people who serve us food. A free society is a society based on trust or it will crumble. Like paying our taxes, receiving assistance in the form of unemployment or welfare, filing an insurance claim, on and on and on...
Liars and cheats will have all the room they need to operate and usually you can't know until you have been had.

Politicians have mastered the art of talking out both sides of their mouths. Our society is shown that example by the ruling class that honesty is a means to an end and truth is relevant only as far as what it takes to gain whichever objective is in the periscope. So is it any wonder that now there is no longer pride in furthering a trade, only pride in material things? Now an honest days work for an honest days pay is a fools errand. The things that last like friendships and monuments have become just signposts on the way, stepping stones and markers of where we once were. Now we see its more about what people can get from one another, we used to care about how we treated our fellow man. We used to want the value that we gave to be equal to that which we received. Saving a buck at anyones expense has become the American way.

My most heartfelt prayer will always be to let honesty rule the day and lets all learn to deal with the ramifications of that. I can handle the truth if its the whole truth, there's really no other option but acceptance. I believe the times we are in now are just a trial for what is to come, a chance to prove our mettle and rise above pettiness and worldliness. A chance to be true.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Yes Virginia, There is an Obama Clause

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution is under assault, and the way this one plays out is the harbinger to the upcoming Civil War. The problem with the Federal Usurpation of the States rights is that if a citizen disagrees with a ruling in any particular State they can pick up and move to a State that operates in a manner that is agreeable to the citizen. If the Federal Government takes over everything and dictates what we do and what we buy, what recourse have we? To move to a different country? That is totally un-American and antithetical to what it means to be an American citizen. Or is that what they are after with all these attempts to dilute our citizenship and our vote.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pushing Racism

When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States we were supposed to be beyond racial divisions in this country. Instead what we get is race first with sub groups pitted against one another, divisions are springing up everywhere in every possible context. There are just too many race baiters out there who make a good living keeping racial tensions high, and too many politicians that pretend to serve minorities. Obama has been unable to transcend the race albatross I believe because he is where he is because of affirmative action, because of race. Would the politician pictured above have been elected holding the same qualifications as BHO? I think not... in fact, I know not!

Take Shirley Sherrod's recent firing for instance. Also the imbroglio surrounding the journolist and all the race ill-advised missteps the current administration has taken, take the hue and cry of racism every time opposition is expressed to Obama's Democrat led push onward toward the socialist utopia. What I see in Obama now is not so much the empty suit but as policy armor by which being part Kenyan American shields his incompetence and shields his directive re making America into a European style socialist Democracy. I can understand black Americans wanting a black President and aligning with a great American who happened to be American of African descent. There is a long history of injustice and group malignment and also unity and brotherhood from shared experience. But the Keynesian Kenyan is a socialist/statist first, and his policies are not helping minorities at all. I do not quite understand why 98% of all Black Americans would not stand behind a conservative Black politician too, except for the fact that the media would be against such a candidate from the outset and would destroy such a politician and would not be branded racist for doing so. Sooner or later the conservatives will put up a woman or an AfricanAmerican and then we shall see the the double standard flying high.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meg Whitman's Bait and Switch

How does this always happen in California? We always get a politician who will tell us what we want to hear up to the point where we can't do anything about it anymore. We got Arnold and what a joke he turned out to be. Meg Whitman looks to have revealed her true nature a little too soon, and now we actually have a chance to make our voices heard before she can be elected. Of course, even the worst Meg Whitman will be better than anything Jerry Brown can do to us. It is just so disheartening when all the tough talk gets the Pol on the big stage and then, what happens here? Are those special interests so powerful that they threaten lives? Threaten careers and reputations? What makes someone abandon all reason and begin spouting the lies of the left? The answer to the questions asked would shine a bright light on a corrupt state that has to rival Chicago and DC as the most corrupt place in the not for long United States of America.

To always dredge up the ghost of prop 187 and sell it as an affront to people who use their brains denies the truth that 187 was very popular with the voters and thrown out by a judge. Is that another quality we can look to from Meg Whitman? Something Arnold illustrated completely? Not fighting for your cause especially if its right?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Letter I wrote to my Senator today

Dear Senator Feinstein

While I am sure that I am not considered by you as a constituent who will vote for you or the Democrat Party in this coming election or any other in the near future I would like to give you the perspective of somebody who has to live under the rules you help create.

I am an independent who left the Republican Party for their lack of honesty and integrity. I vote my conscience which is always Conservative. I believe in God (Christian) and I believe we are held as a Nation to a certain standard. So I vote accordingly.

The topic of illegal Immigration is near and dear to my heart, because I am in direct competition with them for my livelihood on a daily basis. I am a construction contractor in CA and have been for 5 1/2 years now. I have never had an employee and do all work myself or in partnerships with other contractors. We see the deterioration of our ability to get a living wage on a daily basis competing with unscrupulous contractors who hire illegals and pay substandard and below the ability for a person to pay all bills required by our society. Some homeowners hire the illegal aliens directly as I am certain you all are aware of at any Home Depot parking lot there are dozens who try to work for cash and solicit to the patrons right there in the parking lot. I am certain no taxes workers comp or insurances are paid on these deals and I am certain that most all those laborers are Illegal Immigrants.

My question is why would my Government, that taxes me to where I can barely afford any upward mobility, prefer an Illegal alien to a 5th generation Californian with ancestors who fought and died in Wars to protect our great country? It makes no sense and I regretted President Bush for doing this and every President before him all the way to Reagan whose amnesty program was supposed to be the last.

I have a few suggestions that if you are going to grant amnesty, and I think that is selling out all present and any future citizen that has followed the law. First, the generation that broke the Law to get here is never allowed to vote, or at least must wait 10 years so they know what is really going on within their new country. Second the border gets closed and we train our soldiers who go to other countries to fight by securing the deserts and wastelands and the ways we are being invaded. I have crossed the Northern border legally and it is not so easy. It is the Southern Border that is porous, and really a joke. No services should be afforded for these lawbreakers either. If they think our Country is so grand and they can become Americans do it by the sweat of their brow, just like I had to do. My Government has never helped me to achieve any level of success, and now I am being driven backwards right back to poverty. Last, why not use all the criteria that past Immigrants had to follow? Like being sponsored or self sufficient, have a job first, know the Language (English) and pass a test on our History and Laws. Is it too much to ask that if I am being sold out that I at least get someone who will play by the same rules as are expected of me and were of my forefathers?

I attest that if our elected representatives or their staffers who are reading these letters had to compete with and have their standard of living degraded by the presence of illegal aliens we would not be talking amnesty or comprehensive immigration reform. We would instead be talking about how really secure our borders and our ability to feed our families really was. It is that double standard that drives me to write this letter to you, causes me to grieve for my Country, and causes me to despair. For I realize everything weighing in the scales and the insulated and the ones who benefit from our ridiculous broken system are the ones who can change it and that is why they resist fixing the problem. I have the power of my vote and I eagerly await the chance to exercise it.

Come November the politicians will know just how bad they have disgraced themselves and will see what was created in this leaderless vacuum.

Thank you for reading this, if you do...

J___ T_____
Taxpaying citizen of the US and the State of California

UpDate July 22, 2010

Senator Feinstein actually does respond and while this is so generic it would probably answer any letter on any topic at least they received my plea and just may think about it...

Oops somehow I lost the email reply the Senators office sent me back :(

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy BirthDay America

We are 234 today as a Nation. We have seen some trying times in the glorious past. The last 2-3 years have been difficult for sure, but the only fundamental transformation we need is back to our founding principles. The spirit that forged this Nation by breaking away from the Empire is the same Spirit that will save US now. Time to get back to the basics and remember why Freedom is held dear. May we look back in another 234 years and be thankful for these days. We have been shown a path that will lead to our demise and we know the way we must go to get right. Now is not the time to experiment but the time to chart the course to better days.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

America Deserves Better

We get the Government we deserve is the most accurate phrase I hear today. And, I believe it too. At some point in the course of our History we have forgotten the principles set forth with the founding of this Great Nation. I feel almost all politicians have become self ingratiating, and power hungry before they honor their pledge to defend and uphold the Constitution. Politicians of both parties here in America, and I also believe most politicians around the world are in the same mind frame. Cowards and full of greed first and foremost. Some have personality disorders that make them susceptible to worship and fawning, and continue to inflate their over sized egos. I pray that somehow the people voting and those getting the votes reacquaint themselves with how honorable their positions are and how first and foremost doing Gods will toward their fellow man is supposed to be at the top of their priority list. We don't need Government to do everything for US, we don't need a fish today, we need the Government to get out of our way so we can fish for the rest of our lives. Honoring the rule of Law should be the bedrock we build off of.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Truth Wins Out

In the end the truth always wins out. Many people, here and in other Countries have been beguiled by the hype and the desire to rewrite history. Yes, we have come to this place by the many mis-steps of past decisions and petitions, abandonment of God, greed by so many and blind trust in our corrupt system. Yet there is a way to to extricate ourselves and the free world from the vice grip of tyranny and oppression. It comes in small steps and big steps ~ first we must remove the scales from our eyes and see clearly who is calling the shots. It is way too easy to take at face value a big smile and platitudes of unity. It is altogether another to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. America and the western world have been shnookered by a would be Manchurian, like it or not, believe it or not...

If we don't learn from History we are doomed to repeat it.
And out of every possible pit there is a ladder.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opposite Day

Every New Day in America we are treated with a new excuse and a reason for the failure of our Government. Systems failing, all over the world, the Western Way of cradle to Grave liberalism has brought our advancements to its knees. Only a matter of time now and the catalyst elected to usher in the big change will have completed the task of paving the way for the One World Government. 2012 is a stones throw away now, and look how the old way is crumbling beneath the feet of Big Governments' all around the world. Maybe the Mayans were on to something. Maybe we had it wrong, change is coming.
But what change??!!??

Warning to the World, if Obama cannot even get any legislation passed in the US Govt., with controlling majorities in both houses of Congress, how will he do as President of the World? It's the anti- Midas Touch!

Whats down is up and whats up is down anymore. We are practically being enticed into a mob mentality under our regime. For a President with the allure of unity all I see is the division of America along every possible line. Race , class, gender, geography, any difference is exploited to advance agenda politics. Its not America first anymore, its President, then party, then politicians then constituents, then who can be added in to that amalgamation, and lastly everybody else who does not agree with their version of moving forward. America has never been as divided as we are right now. I know the Democrats feel that Bush was against them, but they should honestly look at the record and the facts. Bush advanced the country as a whole as his first consideration. The things they disagree with him on ( like Iraq, like deficit spending, like bigger Government) they originally were for.

If Obama and the Democrat Party thinks this country can live without oil then I would love to watch them try. The obvious intelligent way to separate ourselves from our complete dependence on this natural resource is to create the new energy source first and begin the transition step by step. But abasing yourself and then saying look how horrible it is is a childish manipulative way to dramatize the down side of anything.

Seems like thats what we get with our immigration policy and our financial woes, the job market also seems to be illustrative not of a solution, but an exacerbation to reach a fulcrum point where we grasp at the strawmen our leaders present to US. Its not leading, this method that the Democrats have determined is the path they will take to lead US into their Utopia trap.

Friday, June 11, 2010

NEVER Let a Crisis Go to Waste

The oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is an un believable illustration of the arrogance, incompetence and Impotence of the Obama Administration and the way they wield the full power of the American Government.

Right from the get go on this disaster I was very suspicious. Just a few weeks after Obama increased off shore drilling and exploration there was an explosion and fire on the deep sea oil drilling platform. My first inclination was sabotage from Greenpeace or some activist group like that. Getting even with the greedy capitalists for drilling in the Gulf. Actually this rig was in the process of shutting down.

The initial sluggish Govt. response caused me to ponder other possible scenarios. Could it be a terrorist attack? We all know DHS will not rush to judgement on 'man made disasters'. Not to be outdone by the truthers I even contemplated a Government conspiracy to dove tail with the cap and tax energy industry legislation making its way through the Senate. I just cannot fathom our Government murdering our own citizens for political gain, so I chucked that theory. I have come to terms that this is just either an act of gross negligence and foolhardy luck pushing or just a freak accident of nature with ominous timing.

So much for the accident itself, it's done and now we must move on and contain the spill and clean up the mess. No one is asking Obama to suck it up with a straw, or wave a magic wand and make it all go away. And I am continually amazed at why he thinks he has to remind people he is the President, yet with less than super hero powers. I guess all the hype that got him into office caused a lot of people to expect more out of him? I personally never expected much out of him, and I would have been pleasantly surprised had he been a decent executive. But he is only one year older than me and seems about as ready to lead a Nation as I am. If the best he can do is get the Government out of the way then he should be doing that. Cut the red tape environmental protection and let Louisiana build the berms. Co ordinate so BP can get the booms from Maine. Start putting all the unemployed people to work helping clean up the mess. Enlist the help of other Nations who are offering, especially with the reset diplomacy we now enjoy. There is so much that this Government can do. I liked Maureen Dowds assessment, instead of "yes we can" Obamas slogan should be "will we ever"? When even the liberals dump on the One you know he's lost his luster.

I am now convinced that the oil is still flowing freely into the gulf because the Obama Administration wants to use this crisis to discredit oil drilling and the oil industry altogether. Maybe they worked it out with BP that they will put the moratorium on all drilling but BP can get all this oil to market and when the relief wells are in place who will be getting that oil? Meanwhile all other drilling will be stopped even in Alaska! Except of course China over by Cuba along with Russia, Venezuela, and Mexico right there in the gulf.

Shutting down these rigs also appears to be the more dangerous aspect of running them so if we shut them all down, then what? Invitation for more trouble? If this crisis is being managed for political gain it will be one of the most heinous acts of treason our country has ever seen.

There are plenty of questions, we need to get some answers. Not so we can sue somebody or kick someones @ss, but because we are not yet off oil and we need it. We will never be completely off oil, and it is a natural resource after all. This is just an unnatural way to deal with any problem.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Father Of Lies

Socialism represents the opposite of the traditional values that Christian (Western) Nations espoused as they ascended to the high place they now hold on the graph of civilizations.

Capitalism and free markets, defined borders and reality ensure competition that is fair and beneficial to all who honestly engage. The rules being the same for all who play, the giving in line with the taking, the Government only being a referee and an upholder of the system and rules. Why can't we all see that this is what it takes to engender prosperity and real freedom. For is not our time our most precious commodity? And what takes most of our time? Regulations, red tape, taxes, unfair competition and servicing bureaucracy.

Our leaders in Washington right now are turning US into a force that once (6-6-44) lived and died for an ideal, but will now fanagle and sue our way to an equality that is only guaranteed to lower all down to the lowest common denominator. We used to build things, do things, solve problems, and overcome all obstacles. Now we find a million reasons to fail. Now we are so progressive the only direction we feel is safe is backwards. We need to begin to feel we control our own fate, lets start by choosing Political leaders who can lead with a vision, not react when their dream is shattered by reality.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Shut uP AND sING

Last year I went to a music festival in the Coachella Valley. The night we went Paul McCartney headlined and was really awesome as a musician. The show was great, and the night was beautiful. Almost perfect except for my friend being unable to attend. But Paul McCartney after lionizing Linda and her love of the desert and his emotional tribute to her, it was her birthday after all, went a little too far for me and I am sure a decent percentage of people just there to see him sing his songs. On the big screen there was an image of a flock of birds and they turned(morphed) into an image of Barack Obama. Personally I was horrified. I never knew Paul McCartney to be a political hack. I didn't even want to know what his feelings were about American politics. He went on and on about this great man, and I almost wanted to throw up right there. It could have just been the inconsiderate guy smoking right beside me who was holding his cigarette like an incense stick, IDK, but I had to leave my really good position near the stage anyway. At the time Obama had done little to improve the economy or race relations or really anything in this country. I knew McCartney had to be a hopey changey zealot of some sort and I lost so much respect for him right then and there. As we walked to the parking lot after the show I wondered aloud to Tony what could McCartney see in Obama and why on earth would he make a big deal of it at a concert? Tony shot me a look like quiet down, this place is crawling with liberal, dreamy, dope smoking, intolerant types. I just didn't get it, and that one thing Sir Paul did lost me as his fan forever. He can go on and on on his own about how much he loves the possibility of Obama uniting the world, but it was supposed to be a fun time, not a political rally.

Fast forward to earlier this week, and McCartney getting his award at the Whitehouse. Barry probably just invited him there to sing Michelle to Michelle, jk. Well, I have no problem with those two getting along and loving each other and supporting one another, its a free world. But McCartney went on and disrespected former President Bush right there in the White House in front of Obama. Now Obama is a smart guy, smart enough to get elected to President anyway. But he has never shown any scholarly papers, college transcripts, or, for that matter, even a birth certificate. Heck , take Obama off his teleprompter and he is a stuttering stammering gaff prone pedestrian intellect. Bush got an MBA in Harvard Business School, is married to a Librarian, and also has a BA in History at Yale. Where does McCartney get off making such a rude comment that Bush doesn't even know what a Library is? And why would McCartney jump in and give Obama all this credit for being so smart? Something doesn't add up here, I guess the international leftists must all stick together. McCartney didn't go to college what makes him think he's all that smart himself? They are all true believers and here in America the bloom is off the rose, but I guess the international leftist community still needs America down a couple pegs more, and Obama is just the guy to do it. Its all so pathetic. I wish musicians would learn to keep their politics to themselves because all of their listeners do not necessarily agree with their world view. You would think they would want to keep all their fans, and not alienate about half of them.

I have nothing against anybody expressing their viewpoints or ideas or anything they see about any political figure or philosophy. However when I am a paying customer I pay for the music not the politics. And so said musicians should not be surprised when their condescension shatters their image as just a minstrel. Putting their own reputation on the block. Credibility is a terrible thing to waste.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We Are in for a Heck Of A Ride

With hope and change comes expectation and illumination. Nearly a year and a half into Barack Obamas Presidency we are seeing more and more evidence that putting faith in a man only leads to disillusionment and in the end, despair. Obama rose to power by promising he was the answer to everything that had ever gone wrong from Reagan to Bush. What we see here is a community organizer not a leader. Even his reactions seem unAmerican and hesitant and primarily self serving. He and his party come before the country as a whole,
divided we will not stand.
Said better, so far, than anything else I have read to sum up the mess we are in.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Should Have Gone to Arlington

I just learned to post video, so please forgive the semi un related videos here, just a couple that caught my attention.

Dad says smoking toddler is 'addicted' and Smokes 40 Cigarettes Per Day!

In Memory Of...


A leader in the world, honorable to friends and lethal to foes. Now we have a sense of futility about all that we encounter. Iran will have nukes, the well in the gulf may spew oil until August, joblessness will stay around 10% indefinitely, the southern border will not be secured, the economic malaise will track home values which will stay suppressed by foreclosures and defaults, political ads will misrepresent opponents, crises will be used to bludgeon freedom lovers across this land, we won't try to end wars by winning them, etc etc. etc.

This Memorial Day I want to honor and remember all those who risked their lives to further the greatness of this country, and most especially those who lost their lives defending and promoting freedom around the world. We are a great country because we try and uphold the rule of Law and Liberty among our fellow human beings anywhere in the world, We Know we were endowed by our creator certain inalienable rights, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
So help US God.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Obamas Face ~ Book...

The writing is on the wall. How much longer can Team O defy the will of the people? I would say November will be the termination of this kleptocrat end run around the wishes of our country.

If they can't see this and continue to try and cram junk down our throats we will know how bad we have been had. American people want border security, if the federal government is to do anything at all it should be to do stuff like help coordinate a massive oil spill clean up effort. We don't need or want Nanny O. Our peripheries are biting and and poking while we dither on how to be more like Europe, who just happens to be imploding right before our blind eyes.

Our enemies are gathering outside our gates and our emperor thinks he is Ken in a Barbie movie. Iran will be allowed to destabilize the middle east, and is already working underneath US alongside Russia and China with the help of Hugo Chavez. By the time we awaken I pray we are not in such a mess we live in muck for years like the gulf coast has been designated.

With every crisis an opportunity not to be lost, we are being tied up like Gulliver. The lilliputians of Big Government almost have us immobilized. Can't get our own resources, can't go to space, can't secure our border, can't put down a dinky gnat of a country who is trying to find a way to kill US, can't control our own greed, can't let our markets take their lumps, can't discipline our kids, can't just win a war we involve ourselves in, but we can elect a boondoggle, yes we can!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Really Good Quotes I Heard Yesterday

Trying to remember these verbatim is wishful thinking on my part. I will post them here and maybe then I will commit them to long term memory.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.
Henry Ford

What you are will show in what you do.
Thomas A. Edison

You can't blame gravity for falling in love.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.
Einstein gets 3 quotes because I respect his genius so much.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One For Him and One for Me

An old Bible of mine was sitting there and I decided to just open it up and gain whatever wisdom it would yield for my daily edification. Well, it opened right up to a section that had been torn out ) :

On the one side I was in was Psalms and what I read I wish I could ask our President to read and if he really is a Christian to base what he thinks is best for our country upon and obey himself. On the other side was Isaiah (it was a rather large swath of pages torn asunder) and I saw a passage for me, my friends, and actually for everybody in this world.

First: Psalm 119 Samech

SAMECH. I hate [vain] thoughts: but thy law do I love.

119:114 Thou [art] my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.

119:115 Depart from me, ye evildoers: for I will keep the commandments of my God.

119:116 Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope.

119:117 Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe: and I will have respect unto thy statutes continually.

119:118 Thou hast trodden down all them that err from thy statutes: for their deceit [is] falsehood.

119:119 Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth [like] dross: therefore I love thy testimonies.

119:120 My flesh trembleth for fear of thee; and I am afraid of thy judgments.

And then for me and my friends and everyone else in the world:
Isaiah 40:31

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.