Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Faith The Nation

With all the campaigning going on out there it figures that the President will want to get out of Washington and into the friendly confines of a good campaign rally somewhere where he can control the environment and the questions that his teleprompter will answer.

To question the faith of any man is not really fair, it is God's providence to judge US and correct us. But when a man stands up and professes a certain Faith those of US who also believe must surely assess the truth and veracity of what is said. For a politician to use religion as a tool to identify and get credibility with a certain group is nothing new.

The election coming will yield a whole new dynamic in the US Senate and House of Representatives. I hope whoever claims whatever religious affiliations remains steadfast and honorable to their convictions and lets see if they are considering doing Gods will above all else.

In a representative republic we are forced to elect people to vote on our behalf on measures that effect everything. The Founding Fathers of this country knew this instinctively along with great knowledge of human behaviour and psychologies. We need to have faith in our system and in God, as for our fellow man we must let the evidence of their actions speak louder than their words.

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