Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 11

Synonymous with emergency, or a date of infamy, but its also two odd numbers, one a perfect square root the other prime right in sequence. It can also represent September 11 of any old year. People have birthdays, wedding anniversaries, football and soccer games on this day and just celebrate their lives. Life goes on. It could mean a little after 9 am and coffee break is almost over or any different number semantics. The point of this is that wherein the biggest story is to some all encompassing, there are so many isolated insignificant and even mundane side issues in any happenstance that ambiguity or disillusion are ever present altering perceptions. It takes universal perspective to be in 100% agreement on anything, and only God has that.

Take the Ground Zero Mosque and the Koran Burning in Florida and the 1st Amendment story. 2 wrongs dont make a right and where real rights are concerned we all have a right to free speech, except you yell fire in a crowded theater and thats a crime. So is bearing false witness. With rights come responsibilities and sensibilities. It makes no good point to offend other people. If Islam really is a religion of Peace why put a Mosque right where 3,000 people were murdered in the name of Islam. It would just make sense they can put it somewhere else. If a Pastor wants to burn the Koran he should think of all those who believe that is the word of God and do not subscribe to the radical Wahabbist brand of Islam. It is highly insulting to mock their faith like that. Let him set up a debate with Islamic Scholars and point out all the various contradictions and fallacies in that text. Makes more sense to me to do that, of course a small church like that cannot generate any notoriety and does not deserve the InterNational recognition they have received for this stunt. Thats the news Media hyping a story sure to inflame passions on both sides. 9 11 to them means 2001 is forever the definition and protests, counter protests, symbolism and remembrance all vie for our attention in their news cycle news reporting on that infamous anniversary.

The fact that our President and our top General out there fighting these Radical Religionists came out and said that this will cause our troops to be in danger seems so weak and its as if we have already surrendered to Islam. The fanatics on the Islamic street and their crazy, hell-bent tirades and protests and just their willingness to die for their ideology will always win out over our desire for everybody to like US and our standing up for freedom and our desire for a peaceful resolution. Asymmetry in every way, from our efforts to separate Church and state to their Caliphate. Its as if US being in the Middle East and fighting these terrorists isn't really fighting at all. If, after all, it just takes a wacked out Pastor in a dinky Florida Church to burn a Koran to put our soldiers in danger?!? Come on, we know that as long as we play tiddly winks with these Radical Theologists there really is no sense fighting them at all. Eventually they will win if we don't want to. We should have never gone to War if we were not prepared to utterly destroy our enemy. And Afghanistan as it is now composed is not worth a drop of American blood. So if we don't want our troops in danger, why are they there?
Its as simple as that. We really don't.

Maybe our speech is free, but we have to live with all the ramifications of it and the truth will be evident for all to see and what has been said can't be taken back. Whether it makes you seem weak, or mean, or upset, or indifferent, the impression never goes away.

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