Friday, December 24, 2010


Monday, December 20, 2010


The START treaty needs to be stopped, or at least slowed. I heard today that Russia wants no amendments to this treaty signed already by POTUS Obama but needing to be ratified by congress. I can only ask why our President is in this headlong rush to get this deal inked and permanent before the new more balanced congress convenes at the beginning of the new year. The last election had consequences and the Dems seem to want to complete their banishment with a flurry of last minute legislation aimed at weakening our countries national defense and our economic viability. Two legs
of the stool our whole house of cards is stacked upon right now. I continually wonder why moves are being made that make US weaker. In this time that just begs for national unity what is there to possibly be gained by these fantasies of the leftists being turned to reality?

And on a similar note the state of California going it alone on their own cap and trade scheme really is impossible to rectify with common sense that says in times of crisis just do no more harm. We are slitting our wrists even as we have already lost almost all our lifeblood to cerebral hemorrhage. And now Schwarzzy is cozying up to Obama for a Climate Change gig now that he helped bankrupt this once great state. It's really too much to swallow, I can only ask,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain Rain

After about 4 straight drier than normal years of winter rainfall here last winter was a welcome return
to normalcy. We started this wet season off with some rain and it seemed like we would be in good shape again to have a normal winter rainfall accumulation. Since I don't have a TV I am not barraged with running totals on the weather report on which percentage of normal we are at and how much snow is in the Sierra and all that. But I can say in my semi expert opinion, I have found that construction workers, and probably farmers, are better weather forecasters than what gets trotted out on the local TV stations. And this seems like a year for potential flooding. I guess with the value of water in this state we should be very thankful, and I am also thankful to have 1 job under cover and one ready for a finish coat and curing beautifully as I sit here dry and typing.
The global warming (now climate change) hysteria and myth must sooner or later be put to rest and we can all just say that the weather is so much bigger and more complex than any of us can realize. The Earth moves in and out of Ice ages and the sun has calm and active periods and we are along to witness the different phases and hang on to weather any storm. We self inflict many troubles upon ourselves as Nations and individuals but one thing I am most certain is that weather is not something we have any control over whether we want to admit it or not.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big Game Mania

The San Francisco 49ers have had one heck of a disappointing season so far. In the preseason they were looked at as a team that could not miss the playoffs for the 10th straight season or however long it has been. They rolled through San Diego, Minnesota, Indianapolis, and the Raiders and looked like they were going somewhere they haven't been in recent memory, the playoffs. Then came the ugliness of the regular season and ineptitude and just really bad football, really hard to watch football. 0-5 right out of the gate, oof. but then a little fighting and some professional soul searching and they righted their ship, somewhat. Every big game this year they have had a chance to step up thy have stepped back. After being 1-6 and alternating victories with losses to the point they are 5-8 it is really a miracle they still have a shot at the division at all. Once again this weak division will be represented by a team right around .500, and this year possibly 7-9. If the 49ers make it to the playoffs they will most likely be 8-8 and on a nice little end of the season roll, something we used to take for granted from this team was a very strong December run into the playoffs and a team that once in the playoffs had a great chance to go all the way. Of course those days are long gone now and we don't expect much from this team anymore. But the SF Giants caught some magic and just maybe the Niners can too. They will have to be playing great right when they need to be this year, and as much as I would like to jump on the bandwagon it seems every time I get into the hype the last few years the team comes out flat and disappoints again. I will be watching Thursday evening and throwing a grain of salt over my shoulder.
Heres to hoping they can play their best game of the year against a tough team, ironically the very city team (San Diego) the SF Giants had to get past in their improbable run to the MLB championship. Lots of interesting angles here and at least for one more week we have a football team to cheer for playing a meaningful game in December,
always so much fun.

UpDate January 17 2010

Last nights game really made me realize how much a waste of time it is being emotionally involved in pro sports. The "professional" athletes go home the next day or into their offseason still multi-millionaires and the fans get to dream of the what-ifs and next year and all that garbage. What I witnessed last night was embarrassing and pathetic. In the biggest game of the year the 49ers went for a running play on 4th and inches at the goal line(whatever happened to the quarterback sneak!) they had a kick return(opening the second half) for a TD called back for a penalty, then after a 3 and out and a punt they drop a sure game changing interception, I mean with so many squandered opportunities you would think you were watching Obama and the Democrat controlled congress here. I give up, and if the League does do a strike and kill themselves off like that count me as one who could not care less. What a waste of time and effort it is to invest in these big babies.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Merry Christmas Jerry Brown

Politicians want the job so bad they would do anything to get it. Beg for money, align themselves with groups who may not be entirely on the same page with them, compromise their core principles, and basically tell everybody what they want to hear, and promise the moon. Well Edmund G. Brown Jr. got the gig, just like Barack H. Obama. It is now coming out in public, as if there was still someone out there who didn't know it that we are in a fiscal crisis. California is once again leading the Nation, only this time it is toward an insolvent, debt laden, welfare state. How long can we figure it will take the new Governor Brown to say this problem is so much worse than anyone realized and now more drastic measures are needed to remedy the situation? The excuses for being unable to tackle the problem are being teed up for Brown just like apologists for Obama have somehow forgotten that he said he could fix the problems, he was on top of it and knew what to do. That is why he got elected and then we come to find the trouble is above his pay grade, he really doesn't have a clue how to solve the mess we are in. All the evidence we the people need that talk is especially cheap in the wonderful world of Politics. 
And we are paying them to shape the world we will have to live in.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wonder if...

 ➬  Assange could use his remarkable skills in information gathering to find birth certificates and college transcripts?

 ➬  After the Stuxnet worm tripped up Tehrans quest for nukes this battlefield can stay in cyberspace.