Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Merry Christmas Jerry Brown

Politicians want the job so bad they would do anything to get it. Beg for money, align themselves with groups who may not be entirely on the same page with them, compromise their core principles, and basically tell everybody what they want to hear, and promise the moon. Well Edmund G. Brown Jr. got the gig, just like Barack H. Obama. It is now coming out in public, as if there was still someone out there who didn't know it that we are in a fiscal crisis. California is once again leading the Nation, only this time it is toward an insolvent, debt laden, welfare state. How long can we figure it will take the new Governor Brown to say this problem is so much worse than anyone realized and now more drastic measures are needed to remedy the situation? The excuses for being unable to tackle the problem are being teed up for Brown just like apologists for Obama have somehow forgotten that he said he could fix the problems, he was on top of it and knew what to do. That is why he got elected and then we come to find the trouble is above his pay grade, he really doesn't have a clue how to solve the mess we are in. All the evidence we the people need that talk is especially cheap in the wonderful world of Politics. 
And we are paying them to shape the world we will have to live in.

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