Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain Rain

After about 4 straight drier than normal years of winter rainfall here last winter was a welcome return
to normalcy. We started this wet season off with some rain and it seemed like we would be in good shape again to have a normal winter rainfall accumulation. Since I don't have a TV I am not barraged with running totals on the weather report on which percentage of normal we are at and how much snow is in the Sierra and all that. But I can say in my semi expert opinion, I have found that construction workers, and probably farmers, are better weather forecasters than what gets trotted out on the local TV stations. And this seems like a year for potential flooding. I guess with the value of water in this state we should be very thankful, and I am also thankful to have 1 job under cover and one ready for a finish coat and curing beautifully as I sit here dry and typing.
The global warming (now climate change) hysteria and myth must sooner or later be put to rest and we can all just say that the weather is so much bigger and more complex than any of us can realize. The Earth moves in and out of Ice ages and the sun has calm and active periods and we are along to witness the different phases and hang on to weather any storm. We self inflict many troubles upon ourselves as Nations and individuals but one thing I am most certain is that weather is not something we have any control over whether we want to admit it or not.

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