Monday, December 20, 2010


The START treaty needs to be stopped, or at least slowed. I heard today that Russia wants no amendments to this treaty signed already by POTUS Obama but needing to be ratified by congress. I can only ask why our President is in this headlong rush to get this deal inked and permanent before the new more balanced congress convenes at the beginning of the new year. The last election had consequences and the Dems seem to want to complete their banishment with a flurry of last minute legislation aimed at weakening our countries national defense and our economic viability. Two legs
of the stool our whole house of cards is stacked upon right now. I continually wonder why moves are being made that make US weaker. In this time that just begs for national unity what is there to possibly be gained by these fantasies of the leftists being turned to reality?

And on a similar note the state of California going it alone on their own cap and trade scheme really is impossible to rectify with common sense that says in times of crisis just do no more harm. We are slitting our wrists even as we have already lost almost all our lifeblood to cerebral hemorrhage. And now Schwarzzy is cozying up to Obama for a Climate Change gig now that he helped bankrupt this once great state. It's really too much to swallow, I can only ask,

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