Friday, December 28, 2007

Waiting for any Reason to Fall Apart

The Middle East situation has only one direction it can travel, and that is the way of gravity. It seems like most of the Islamic nations are just hanging around and waiting to vent their rage with whatever opportunity presents itself. I watch the events unfold(for years now) and sense a spirit of Darkness manipulating people, people with genuine passion. These people are willing to die for a better life for their people, leaders and countrymen, alike. But others are just as willing to die to control the masses and dominate all lives. The evil spirits that goad soft minds to murder are way more powerful than we in the decadent, spiritually diluted West can begin to appreciate and marshal our forces to combat. There is no doubt in my mind this is a Spiritual War, and we are woefully unprepared to stand and defeat this menace.
I guess it's the Lord's Providence to defeat His enemy, and ours to help in any small way.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas And Joy to the world.

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy New Year! We have survived another year on this dirt clod called planet Earth. Praise be to God for keeping US safe and sound. May the New Year bring all creatures great and small the chance to fufill their destiny's.
We're dreaming of a White Christmas, but it will probably be green. But some with a White Christmas would like it greener. The people who have died because of the recent cold storms would probably have liked some Global Warming right about now.

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless everyone alive right now! God Bless our Country and all who love the Lord Jesus in the world. Remember why we celebrate this day. 2,000 years ago the blessed event that we are celebrating to this day happened in a manger in Bethlehem. Our Saviour came into the world so we could have life!
Peace and freedom have always come with a price.
Thank you Jesus for interceding.

Monday, December 17, 2007

'Tis the Season, or Reasons for Giving

Christmas always brings an emotional avalanche upon me. Ever since I was responsible for giving one gift there has been an element of stress involved. My adult life has mainly been in the field of construction and outdoor work. So this time of year has always been stressful all by itself. There is more to the Christmas season than the obligation to give to loved ones, there is the connection element to show we are thinking beyond ourselves for a moment. I get so caught up in making ends meet, I miss an entire facet of being. Christmas is about praising the Lord and using this blessing to share the good news that we will be delivered from the grind and necessity to focus within our narrow fields of vision. The bigger picture is right there, if only I could take a little time to look around. How much more is there to see? I think ... There is a whole universe out there!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When You Want to Believe Something So Bad

We can all breathe a great sigh of relief. Iran never had any bad intentions, not toward US or toward Israel. According to National Intelligence Estimates the Iranian Regime has not been working on Nuclear weaponry since 2003. Cascading uranium was only for "electricity". Hillary, Barack and Joe knew that all along. What putzes we are to believe the NIE at all the wrong times and deny their credibility when they make an outlandish assessment about the Islamic Republic of Iran. Setting the record straight thusly will confirm to the world we mean what we say? "Iran is 10 years away from making a nuclear bomb", I wonder if they would bet their life, their families lives, and everyone in a major American city's lives that they are certain this is true?

So let's get this straight, we can believe the Intelligence when it makes US look bad, but when it's there to possibly prevent catastrophy we should doubt and recheck and play politics with the results, if there happened to be an error? Since when is intelligence an exact science? There has never been a time when we got it wrong? Or just came by more facts and improved and filled in the grey areas? We got where we are in time now with mistakes and miscalculations made, but through the rearview mirror everything looks better.

This is all getting so ridiculous, it seems to me we are being set up to let our guard down and then, wham! How is Russia, China , Venezuela, Syria, No. Korea and The loose bunch of Islamo-Fascists around the globe supposed to view US? Are we so afraid to be wrong we cannot act at all. I am hearing about Bush's rush to war with Iran, but if there was a rush to war they would already be subdued. This is how things get done, put the pressure on and make sure you got it right. We can't afford to wait until Israel is vaporized under a mushroom cloud. Or Paris or New York or London. Proactivity means moving forward, like a shark, in order to survive. Senator Joe Biden illustrates beautifully why we cannot elect a defeatocrat in a time of war.

Don't think we are in a War? Just look at what these countries are doing out there on the sidelines.





North Korea


So there we have it, a country that wants peace, peace at any price. Can we afford not to be prepared for whatever these countries that hate US may do?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

World NewsWatch December 2, 2007 A.D.

So you don't think that creeping Socialism could be a problem? Just look at our neighbor in the Southern Hemisphere, Venezuela and Hugo Chavez are showing the world just how quickly a country can turn into a belligerent Dictatorship. With Putin in Russia making similar moves the world should be wary of Socialism/Communism/ Environmentalism. We do know where we go from here.

Beware of this unholy alliance!

This goes to tell you what we are up against in regards to a political/religous movement whose adherents are completely based in overcompensating for the lies they have chosen to believe.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Have A Choice!

The differences between the 2 parties Americans have to choose a President from will be clearly represented by whichever nominee's makes it to the election day extravaganza in 2008. On the left side we will have the non-debaters picking and choosing which network will ask them powderpuff questions. On the right side we will see the stubborn, bumbling masochists begging for a fair shake. The difficulty lies in finding a candidate that gets the opportunity to get their message out unfiltered and free of handlers/detractors fingerprints. A message and a vision we can believe will be honestly presented, implemented, and defended. Please don't tell US what we want to hear. Tell US what we must do to keep our Nation strong and secure. This election for President should give US a real choice... What do we want as a Country,?? Someone telling US we need Government intervention to help to acheive the American Dream? Or a government apparatus that gets out of the way, and lets our limitless creativity grow and improve US toward a more perfect union.
Do we want more of the Clintons? Like the mainstream media would make US believe? Do we need to prove we are not racists by electing Barack Obama? Would we want Rudy there to help US through the inevitable attack? Can Mitt prove there really is seperation between church and state? We shall see.
The Democrat candidiates cannot even cross a picket line to debate, won't go to Fox, a network hardly the pure Conservative Bastion liberals claim it is. The Republicans agree to let the opposition run them around and resemble the cowardly Democrats in their bum-rush toward centrism. All in all it will make for some wonderful political theater, exactly the game the media conglomerates would have US pay to view.
CNN and you tube should be ashamed of their blatant manipulation of questions they put out as spontaneous and un edited by greasy fingered Ted Turner employees or far left google leftists.That is the one problem I have with most liberals, they are afraid to come right out and uncloak their liberalism. They know thats a loser. Conservatives are never ashamed of being conservatives, thats why all the lies are attached to conservatives. The labels, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, intolerant, etc. etc. All that is created to drive conservatives away from their core principles of truth, honesty, and the reality of the human condition, with all our flaws and halos.

We will be manipulated, have no fear!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Losing Faith in Humankind:

On Thanksgiving night my truck was broken into and tools were stolen. Tools I need to make a living, I hope the low-life scum who did this cuts their hand off with my skil saw. I cant imagine the depravity of a person whos drug habits are of more importance to them than a mans ability to feed his family. Part of the problem is that this kind of crime only gets what - a month of jail and some restitution? Crimes like thieving a persons livelihood or identity should garner stiff penalties...10 years, maybe and pay back 5x the amount stolen? It's ridiculous that we have to watch over our shoulder and worry about someone stealing the things we work so hard to achieve. I guess I should be thankful that I did not catch this person in the act as then I might be in jail on the charge of murder. Well I won't soon forget that my coccoon of security has been punctured, and my faith in other people has been somewhat shaken. I wonder if the thieves know that the wrong person they steal from could become their worst nightmare? Well I will be thankful that I didn't have to lower myself down to violence, it just makes me sad. The thought of someone going back and forth into my truck putting my tools into their truck is almost more than I can take. I curse those tools and whoever uses them will have more trouble than the little money they save, buying something stolen or using something stolen. I will let the Lord take care of this, however He sees fit. I pray to let this anger pass.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

What don't we have to be thankful for? Living in America in the 21st century, things could not be much better, even in a fallen world. Sometimes in our daily pursuits of pleasure we lose sight of the reality that in the Lord's realm all this will seem hollow. But the things that last are family, friends, love and our concern for our fellow man. Let US pray that we can heal our Nation of strife and then turn and be a guiding light to help heal the world. These are pursuits worthy of the greatest nation in ther history of this planet. I pray we can remain that very station.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

World NewsWatch November 18,2007 A.D.

Hillary wants to convince US she won the debate? I guess she won the help of CNN and Wolf Blitzer to orchestrate that campaign performance. Its hard to imagine a thoughtful person falling for the packaging and creation of a "serious politician" hidden in a pantsuit. She is obviously Bill's ventriloquist dummy ( I swear I saw her mouth's hinge). The Clinton's are even starting to look alike even though they do not live together. America and the world cannot take another term of this duo with so many serious issues hanging in the balance. My contention may come true, the US may have to be nuetralized before Biblical prophecy can be fulfilled. And what better way for US to be counterbalanced than a serious dose of Socialism?

Here is all the evidence we need that market forces are not what is controlling energy prices. Unless market forces include speculators and monopolies. And enemies who control a strategic commodity we are not willing to get for ourselves basically control US.

The only green that counts is money. Go ahead and save a few dollars, dont worry about the possibility of toxins, don't worry about where the loyalties will ultimately reside. Just go ahead and buy some molded plastic crap for your kids this Christmas, preferably at a dollar discount center. Just remember a friend of your enemy could be your enemy.

Eventually the Democrat party will have a measure of success, but at what cost? They will try to blame Bush whichever way the wind should blow in 2008. Let them remember where their efforts were directed in '06 and '07. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a legacy they can possibly overcome yet again. With willing accomplices in the American media and Electorate. It is amazing how far you can travel when you are not ever held accountable.

A war strategy that seems plausible to this monday morning general might be : Attack Tehran or Venezuela (Hugo dreams of being so consequential) after you have secured supply in your own continent and let the price soar. Then let your enemies rot with their withering economies suffering from losing their biggest customer. Just kidding, I am just trying to be as ridiculous as Hugo Chavez' dream of being attacked by US. He must be paranoid.

Must be because of global Warming the Lord only knows there has never been a Cyclone in Bangaladesh before.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Its Crowded in the Grandstand:
or Dissecting the Liberal Mind

The Democrat debate tonight was being watched by me with hazy interest. I have purposefully stayed away from politics so far this early primary season for a couple reasons. It's just too early and I am slightly burned out from '04 and '06. I watched the Democrats with a little more scrutiny here because its getting closer to the polls that matter, and I want to see from what stock our next President may come. I tried to find something to like and respect from these people and found myself stretching. There was Populism, there was patriotism, earnest platitudes and vexing patronage. These politicians whole careers are built upon the great giveaways. Someone else's money to be re-distributed by a most noble benefactor.
The democrat Party does have a scintilla of consistency however. They are starting their positions from the Left and being driven more Leftward. The Republicans on the other hand start out at center-right and wander aimlessly toward the center. The spirit of bi-partisanship means the conservatives abandoning their core values and moving into the squishy middle road. I for one would love to be able to believe in just one Democerat, alas they could not speak their position openly and honestly without fear of backlash from the net-roosters. Repeatedly asked to give one word,yes or no answers, these politicians could not, or would not, give up their soapboxes. So it was refreshing to hear Hillary do it once. It just took her 2 weerks to figure out how the position she held on drivers licenses for illegal aliens could be spun into the most votes possible. So in the end all these candidates performed like the seasoned politicians they are and hid the left tilting agendas until they are safely elected. Senator Joe Biden struck me as more thoughtful than i thought him capable of being, Kucinich as batty and ostrichlike as i expected. And thats where all these guys and one gal lost me, they do not think we have an enemy trying to do US harm. Everything wrong in the world is George W. Bush's fault, from trade problems and product problems with China to health care, mortgage crisis, global warming, you name the crisis and one of these debaters will contend that Bush created all the trouble. The trouble for the Democrat politician is that Bush is not running, go figure! The best line of thew night had to be Kucinich saying "Strength through peace", I love it! Obama impressed me as a nicely stuffed suit complete with his own folksy brand of Utopian Fantasy. I really wish these politicians could give off an air of living in reality in 2007. There is a government plan to fix every conceivable human problem and they cannot rest until they try to solve it their way. And why was Chris Dodd the only one who could say unequivicobly that US national Security is more important than human rights that may or may not be being violated? John Edwards surely does not know.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Owe You One

On the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month we honor the brave people who do the constitutions most important and solemn charge assigned to our Government. To protect our Country. Without these brave soldiers beating back the oppression wherever it surfaces in the world, before it can affect US here, we would have no country to call home. Home where it is safe to enjoy all the fruits of freedom. Freedom to pursue any dream we are capable of imagining. Imagine our country right now as weak militarily as it was under the Clinton administration. Think about these enemies, who are trying to kill Americans in whatever spectacular and widespread way possible, mobilizing out in the open. Without a determined commander in chief leading our forces fighting for our Liberty, and the Liberty of all freedom loving people in the world, these forces of evil oppression will be taking over. The path is laid out for US. We only have to be as brave as our fighting men and women, and walk down the path to peace, through strength. A year from now it will be another Veterans Day,we will be honoring a few less of the great soldiers who delivered US from the threats we faced in the Second World War. We will also have just elected a new Commander in Chief.
I will pray for our country to make the right decisions.
May God bless US and keep US safe. And may God bless these men and women who risk it all for all of US.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I'll Be Back!

That's me on the end!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anti-War or Anti-Freedom?

Sometimes free people have to fight to stay free, it has happened throughout the course of history. The belligerent and the totalitarian would enslave all humanity if they could. When a politician says they are anti-war I wonder first if they don't have the will to fight. Especially when we are in the middle of the pivotal war of the civilized world against an enemy who would revert all free people back to a time of servitude to a religous and political hierarchy. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all the Democrat second tier would have US hide behind our oceans and fortified borders(ha ha). In a world that shrinks a little more every day that offers little consolation to this citizen. We must take the fight to our enemy, who has stated our destruction as their ultimate goal. I for one will remain vigilant and will be ready to do what needs to be done when the time comes and we are led by a pacifist suicidal turncoat of a politician who values an approval rating over the lives of American and freedom loving people around the world.
I wonder how anyone aware on 9/11/2001 could not remember our National Unity and resolve to eliminate this threat against the western world when we were attacked without provocation on that day. All the liberals were shaking in their shoes knowing full well they were the primary target of this cowardly sneak attack. With all their liberal ways and salacious justifications of degenerate behaviors, it is obvious the Islamo fascists cannot tolerate the tolerant. So the very individuals who led US into this quandary will lead US out by...hiding? Huddling in the fetal position until we are eventually overcome by an enemy outbreeding US? We will have to wait and see.and pray. and hope this country would never elect a pacifist in a time of war. This is a war we are in whether we believe it or not!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Whatever Happens, Happens.

When a bridge collapses and you are on it, or when you are driving to the store and a red light gets run. When you buy some spinach and its tainted, or a robber chooses his next victim, you. Theres a saying out there when it's your time to go its your time. But, how can it be fate that you were one car space okay, or a couple yards further and then you die? You missed your flight and the plane crashes, or that mosquito bites someone else. Chance can and does happen, I believe there really are accidents that even God does not intend and therefore will not intervene. We have to live for the moment, and enjoy it while we can. Health and family are the most important treasures to covet, friends and pets and passions strengthen our foundation. To live to a grand old age is a worthwhile avocation. And see grandchildren have families of their own. And all the while thank God for the gift He has given, a chance to be.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Scourge on Modern Man;

Methamphetamine could be straight out of the Devils own Handbook. The destructor, the accusor, waster of lives and livelihoods, is not a respector of persons, places, or things, either. What a perfect tool in the hands of a most lethal adversary, feed your enemy to themself. What else could blind a parent to a dependant childs most basic needs. Or baffle its imbiber into psychotic rampages and delusional suicides? The way the addicts waste away and do not appear to care or reverse course is an amazing phenomena all by itself. Throw it all together and the absolute evil manifestation cannot be denied. Somehow we must give this drug a seperate consideration and stamp it out with the punitive power reserved for crack cocaine, heroin, and steroids. I would even go a step further and give life in prison or death penalty for those cooking or dealing quantities of this poison. Face it, that is exactly what this drug is, like Rat Poison.
Yesterday a good man was run down by a man who was best described as drug addicted and really someone who has destroyed his own life and now taken another. Scott Russell was a CHP frontline warrior protecting us from people like the maniac who murdered him. It is a shame and a tragedy that this should ever happen, but actually it happens all too often. I have personally witnessed the destruction meth will cause- guaranteed, if it is used and abused, and cannot believe there is nothing we the people can do to protect ourselves from those among us who succomb to this demon. A stigma must be attached to meth that is as legendary as that of heroin ,opium or LSD. We can maybe save a generation somewhere down the road. It is a prayer worth saying.

Monday, July 09, 2007

World Newswatch July 9 2007 A.D.

The Powder Keg is just sitting there and sparks and flames are being cast about all around. I have not studied correlated prophecy but the times we are in seem to portend high anxiety with many similar end game scenarios.

Maybe we could make the fence on our southern border really cool and everybody would be able to appreciate it, too.

Peeling the layers off the 'create a scandal onion' are getting so ridiculous I have to wonder how so much effort could be put into putting someone in jail after no crime was committed. I know the objective is to smear either Bush or Cheney, but when Armitage admitted to being the "leaker" this whole circus should have folded up it's tents and moved on down the road. The real individual who the media should be skeptical about is Wilson himself. But since he's carrying the media's water on this one we can forget about it.

There definitely is a problem, and I believe insurance has a huge part to play in correcting this. With all the insurance we pay for everything, Home, Auto, Health, Life, Business, Fire, Flood, even Credit, it is as if we think we are going to live forever and not allow anything we don't prepare for to ever happen. And when it does, at least we get payed for it. If I could have all my insurance money back I would probably be pretty well off. And be able to afford to pay myself for whatever went wrong, maybe. Maybe not, and I guess that's why we pay insurance for just about everything.

I guess sometimes we have to go back to square one and restate the obvious. But these people let Saddam Hussein terrorize them for thirty years, so there's a lot of unlearning to do.

This is perfect! An expose' on the lunatic fringe. I would probably pay good money to see this debate. What in the world are we coming to, with such idiocy getting any credibility from the press. I don't care for San Fran Nan at all, but Cindy Sheehan? She can't think or speak her way out of a wet paper bag! If there was even an inkling of a possibility of Cindy getting elected to anything above dog-catcher it would be over for our country, I would have to agree that Americans are stupid.

I can't wait for Harry to come back. P.S. I don't think J.K will let him die. This new movie will be awesome!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

When Will We Learn?

Recently we have seen a re-emergence of terroristic actions and subsequent arrests and explanations. It is becoming very hard for this skeptic to continue to look the other way. I keep putting my broad brush away and then read and see the same exact profile fulfilled in all it's glory. The backgrounds and financial situations are not causes, there is a hate filled ideology. I wonder if doctors in other countries swear a hippocratic oath to care for people. I am sorry but if I went to a doctor and his name was Mohammad Shotya I would turn around and find a new doctor. When will the good Muslims(?) turn on these vipers in their midst and clear their own good names? It makes no sense to me. They pray to Allah, they go to Mosque, they live and work with each other, and they want to kill westerners, all westerners. If I knew people like that in any Christian circles it would be easy to turn them out and eliminate their strain. That is where we all go off the road, the people who adhere to Mohammad and Allah really don't seem to mind these apples in their barrel. I guess it won't be until there is a big and successful killing of innocent Westerners that we will all rethink our position on this religion of "Peace". Sooner or later we will be called upon to do drastic things to protect innocent men, women and children. Since we have been so "nice" up to this point I think there will be real surprise at the fury and measures that will surely be undertaken. Let's all pray Islam reforms itself before it's too late.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 231st Birthday, America!

Now that we are in a perpetual election cycle, you would think every little statement or activity could not possibly be overblown or spun with reckless abandon toward the destruction of an opponent on a daily basis. Amazingly it appears that is where we are headed. It takes more stamina than I have to remain engaged and passionate on issues that may be created not to move our great country forward , but to divide US into bite sized chunks and thrown into the world stew. A United World of the Universe is obviously the ultimate goal all human beings should aspire toward, but that should happen taking all the good and eliminating all the bad out of all the countries of this world. That cannot happen until God reclaims this planet. The corrupting lure of power controls the arbiters of our day. We live our lives and pray enough good people will do the right thing and resist the evil that will surely tempt anyone who grabs the reins.
Two hundred and Thirty-one Years old, not so long when you think of the history of civilized mankind. We have done a lot in a short time, but now the time is short. The Quickening is shrinking everything down to lower and lower common denominators. Everybody needs to survive. Can't we all just get along?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

World Newswatch June 7, 2007 A.D.

It is comforting to know that the most powerful countries in the world are going to do something about the climate change. I am sure if all the politicians just shut up, all that hot air they won't be releasing will help more than anything else mere humans can do. It is the height of arrogance to think we can change the climate by anything we do. One volcanic eruption will undo all of our efforts, one shift of the jet stream can wreak havoc, in one area things can be beautiful and in another, like the end of the world. Who's to say that the most optimum climate temperatures for humankind are not coming into being with a little warming? I guess it's easier to worry about something you can't do anything about than to worry about the things you can do something about. Little does the world know, all we really need to do is take the hurricane/typhoon/tornado/ earthquake machine away from Bush. That will solve all our problems, right? Just as simple as turning down the earth's thermostat.

Well, here we have another banner for the old double standard. Clinton's perjury and Libby's were about the same, but Clinton got a pass. And he was found to have purposely "misled". Libby was also convicted but with no crime committed he was really entrapped. The president should pardon Libby when the litigation dust settles. It probably will not happen since the President is gunshy and gets castigated in the press for every move and deed. Not that everything this President does is correct in my eyes or even beneficial to our country, like the next topic.

D.O.A. is the way this should have ended. Our President and Senators have let US down. I can only think it is for big business. Why else would they want all these low paid unskilled migrants to become citizens and drain our already overburdened social safety nets? Is it payback for votes? Campaign contributions? All I can say is when the politicians livelihooods are undercut will they see why people like me detest their pandering. Let an infusion of third world politicians invade and work for half of what they (current politicians)need to financially survive and I think their voting would be different. Industies are being decimated and it is the very presence of all these unassimilated foreigners who do not speak our language that is driving away Americans that would do these jobs everybody says they won't do. I would never want to work where I was a minority on the crew and could not understand the language being spoken when I was in my own country. It is no wonder American kids don't want to go out and do construction work anymore, they are a minority in their own country. I guess if we are just going to worship the almighty dollar, this is where it will end up. Our border should mean somethin, our national language should mean something. We are Americans and we live in America.

Whoever can invent a fuel that will empower the world economy will be richer than 100 Bill Gates'. I tell my kids that often, that is why they should study hard. And not just for the riches, but think of the good for the world an alternative fuel would provide. Although then all the fighting would be directed toward a different subject.

"Don't forget about me", says Kim Jong Ill. It must be difficult to try to rejoin the fraternity of Nations when a temper tantrum is the only way you get noticed.

Definitely an important world changeing event. Paris is burning.

Sooner or later Mushaaraf will go and then there will be Hell to pay.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Immigration, Assimilation, Sacrifice, Paying the Price

Past immigrant influxes into our country have always been met with resistance from the general populace. The past generations that have become citizens have all made great sacrifices, fighting in wars, doing rough low paid work, losing their first generations to anonymity and paving the way for their children to assimilate into the American mainstream. If we are to welcome in this next crop of illegal immigrants with amnesty and true citizenship it should be made with a sacrifice by the lawbreakers. They should never have the right to vote, they should never have the right to get any taxpayer assistance and they should guarantee their offspring assimilate into mainstream american culture, with language and respect for our laws. Not hip-hopping or drugging out, but community service and charity. Any "new" immigrant that already has a strike against them (the first strike being, breaking into our country in the first place), and breaks one more law, should be deported at once. The dilution of everybodies citizenship that has come to America the legal way is unfair and counterproductive to trying to get good people here. There are good people out there in the world that want to come here and would be happy to do the jobs that Americans don't want to do. That phrase itself is a joke, the "jobs that Americans don't want to do", they just don't want to do for dirt cheap wages which is what we get when we bring in millions of illegal aliens. People with no real skills and only offer US an underclass. The initial trespassers should never even expect to be awarded a full citizenship, their sacrifice will be so their children can become true American citizens.
If our politicians try and give all these illegal immigrants true legal status and the right to vote and collect social security and welfare they should all be tried for treason. It will be tantamount to enabling an invasion to take place right under our noses. There are no provisions for seperating out the Mexicans from the Arabs and aliens from countries we are in conflict with at this very moment. I am not saying we have problems with all Arabs, Iranians, and Middle Easterners and Southeastern Asians, but jihad has been declared upon US and I have worried about our porous borders ever since 9/12/2001. It seems ridiculous that we have waited this long to do something ,and even more ridiculous that doing anything is better than doing the right thing. I would not even say all the Mexicans and South and Central Americans are good for our country, there are a lot of gang bangers and drug runners and human smugglers, to go along with the poor uneducated throngs who appear here every day. These politicians are ever governing to retain their jobs, not governing to make our country better and stronger. The day will come when all who profit from breaking the law will pay a high price. There are a lot of frivolous unfair competition lawsuits being waged every day, it's funny, when there really are unfair business practices it gets overlooked, probably because everybodies little mountains of wealth are stacked like a house of cards on the backs of illegal-immigrant cheap labor.
What do you suppose will happen when we finally have another recession? With all these new "citizens" vying for a shrinking pool of work. All these employers cutting each other's throats to keep their inflated personnel busy. Well I guess some consumers might win, with price wars sure to follow but in the end we will all lose when some good American companies go under because they refused to lower their standards down to breaking the law. These kind of cycles always lengthen recessions. The rich always get richer and the little guys always get squished.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places

It seems almost comical that Russia worries about the US putting up a shield in the CZech Republic or Poland. As if they want to have the opportunity to threaten whomever they please. If another country in their sphere can make friend's with someone who will protect them, that makes them an enemy? Or a threat? Or could their own ill-will preceed them onto center stage.
We want to be friends with the world and the world suspects US of what? If we were really trying to take over the world it would be obvious , and not so inconceivable.Except for the smut and degeneracy we do good for the world.And you will have that whether we promote it and produce it or not.
It's a sad state of affairs that actions are so misinterpreted on both sides of the great divide. The paranoia around the globe has turned our plowshares into swords and our pruning hooks into spears. And our economies into war machines. Greed and violence condemn our souls to Hell. Love from God can set us free.
Fear and mistrust bind us to dust.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Idealistic Ideologues

As a conservative American I must beware of believing every conservative thinks the same way I do. Or that their thinking the same way I do matters any more than a liberal thinking the same. There are many 'wolves in sheep's clothing' weighing in on almost any opposing factions pet peeve issues. Conservatives have them and so do Liberals. And then both mind sets also have true idealistic ideologues. True Believers who are committed to their view. All this is good for our country, or any other country in the world that can get past square one. One side moves US forward, the other side is our Conscience. On practically every position the opposition completes the circle. Liberals and Conservatives need each other, Yin and Yang. Sometimes the simplest revelations can make life good. Somewhere between socialism and capitalism lies Utopia.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Comfortably Dumb

Why the American people poll to be against the war in Iraq is myriad and twofold. The constant media positioning that we are losing because people are dying only glosses around the edge. People will die at the hands of Islamocrazied fundamentally brainwashed backward seeking pea-brains whether we are in Iraq or not. We can choose to fight on a battlefield of our choice or react to their attacks of opportunity wherever they get in a lucky strike. By caving in to terrorist tactics you create more terrorists, not by killing them dead. They, the terrorists, are so weak the only way they succeed is by committing suicide, sounds like inevitably they will run out of willing "martyrs" to me. Standing strong and not wavering is really the only sound approach. Unfortunately those who would lead by polling will always be one step behind the actual consensus, which has always been -let's win.
The Democrat party wants to peg a loss on George W. Bush at any cost, and that to me is traitorous. There, I said it, if anybody in America would lose on a battlefield to gain a political victory that is just plain abhorrent. Those "leaders" cannot lead they only follow the path of least resistence right into the ditch. When our country gets attacked for no reason (9/11) the only logical response is to stamp out the vermin. Focus groups and polling won't eliminate a deadly foe. Make no mistake about it, these Islamic nutcases will not stop trying to achieve their vision. In their eyes they have already won a big battle, they have divided their enemy, and that is a winning strategy in any competition. They know their enemy. Westerners do not seek war. They know the party of the craven will capitulate. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And some among US (the Democrat 'leadership')find that,(Viet Nam) a worthwhile objective. If our country and the freedom loving people of the world united in vanquishing this cancerous ideology we could win easily. But some are just too afraid to stand up for their convictions. Is freedom for everyone? If it is not then none of us are truly free. Freedom has never just stayed around because it seemed like the best way to go, there has always been someone out there ready to take it away from someone else.
I choose to stand for what is right and when my time comes I wiil fight. Good will always triumph over evil, only when good men choose to do nothing does evil have a chance to prevail.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

World NewsWatch April 21, 2007 A.D.

"The War is lost" says Harry Reid, 'American patriot and revered statesman'. What an ignominious way to present "opposition" of the war to the world and our adversaries. This shameful statement is unworthy of an elected representative of even a rathole, let alone a conservative bastion like Nevada. Harry will live to regret displaying his cowardice and defeatism in such a dispicable public clamor. I still cannot believe the people of Nevada would put a guy like this into office, and then keep him there. But then again, here in California we have Feinstein and Boxer, go figure. Since Harry hitched his wagon to our loss in Iraq he will have to ride it all the way back to the barn. Git out yer shovels!

There is still hope for our country, however tenacious it may seem at the time. The vote for President really does mean something. With Bush we get Alito and Roberts, with Clinton (past or present)we get a Ruth Bader Ginsburg. God help the abortion doctor who would ever beguile a daughter of mine into submitting to this most heinous procedure. Then again aren't we all our brothers (sisters) keepers? And don't tell me only a woman can write an opinion on the law regarding an operation that is obviously such an affront to our God? No civilized nation would ever prosper allowing this most ghoulish practice to ever be any kind of answer to any "problem" like the "problem" of unwanted pregnancy. Our country needs growth in our population to continue moving forward. Growth in the birth rate of citizens, not just immigration, illegal or legal. If that thought makes me a xenophobe, so be it. United we stand, divided we will fall.

The voice of a compassionate liberal has been heard. I know liberals think themselves better and more caring than conservatives. How an enlightened individual could ever talk to their daughter this way says a lot about the abundance of the heart. I know most liberals would never say anything like Alec did, but the hypocrisy is interesting to juxtapose.

All we have to fear is ... What the Clintons would do. I had heard conjecture in the past that Hillary would make Bill U.N. Ambassador, and at the time, 2 years or more ago, it seemed like tripe. Now that it is being floated in a trial balloon my worst fears are realized. This would really take the cake for power plays. And how would any world leader take this man seriously? His charming personality, good looks, or his empty rhetoric? Be afraid, be very afraid. We might be witnessing the rise of a cult, the resurgence of a Clinton dynasty. Don't revolving co-presidents violate the term limitations of the office?

If you aren't a liberal Democrat politician in their eyes you are breaking the law, or will be found to have broken the law after the investigative dust settles. I guess then that to be a successful politician you can't know anybody, say anything, or have any religous beliefs that could be construed as anything other than liberal secular humanist. It is amazing that anybody other than a Lawyer would try to be a politician, or is anybody other than a Lawyer a politician?

Rosie O'Donnel must be holding out some damaging information on some higher ups in her network. How else could someone who is obviously so intellectually inferior have such a podium to express inane babble. But wait there's more. Is NBC's NFL pre-game show trying to lose viewership here? Maybe the only idiot who makes Rosie appear to have half a wit is Keith Olberman, I think I have to write their respective networks and let them know I for one rank these two lower than Imus on the dingbat scale. If they both will work for the same network I could hit two birds with one stone. Hasn't Olbermans over the top pomposity already failed in the sportscasting world once before?

What is it about mid to late April that causes so much evil to flow into the world. Hitler's birthday was April 20, Columbine was April 20, Cho's plunge into the abyss, April 17, Oklahoma City, April 19. And I am sure there are many other April days of infamy around the world. What is it about springtime and love in the air? Is it jealousy, or depression? We need a world day of prayer that God remove all evil from the world forever, but if that were to happen it would be the time of the end, so first we must get right, or get left.
Let US pray.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dwelling in our Abode

Sooner or later our vacations have to end. The real world pulls us back in. I have spent the last few weeks in Toontown, and love the alternate universe. There you can make friends easily, the tasks are reasonable, and the trouble is obvious. Here in the real world nothing has changed, I spend too much time on current events and the onslaught of evil deeds are like the waves in the ocean. Perpetual and predictable. It is very depressing. We could all learn something from the kids about how to have fun and what makes the world go 'round. Even though I have not been opining on the events of the day recently, I have been paying attention to what's going on out there and I am praying to God to remove the evil from the world so we can all live in a peaceful, wonderful world where our lives potential can be fulfilled.
Have a nice Day! : )

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How Dare You

How can any one political party or one individual claim they are speaking for everybody else? Answer: they can't. America is close to evenly divided on the great issues of our day. The Democrat Party would love to use President Bush's low approval ratings as evidence that America does not wish Him to either lead with His principles or have success thereby. But once again, America is divided, maybe into thirds or fourths over this one. Many that are polled, as to disapproving of The President's handling of the War In Iraq, would disagree with him on not going tough enough and harsh enough to claim an incontrovertible victory. We are the mirror image of the weakling defeatists that would have US bow to Mecca 5 times a day to live in "peace". Somewhere between those two camps are a couple of middle of the road camps that are isolationist and would like US to go back to horse and buggy days. And also the can't pull my attention away from my own soap opera mentalities.
Today, Harry Reid claimed the new Democrat controlled congress has all of America on their side of the policy divide. I know from my experience in the world that this is not true. There are many who agree with Harry on this one, but by no means does He even have 25% of the people I know, and that is quite a few.
Our country is so great for the very reason that when we come on a problem, we don't fall into civil war on world changeing issues, we band together and the two extremes pull US through around the middle.
Those Who Can't Debate Won't Debate

Why is it the mainstream media lets the Democrat Party service their image through the media without even a raised eyebrow as to why The Democrats blackball Fox. Can the Fox News presentation slant Democrats debating among themselves? I think not. What could the Democrat frontrunners goal here be? To attempt to delegitamize Fox news? Most real conservatives do not think Fox is slanted toward the right. I know a lot of Lefties don't think ABC or CBS or NBC are slanted toward their viewpoint, but look objectively and it is there for all to see.
Think about it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

World NewsWatch April 4 2007 A.D.

Oh to be in England, for only afamo- for when they speak of bravery, how far back do we have to go? World War II ?, the Falkland Islands ?, New Wave? As staunch of an ally as the U.S. has ever had, now we are going into battle with an unarmed, neutered, shell of their ass-kicking former selves. Oh how difficult will the winning be should previous stalwart battle partners become uncommitted bystanders at best. Nefarious traitors at the worst. The time has come for the West to stand strong. And when the going gets tough is not the time to fold. Weakness has been displayed by both Britain and America. It seems as if this episode of Taking Hostage gets remade over and over but the plot and the ending are always the same. We give some ground and they take. Notice how no-one is talking about Iran enriching uranium anymore. Now, everyone is talking about a few hostages, wow , what an Easter present, steal some people, and terrorize them, and give them back. You have got to admire Iran on the ballsy, in your face diplomacy. They are not being politically correct, but their agenda's inertia has not been deterred, either. By any action England or the United States of America take. We may have gotten a desirable result, hostages released, but at the price of losing face, I am not sure our stance was rigid enough not to invite another kidnapping, another provocation, at another time. Both these great countries seem incapable of sustaining the 'will to survive at any cost' mentality we will need to vanquish an enemy that will use our greatest vitrue/vulnerability againsy us. Our desire that everyone should be able to worship God the Way they seem fit.

It doesnt matter what we call it as long as we call it victory. Why does everything worthwhile necessitate an acronym or a catchphrase? The "War on Terrror" is a little ambiguous, I call it the "War on Militant Islamic Agression", or W.W. 4 for short.

O.K. now I am defeated, this all time classic Christmas movie must be watched every year. This is so sad. Traffic accidents are so randomly exacted the tragedy is quantified.

You can't take it with you. I have never heard of this person before' . It just goes to show - you can be huge over there and no-one has ever even heard about you over here. Reading about her, she sounds like a very nice person who will have bettered the lives of many, a worthy legacy for anyone. The only true equalizer death :and birth are the times we are all in the same boat, so to speak.

What Death to America would really mean. Death to the world. We can lead, because someone has to.

Just when despair comes, and you think the rest of the world is stumbling blindly, into the ditch, comes a ray of light.

Reading news stories is a little like watching the weather report when it is most important you know what could happen. There are certain words that should indicate wishful thinking or reality. Maybe, a chance of , possibly; all these words that give a window into the mind of the author can be identified as not sure. It will , when, and after all; all indicate the affirmation of supposition with conviction. Read carefully! It's likely you will see the enigma.

It's a little too little, too little, too late. It's kind of funny making sure it is known that McCarthy was a Republican, as if a Republican then is the same as a Republican now. Like J.F.K. and modern day Democrats'. Come on and just report, let US decide. Ha!

Oh Keith , and to think that I once pledged allegience to Rock and Roll, also. It gives me the creeps. I will pray for you, you are a survivor who still has a chance. Renounce the foul spirit and walk in the light. I hope your genius was your own.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

World NewsWatch March 28, 2007 A.D.

Iran steps up their persona to pariah. This whole situation makes me wonder what they are really up to. Are they checking how their actions translate into oil futures? Testing the British resolve? They're walking a tightrope and egging on action by the U.S.A. We must resist the desire to "drop the big one". As much as Iran is asking for a spanking showing them to be the liars they are and continuing U.N. sanctions seems better than giving them a martyr status that will rally support around Ahmadinajhad. Who has been losing the support of the Iranian people, by the way. I do like the option of cutting off the straits to shipments and whoa! it's too bad your only refinery had a bad accident. We do need to support the sane peace loving Iranians who outnumber the radicalized Ayotollah loving death mongers.

Even though these two antagonists will never stop this activity notice how they are taking it out of the range of the 'surge'. Also the frequency of the attacks has decreased, at least it seems to me but who's keeping score?

I really hate being too afraid to take the vacation of a lifetime which would more than likely be somewhere pretty far away. And the only logical way would be to fly. If it's not terrorism my luck it would be a meteor, or a Russian satellite.

Stock are up, stocks are down, if my accountant tells me to invest in my I.R.A. I will know the money is going down a Rat hole.

One of these days there will be a mutation from Hell.

Oh Winona you must have been unequally yoked by that joke.

The story that will not die. Ana what a mess you left behind.

I don't care what anybody thinks Harry has to survive. I came late to this party but I am smitten now and might even stand in line in July. Nah, I will just order it in advance and pay a ridiculous price for the only hardback volume in this series that I will own. Hats off to J.K., this really is a masterpiece.
The Silent Killers

Elizabeth Edwards got a lot of love in the media for her recurrence of cancer. It appears, at least on the radio news, Tony Snow will as well. Two individuals on the opposite side of the political spectrum, the same dreaded diagnosis. Some people had challenged the Edwards' on their decision to continue the campaign for the Presidency. Maybe the Edwards' are looking for sympathy, or maybe they really believe John should be the next President of the US. We cannot judge for them what they need to accomplish in their lifetimes. Tony Snow will probably be back to work as soon as he can, too. I am sure he will feel better if he is fulfilling and completing his efforts to serve the country. Both these families have young children to think about, also. Time is short anyway, but this has to put a premium on every moment. This may be an opportunity for all Americans to come together and realize when we put aside our differences we are all closely connected by the same fate. Nobody will get out of here alive. This is a great chance to pray for these public people who are facing the same thing that millions of people all around the world are facing every day. Seeing my birth mother go through the exact same thing that Elizabeth Edwards is facing makes me feel compassion and sympathy toward her and her family. Katie Couric saw her husband go through the exact same thing as Tony Snow will have to face, I hope she can put aside partisan hackery and show compassion.
They call Cancer a silent killer, but I don't think diabetes or Heart atttacks, or anyeurisms, blood clots, ALS, or Cystic Fibrosis or any other hellish disease yells out to you as it kills indiscriminately. All we can do is pray that there may be a miraculous cure, and if one does not come, pray for the people that are suffering. And that they know the Lord or come to believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour. In some ways people with a lengthy illness are luckier than those cut down quickly by accident or mishap. They have an opportunity to get right with God, and say goodbye to loved ones. And can show true strength and courage in a situation there is little they can do anything about.
We have to have Faith. It also puts in perspective what an accomplishment all the people who live on into their seventies and eighties and beyond have done. Beaten great odds and deserve much respect. A lot of us think since the average age is what? mid seventies now, that we will make it . But every day is a gift from God and should be treated as such. You never know when your number will come up, and like that one W.W.II vet said on his secret to longevity, "Every day I change my number."

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's All About the Image

Is all this anti-War protesting really about restoring America's image to the world? Or are the protesters posing for their friends, to see who is the most progressive and sensitive? When all you can base your actions on are feelings then you will be like a little boat tossed on a turbulent sea. Our Nation is like an Ocean Liner, together we can glide over the rough patches .
I would gladly support our troops with a counter protest, but I have to do my part for our great economy. It seems comical that a few thousand here or there get all the press, because they can afford (with their Govt. check?) to take a day or two off to protest what could have endeed up being a great benefit to our country, to install an ally right in the heart of the Darkness. Alas the hatred for one individual blinded many to all reason and benefit to a bold action that may have payed dividends for generations. We all have to live with our collective actions, hopefully we all have our countries best interests at heart.
All things work together to the glory of God so whichever way this war turns out I have faith that it will be God's Will in the end.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sense and Sensibility

It appears the American Public is in for another round of misdirection and hide the ball stories. The media seem incapable of telling a full story, conveniently leaving out anything that would make the Bush Administration look effective, competent, or honestly just trying to do the right thing. Not that everything the B.A. does is right, but surely it can't all be wrong, can it? Every single action sinister and nefarious? The slanted coverage really is getting downright ridiculous. We are probably being so saturated with this angle of reporting that when Barack or Hillary win the public will just give up and have no interest in cross checking the truthfulness of what the media dishes to it. Thank God for the new media where facts and truth can come to light. We don't have to be like the dog that goes running off to chase the fake throw while the mainstream media congratulates themselves on another fine story.
I wonder what this ruse is really distracting US from.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Local NewsWatch March 16, 2007A.D.

Train Trestle Fire burns out of control for second Day North of Sacramento. The plume of smoke can be seen as far away as Fairfield and Martinez. The engineers had to cut the tracks loose to save the bridge. As of now no direct cause had been determined. Maybe a terroristic act of sabotage? Probably not!?!

College Basketball Tournament comes to Sacramento. The March Madness means some decent Basketball will be played at Arco Arena. It was cool to see the Goodyear blimp flying over our house today.

Spring is in the air, Allergy season has arrived with a vengeance, for some. It is just the grasses now , some must still dread the tree pollen.

A spate of bad parenting has struck our area, Mothers having sex with their teenagers friends, encouraging fighting, one even okayed a bb gun shooting, allowing drinking, and drug use. What the heck is going on? And these instances were the ones that were found out, so you know there are a lot more undetected. I just have to wonder how a grown woman would desire to have sex with a boy. And how must that make the husband feel. Was she shutting him down? Too tired? Was the whole idea to give your soon to be ex husband one good last low blow? These parents and in these cases mothers must be more interested in being "friends" with their kids than teaching them right from wrong and good morality. It's a sad world.

Kid found hanging in park ruled an accident. Tentatively, this really makes little sense. The tragedies that come and go make you want to pray to God to save these young impressionable souls. But from what and toward what? Just existing so you can feed your narcissistic demon for another day is not what the good Lord has in mind.

Build it, Dam it! Many would still like to see the Auburn Dam get finished, too, since the flood protection is immense and the hydroelectric power will be sorely needed. Also, wouldn't it be cool to drive to Cool quickly and directly?

Sherrif Deputies having phone sex at the jail, what an idiotic way to lose your job. I hope it was as good for the inmates, too. The husband and wife deputy team sound like real winners, I guess oversexed, out of control, ignoramus' come in all packages.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wishful Thinking:

Maybe advancing the secterian war could have been an intentional proxy instigation tactic that a still vastly superior US Military Global Outreach Complex created to upend the Islamists hold on the energy industry components and delivery.
Whatever the tactic to blunt the Islamo-Fascist movement is acceptable here. They have a Dogged Exigent Fervor to reduce the Western Supremacy to ashes. We stand in the way of their Global Caliphate. The pitting of their D.E.F. against our Terminal Tolerance will likely bring about the next World War.
The West in general and the U.S. in particular have handed the Islamascists all the tools they need to do US in. An economy that runs on their chief export, an unwillingness to get as brutal as our enemy, the crazy notion that their religion and Christianity are co-equal, and the inability to define them by their actions. If our "imperial designs" only benefitted ourselves there would be good reason to object. But it seems to me that we (Coalition Forces) are the only major players on the world stage who think about other countries along with our own interests.
Using a Judo move like turning their hatred of all things onto themselves is quite brilliant. Their alignments with China, Russia and Latin American Communists are a little more sobering. But all these fiefdoms could never unite beyond the rallying cry of Death to America. That will eventually be their Acchilles Heel. But will our country still be recognizable to US when that day comes?
Steadfastness and rightousness are the keys to our Nation staying at the pinnacle of benign power. When we forget why we are here we will surely be Lost.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

World NewsWatch March 7 2007 A.D.

I shouldn't even comment on this one. But at least I'm not alone. Sex in the City must have been about the exception, not the rule. Hard work always makes me sleep better, maybe some people have it too easy. Stress is definitely a factor but medication is not the answer. Maybe they are overtired and therefore cannot get a good nights sleep. Husbands help out with the Kids and it might pay dividends. Sometimes we men are too tired also, but we're always willing to give it a try. It must be one of the benefits of being easier to please.

Edwards was just lucky anyone noticed him for something other than his house hypocrisy. He will get more mileage out of Ann's joke than He desereves. But given an inch He took a mile and His ruminations on what Jesus would think make you wonder just how savvy this guy really is. "Let me just draw attention to my sanctimonious two Americas theme".

Will they still be fighting in "Heaven" when they get to Allah for who will be the Martyr?

There's probably nowhere for all these people to go, but it seems that Indonesia is not where I would ever feel comfortable. And not just because it's right there in the Ring of Fire, but because it seems like something bad happens there every couple days. Permanent Prayers for Indonesia.

Go on, you big Bear, flex those muscles. No one will say anything bad about you. They might just fall off a five story building, or swallow some polonium-210, or get shot a couple times. We all need to realise these guys need to be center stage.

Maybe all of our illegal aliens are getting tired.

Isn't it amazing that China's the source of so many bugs?

I hope this situation does not have to be politicized before our priorities are straight.

Michael Newdow would be proud. Now he won't have to look at money and feel bad. And it's His lucky day, there may be proof Darwin was right after all.

The America haters are going to Love this comic book, except it kind of shows Liberalism run amok, so maybe the end won't justify the means.

I know they must feel like they're running out of time what with reports coming out that the surge is already having a positive effect. The Party of Defeat seems willing to try anything to secure the defeat they so desperately have to place at the feet of President Bush.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Where do We go from Here?

The Bush Administration claims to support the troops, but it took a scandalous expose' to reveal deplorable conditions our warriors have to endure after they risk everything for US and come home wounded. I know on the one hand the Executives would never want anything like this to happen, but it did. On the other hand the opposition will just use it as a wedge. After these brave soldiers go out and fight for all Americans and the whole free world, the least we can do is make sure they are well cared for when their bodies are broken and their minds are in anguish.
President Bush wants more money to fight over there and the Democrat opposition is trying to tack on pork at home. When the Republicans were in charge of the purse they did the same thing. So the Republican Administration supports the War, and the Democrat Opposition opposes the fighting but will use the War so they can spend. It seems both sides are not fully committed to victory first. Our wounded fighting Men and Women deserve more than We can give them, and do not deserve to become the rope in a game of Tug-of-War.
I am sure now that this situation has come to light it will be corrected, I wonder why it took so long for anybody to complain. Sometimes things cannot get fixed until you know it's broken. But just because something is not all right does not mean it is all wrong.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Honesty as the Best Policy

The Global Warming Crowd may have an agenda they are trying to procure on false pretenses. Actually it is not an unworthwhile goal. They might just be trying to choke off the use of fossil fuels by faking the actual damage caused, thereby doing an end around the debating and invention of a better source of fuel to power our economy. Maybe in the end that is the only way we can extricate ourselves from the Petroleum Companies full nelson. In the Capitalist System a great idea can become the State of the Art, but it has to produce results and be workable and usable. But the Capitalist System can be controlled by the Rich and Powerful. And no-one would deny that Petroleum Companies are rich and powerful. So rich and powerful that rumours have swirled for years and years they buy up new technology and shelve it as they protect their money tree until it is no longer the best way to extort whatever they can get out of the common man. There are not too many necessities in life we must have if we are to survive and contribute to our economy that are controlled by so few people. We need food, but we can go anywhere and get food, or grow our own. We need shelter and we can rent shelter or buy it from many sources. But to take part in this economy we need fuel for motor vehicles, maybe some can take public transit but I cannot run my business on public transit. I can only get gasoline from a few different gas stations ,and they raise prices on a whim but when the price per barrel falls the price inches down oh so slowly. Yes I can pass along my cost but there's always a limit to how much we can pass along in a business that is close to the margins on the profit. As prices ratchet up and up they come down again without relativity.
Honesty is the crux of the situation. The honesty of the oil companies not to gouge their customers. And the honesty of those who paint the dire consequences of the ramifications of the problems we all are facing. What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your own soul? If the oil companies are just out to take as much as they can with no regard to all the other facets of the American and World economies that work in their favor, I will laugh at their obsolesence and pray for the day when they are all bankrupt. May they find the level of their own morality.

Monday, February 26, 2007

World NewsWatch February 26, 2007 A.D.

The Iranians and Mahmoud Ahmadinajhad say their nuclear programme is like a train with no reverse or brakes. To complete his metaphor, I would add, No Tracks. Good Luck, World, when these guys build their little bomb. Over the weekend they sent a rocket into space, also. What do you suppose 1+1=?

If we could just get Pakistan fully on board the whole war on Terra could become an island. When the Rats crawl out of their holes in their dirty nightshirts and are cornered, Allah will welcome them with open arms.

If the Archeologists said this was true the reportage would do backflips. Since they claim Jesus and His "Wife's" bones buried in the tomb to be bunk, this Secularistic writer will put it out there like that anyway, because it's the contoversy that sells. Until Jesus comes back, there will always be a concerted effort to disclaim the Resurrection.

Governing by the polls is never really a good thing, unless the Govt. can reverse course, stop on a dime, or move quickly enough before public opinion can change. That's why we elect leaders to lead. Reactionaries need not apply.

So that is what all the tears were for, that debacle of a hearing was a job audition. A new reality show, Make the Judge Cry.

The BrainTrust has always thought one of the best ways for a terroristic attack here in America would be through the Trucking Industry, or on our Highways. Now that Mexico will have an access to our Highways, an inspector job has become frontline defense/first responder type of responsibility. The Border must not be porous enough for some, so let's add another challenge before we get the first order of the day completed.

Al-Reuters is making sure it is known they are not responsible for the content of this article. The pirates must have allowed Reuters access so they can't comment, like CNN in Baghdad before the war.

All those poor individuals who waited for days in line got burned? Or do they have the ultimate collectible electronic piece of junk?

It may be a form of child abuse, but I am not sure taking Him away from his family is helpful. He needs a bicycle. One he can pedal around, that might help too. I feel sorry for kids who start life out with a challenge that is nearly insurmountable. But this kid is young enough to grow out of it, somewhat. It seems like Connor's Mother does what He wants, not what He needs. Maybe when He was a baby crying for more food, there was something else He was crying for. Sometimes the child just does not really know what is best for themselves.

How great it would be to develope an early test to detect this most common and evil form of Cancer.

I don't understand that Terrorism has not at least been suspected here yet, or has it? The copy makes it unclear. Maybe it's another example of hoping it's not terrorism so much you'll try every other possible theory first.

A loss is a loss in sports, it does not matter how or why. All the woulda coulda shoulda di'nt is so cowardly and unbecoming of a world class democracy. If we want to win we can win, if we want to lose, there's a plan for that, too.

Check if those in favor of the fairness doctrine or "Hush Rush" have a stake in satellite radio futures, because if they ever enacted the fairness doctrine Satellite Radio would be the way to go. It is funny, though, because how exactly would a fair radio program be conducted?, and who would decide it was "fair"? Maybe the call screener job would be done by the FCC. And every what?, 2 hours have a new host? One Lefty, one Righty? You might kill radio stations but somehow free speech would get spoken. There would be a migration from AM radio to satellite. And when that got shut down by the ones who cannot debate, HAM radios. They can never win. The conservative side can line up Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, and Bill O'Reilly as our first team. Where do we have time for Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, Dr. Laura,Gallagher, Pat Campbell Paul Harvey, Art Bell, Kruk and Kuip etc. etc. And then the lefties have Al Franken, John Stewart, Randy Rhoads, and then all the shadow lefties Bob Schieffer, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert,Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Walter Cronkite, and all His Ilk. After all that then what, our computers?

Freedom Fighter and Communist Leader describing the same individual. Sounds like a contradiction in terms.

France can not deny they, too, are targeted by the Islamo-Fascist, violence worshipping, retro-humanoid, demonically inspired partiers at the gates of Hell.

The Civil War is in Baghdad, not Iraq proper. I do feel I agree somewhat with Sen. Carl Levin, ironically, the goals of just being there to Train the Iraqi Army, counterterrorism, or border security(Our own Border Security?) . are the success oriented results I, too, hope to one day see. However, complete success doesn't happen overnight and how the enemy views our actions is almost as important as the actions are themselves. They will view any type of backtracking as retreat. While we try and move backwards (less troops) it has to have an overt perception ( kicking some @ss) to instill the respect for our power, that power not used is still a threat.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Convenient Lie

Hollywood and the Motion Picture Industry has spent the last couple hours congratulating themselves on how much they care, they care about the environment and homosexuality a la the oscars won for The Inconvenient truth. They care about Race and Equality, Peace and Freedom, Age and experience, Life and Death, you name the cause and I am sure they care. Only it never seems they care enough to put their money where their mouth is. They care enough about any cause to exploit it to line their pockets. It's just they are so important and their time so valuable, plus they are so smart. If they had their way tonight they would vote in Al Gore to be the next President of the United States, because He is a great leader? No, because he cares so much about the environment He is willing to tie up the world economy as hostage in return for a couple tenths of a degree in temperature fluctuation. That makes a lot of sense to the ultra rich. I am sure they are all set up to weather a severe economic downturn should their plan come to fruition.
The whole show has a pre-determined outcome feel about it to me. Ellen has been o.k. to me and some of those shadow dancing routines were great. Thank goodness Prince was not there. Forrest Whittaker seems like a great guy, maybe a little too New Age. Martin Scorcese was the consensus charity pick. And most people that saw all the movies would never have picked The Departed as the best, give Martin a double. The Queen actress Helen Mirren was regal and elegant amd it was nice to see an older actress win best actress.
It seems like Hollywood is going out of their way to cloak their leftism, which I appreciate because when they come out and go political it ruins everything those actors have ever done for me. Their sanctimonious self rightous posing really wears me out. With the Grammies in the can and the Golden Globes , and now the Academy Awards over we see that speeches are out of vogue with their political leanings displayed onto everyone. Now the Arts and Croissants crowd illustrates its socialism with who wins the award. Or who does not win. I guess if you just want things straight and truthful on T.V. you can't win.
No Attachments No Fear

I think I figured out how the Leftside Quitlings can claim they do not take seriously the possibility of threats posed by "Bush's Bogeymen", Terrorists, threats of terroristic acts, and all that terrorists and evil Nations do.
They must have no vested interests in the future of our country or the World as we know it, in its present manifestation. More than likely 1. no kids they are trying to raise*, 2. no mortgage they are trying to pay, or 3. no business they are trying to create. So if everything fell to pieces they would land in a very similar place. With not much and where to go. I was once a liberal, single, semi-successful worker bee who would have welcomed anarchy and a come-uppance to all establishments. Maybe my openmindedness caused me to look a little deeper into different facets of life.When I looked at work all of a sudden I didn't just see a job, I saw how my bosses put their companies together and kept them together. I saw how hard work created wealth. So I guess I woke up and saw which side my bread was buttered on, and went out and tried to live the American Dream. On the way I became more conservative, a Christian, and more Patriotic. Anybody can rally around their country for a 1 time event, maybe a tragedy, but what really counts is rallying all the time. Not just in America but all peace and freedom loving people in the world. On a personal level, I paid my dues, did my time and eventually became somewhat independant. It is great and scary at the same time, sole responsibility for success or failure. When I look around at the World in general I do not see Brotherhoods of Nations all trying to get along, or help each other up. I see dog eat dog survival of the fittest in its most grotesque and real forms. It's all the same, survival is what is at stake, whether we believe it or not. If all the Good people of the World could unite, what a force for good we could be. What's holding us back?
I would even go so far as to say that We true conservative Americans really have no real fear of Terrorists or their tactics, just complete desire to NEVER allow their warped World Vision to become a reality. Nobody ever thought in the early days of the Third Reich they would be able to cause so much death and destruction, and inevitably they did. Realists now realize that when players on the world stage start rattling their sabres and making idle threats those who are aware first, must stand up and repel that momentum.
As a believer in the Judeo-Christian strain of Abraham and his creed(seed)[screed?] when matching the fervor of fundamentalisms head to head, I know my God is Right. Just like they know their Allah is right. We both have faith. Yet, even should the Christian lose an individual battle against a Muslim, I believe Christ will win the war. Mohammad added to the scriptures, Jesus said, "it is finished". A Muslim must feel the same way, Mohammad was right,they claim, Jesus was just a prophet, too. Yes, Jesus was a prophet, He predicted false Prophets would come and lead many astray. But He was not just a prophet, He is our Intercessor.
This seems to me like when we are entering into the time when Dimensions are colliding along the Physical and the Spiritual Planes. Maybe the Spirit World is that 4th dimension everyone is looking for in all the wrong places. And I am pretty sure the good and evil in the spirit world are well represented in the physical world. We are battling powers that cannot be seen or understood by finite human intelligence or reasoning so we fight blindly and foolishly. Loggerheads. Battering Rams. Tug of War.
I think my only true fear is to work Hard in Vain. Whatever the task. So there is no fear, except the Fear of the Lord, and that is the beginning of Wisdom.

* sans welfare

Friday, February 23, 2007

Stepping Down

I think you can tell the great countries of the world by how leadership administrations succeed each other . Nobody wants to let go of power, especially when they are worried the successor could possibly really screw things up even worse. But the great Democracies of the world can supercede what an individual can accomplish for better or for worse. These great Democracies can withstand radical shifts in policy if the populace knows both sides are committed to the actual success of the whole Nation. Some countries gain Democracy but lose
their way when elected leaders can't relinquish control to the next caretaker. The leaders use their position to ingratiate themselves and entrench in the power of the collective National position. Venezuela, and maybe the fledgeling Iraq, come directly to mind. Other countries really need a belligerant face, to put on a tough persona, because weakness signifies vulnerability and vulnerability invites aggression. Iran and North Korea come first to my mind here. Some countries play weak and venomless but are really just waiting for the most opportune time to strike the unsuspecting. Russia's recent actions set off all my early warning devices. Other countries may hate US but need US right now so cannot be considered a direct threat. Like China ,Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, and Africa.
Most European and North American countries have learned how to settle differences at the ballot boxing Arena of Ideas. Sometimes there's a sore loser, like in America (Florida)in 2000, but losers concede and the business of the country gets done. So maybe the more antagonistic and vitriolic we get toward each other (conservatives vs. liberals) the stronger our country really is. The more passion we feel against who we feel will ruin our country, manifest as anger, is actually a sign of caring deeply about the direction we are heading. Who knows whose worries will really come true.
So living with the results is what makes a great country. Overcoming whatever obstacle happens to land in your path. Working together. All for one and one for all.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

World NewsWatch February 22, 2007 A.D.

The illustrations of the "Enemy of the World's" depravity cannot continue to be explained away by occupation of Palestine, America in the Holy Land of the HolyLand, Bush's War, Bush's Lies, Israels's right to exist, or any other cockamamie Blame Game. The evil that men do will live on forever. Until these sub-humans can find Darwin and rise up a couple of epochs we are all doomed to go round and round in circles. These type of citizens make the case against a Global Economy, if there was no "Global Economy" we could just let these idiots eat themselves.

A most dangerous game: Post Reagan we have had, Bush, Clinton-Clinton, Bush-Bush, and now the media is pushing US back into the whirlpool for another Clinton. If Obama could be like Reagan and unify, not polarize, I would take that over another round of Clintonian Rule. Of course maybe the conservatives can pull out of their own death spiral and bring up a good Candidate. Although when Reagan was President He was castigated every bit as much as George W. has been. Time eventually heals all wounds.

They are probably worried this is a sign of success over there. The last thing the Liberal US press wants or the majority of Middle Eastern PressCorps.

You can't keep changeing Governments like changeing socks. Sometimes Democracy can be a messy thing. Obviously not re-electing Burlisconi was a mistake.

Same old Same old, if We want peace feed our friend to the sharks. Peace is as Peace does and every concession Israel makes just gives their enemy another place to launch attacks.

It seems our disease is spreading onto our allies. What we need to do to win the war on terrorism is export our liberalism into Islamist countries where their people can choke on it. That must be exactly what they fear about US the most.

This is an injury I would not even wish on anybody, except the likes of Bin Laden, Zwahiri or Al-Martyr. This exact thing happened to me two years ago and seeing a top athlete like Wade in so much pain gives me the Willies. I wish him a speedy recovery, but the re-hab for me was almost as painful as the original injury. It does make me feel like I'm not so wimpy though, because I know this guys pain threshold is extremely high. ouch!

What in the World does Russia think they have to worry about? Is their advantage over everybody else in the region supposed to supercede common logic? They are letting it be known they prefer the likes of Ahmadinajhad and Assad and Nasrallah to calm and collected western Democracies. When Putin goes I worry about who will be able to undo these polital stances reminiscent of the Cold War.

I wonder if Indonesia were a predominantly Christian Nation as much tragedy would befall them as happens now. My prayers seem to go out to them on a regular basis. Maybe it is just the fact that there are so many people concentrated there.

There is nothing Britney could have done much more stupidly than last weekends flame-out. The ammunition she dished to K-Fed will tie the two of them together for at least 18 years. What a stroke of luck for a ding-dong like him. I am sure he will need a lot of alimony. When you sleep with dogs don't mind the fleas. Is the demon that infested Anna Nicole's soul attacking Britney? Not that it makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but every soul is precious and little kids are watching, too. We are all examples to an audience of at least a few.

WoW! All I can say is WOW! If you keep looking eventually there is something amazing in a totally different way.