Monday, July 09, 2007

World Newswatch July 9 2007 A.D.

The Powder Keg is just sitting there and sparks and flames are being cast about all around. I have not studied correlated prophecy but the times we are in seem to portend high anxiety with many similar end game scenarios.

Maybe we could make the fence on our southern border really cool and everybody would be able to appreciate it, too.

Peeling the layers off the 'create a scandal onion' are getting so ridiculous I have to wonder how so much effort could be put into putting someone in jail after no crime was committed. I know the objective is to smear either Bush or Cheney, but when Armitage admitted to being the "leaker" this whole circus should have folded up it's tents and moved on down the road. The real individual who the media should be skeptical about is Wilson himself. But since he's carrying the media's water on this one we can forget about it.

There definitely is a problem, and I believe insurance has a huge part to play in correcting this. With all the insurance we pay for everything, Home, Auto, Health, Life, Business, Fire, Flood, even Credit, it is as if we think we are going to live forever and not allow anything we don't prepare for to ever happen. And when it does, at least we get payed for it. If I could have all my insurance money back I would probably be pretty well off. And be able to afford to pay myself for whatever went wrong, maybe. Maybe not, and I guess that's why we pay insurance for just about everything.

I guess sometimes we have to go back to square one and restate the obvious. But these people let Saddam Hussein terrorize them for thirty years, so there's a lot of unlearning to do.

This is perfect! An expose' on the lunatic fringe. I would probably pay good money to see this debate. What in the world are we coming to, with such idiocy getting any credibility from the press. I don't care for San Fran Nan at all, but Cindy Sheehan? She can't think or speak her way out of a wet paper bag! If there was even an inkling of a possibility of Cindy getting elected to anything above dog-catcher it would be over for our country, I would have to agree that Americans are stupid.

I can't wait for Harry to come back. P.S. I don't think J.K will let him die. This new movie will be awesome!

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