Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 231st Birthday, America!

Now that we are in a perpetual election cycle, you would think every little statement or activity could not possibly be overblown or spun with reckless abandon toward the destruction of an opponent on a daily basis. Amazingly it appears that is where we are headed. It takes more stamina than I have to remain engaged and passionate on issues that may be created not to move our great country forward , but to divide US into bite sized chunks and thrown into the world stew. A United World of the Universe is obviously the ultimate goal all human beings should aspire toward, but that should happen taking all the good and eliminating all the bad out of all the countries of this world. That cannot happen until God reclaims this planet. The corrupting lure of power controls the arbiters of our day. We live our lives and pray enough good people will do the right thing and resist the evil that will surely tempt anyone who grabs the reins.
Two hundred and Thirty-one Years old, not so long when you think of the history of civilized mankind. We have done a lot in a short time, but now the time is short. The Quickening is shrinking everything down to lower and lower common denominators. Everybody needs to survive. Can't we all just get along?

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Olivia said...

Happy birthday America!

Johnny, I hope that all your desires in order that the world improves make reality :)