Sunday, September 25, 2011

Somethings to Think About

Optimism: for remedy is at our beck and call, with leadership and courage its not over.

Doubtful: I can't help but think skin color matters not at all, its the character and content of the soul that needs no excuses.

There are so many Tea Partiers and Conservatives who would vote for Herman Cain with no hesitation should he become the nominee, what say they then... racists?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spend and Tax

The descriptor about the Liberal Way used to be tax and spend and it was so apropos it even became a pronoun. Now our country is on its heels with the European and world economies teetering right beside US. Who will catch them when they fall? Who will catch US when we fall?

PIIGS~ Portugal Ireland Italy Greece and Spain~ And those are the tip of the iceberg. England is not doing so hot, the Middle East is bubbling over and on top of that Russia and China are trying to claim a top spot. It seems foreign policy needs some attention, but can Hillary Clinton Primary Obama? Is that really the question, or the answer? If a debt in Greece of $11 Billion can derail the world economy What about the trillion$ Obama is putting US under?

So after the jobs speech didn't jump start the jobs market now we have an economic plan that will tax the wealthy 1.5 Trillion, and that will save the economy???!!!???
I have rarely gotten any work from a poor person, so if the rich people are brought down by Obamas Tax Scheme I can't see anything good out on the horizon for my job prospects.

Class warfare seems to be Obamas road to victory in 2012 in his own eyes. I guess the only consolation for average Americans may be that everything Obama has touched has turned to sh!t, so far. We won't get fooled again can be a rallying cry, again.

Hoping for change in 2012.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Through the Ceiling

The proof of what the political parties are made of is now evident if we all have the nerve to see things as they really are. Since 2007 the economy has been in a tractionless funk. Spending by the Federal Government has spiraled upward and is now out of control.

Both sides have some culpability in where we are right now. However, since 2007 the Democrat Party has had the advantage and responsibility. All the Republicans had since '07 was the Presidency for 2 years and now 1/2 year of majority in the House of Representatives. So you could say " Look what the Democrats have wrought" and be pretty accurate.

Now we get a taste of the desperation of the taxers and spenders as rumblings of Europes avalanche of debt are being felt here and signs are apparent we are headed for the same fate. Our "leader" now sounds more like he's trying to be our Dad than the "Messiah"some were so beguiled out of their vote for in 2008. 'Time to eat our peas', threats that social security checks won't go out, another summer of recovery, storming out of meetings is no way to lead from behind, either.

Its ironic that Baracks 2 and a half year spending spree has US on the edge of the cliff and now he has the nerve to play brinksmanship with those who can help him out of His jam. I heard a great analogy to the Debt Ceiling Negotiations, that its like Obama and the Dems are bargaining between Obama's position and Pelosi's instead of between a Liberals solution and what the Conservatives want to move US forward again.

The bully pulpit seems to be Barry's crutch right now as the reality that it is his spending that got US to this point might finally get to sink in if Boehner, Cantor and McConnell stick to their principles here. These are not election year politics at all, its the survival of a Nation at stake, and fiscal sanity has to be our cornerstone.

A lot of Americans have had to declare Bankruptcy, lose their homes , scale back their lifestyles and start over since this mess started 4+ years ago. We have learned how to jettison the dead weight and non essential budget busters in our households and businesses. It seems high time that the Federal, State and Local governments learn to do the same. It actually has to start with a budget however.

Sooner or later austerity will set in, and the sooner we get on the right road the sooner we can begin our journey back to prosperity. We are in danger of creating a whole lost generation if we don't start figuring out who knows what they are doing and who is learning on the job and messing everything up and needs to get reacquainted with the real private sector, job creating and productive sector of our once and future great economy.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blame Game

Yesterday we got to hear from our highest echelon of Government all about how they spent so much and now its time to pay the bill. I just loved Obamas lament that the Republicans are putting off the measures like a kid who won't do their homework until the last minute. Since when is holding the line on what really needs to be done procrastination? Sasha and Malika I am certain are the stars of the Obama household and I am sure if our dear President asked them what to do they would most likely have a solution outside of blaming, smearing and condescending to opposition.

Obama loves the straw man tactic. Its an easy guy to pick apart and as he preaches to his base voters, most likely the only ones who cant remember that Obama and the Democrats have had 2 years of total Government control and have had both the Legislative houses for 4 years. Thats 2 years with majorities that could have accomplished great things if only they could find unity within their own party, which is most difficult when re election is the goal and policy the party line embraces divides and destroys the Nation.

So here we are with our proverbial car in the ditch, pointed at the cliff edge, gas tank on empty, oil light flashing, tires spinning, spewing smoke with our driver hoping everybody else sees our pile of debt through the passenger side mirror which states that objects appear smaller than they really are. That pile of debt is like a semi tractor trailer coming around the bend and anybody with eyes can see it now. But what do the architects of this predicament have in mind? The November 2012 election, thats what. Spinning the facts and hoping everyone forgets history and how we always used to get out of recessions and depressions.

Obama acts as if he has arrived from some distant galaxy and can step in and save the day because he has no culpability and no agenda and no problem with the truth. He is right about one thing though, we do need leadership right now. Like never before we are boxed in and there are really no tools left in the bag of tricks. Maybe that semi will stop and pull US out of the ditch, or maybe it will just knock US off the cliff. Then our country can get a new car and driver, or go back to riding horses or something.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

*Is *Hostility War?

It depends on what the meaning of is is. and now it depends on the meaning of the word hostility.
Thats what happens when a lawyer is in charge. And a Constitutional Lawyer at that?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shovel ready Jobs

Thank God some one is out there thinking that what's best for our country is growing the economy and jobs.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Will It Be Worth IT

The economy is still tanking and all this country can seem to muster is enough attention to peruse sex scandals and who may run against Obama in a year and a half. Right here right now we have energy independence opportunities that will probably drown in the redtape regulations, Iran and the Middle East about to im(ex)plode, an economy that if it ever gets any traction will explode with inflation, Laws rammed through by this President and last congress about to be declared unconstitutional, a housing market that may take years to come back, unemployment ridiculously high, and debt that will crush the next two generations possibility to live a better life.

All this is penance of a sort, I am thinking, paying dues for out of control obsessive compulsive living high above our hog. We have forgotten that God gave US this bounty and He can surely take it away if we seem to exhibit bad stewardship and self indulgence, which this nation, and the world, has surely been guilty of for at least a generation. We can get back in good graces if we remember our Lord and that our lives purpose is to serve Him. This crop of louts can be dealt with at the ballot box and will be soon enough. The lessons we learn?

Hope and change can be desired, and may even be necessary. But in whom the agent and direction are empowered should be thought through with the greatest gravity. Here we are learning the hard way it takes more than just words and grand ideas. Ability has to match reality has to match possibility. Our lesson will be what we can't do this time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Allah Nakbar

Israel stands strong as pressure mounts from all angles. The world of peace seems delicately balanced and the tipping point is always near. We watch and we wait.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Freudian Slipping

I keep hearing news reporters and even Government officials commenting on the killing of Osama Bin Laden goof up and switch the S with a B and say Obama. I have heard it so many times here it seems almost to have its own sub meaning.

Obama killed Osama, after he slept on it, of course. It was a monumental achievement for a President who appeared to be too afraid to confront the terrorism issue head on. I applaud President Obama for bucking his most hard core of leftist and pacifist supporters and doing the right thing.

Whatever the unintended consequences arise from the killing of Usama Bin Laden (I will use that spelling, even though its much more difficult to do that switch in print, because I am always fascinated by the multiple spellings of all the terrorist names and places) whatever the consequences of this killing will be worth it. We cannot let a man who has the resources and the oft stated desire to do US harm the freedom to act with impunity forever.

I believe its time to re think our aid to Pakistan in light of the fact that this 'Ally' was enabling Bin Laden, living right in the midst of their military industrial complex secure and protected. I am so thankful that Barack didn't worry about what the UN would say and followed all the measures set in place by former President Bush. After all, the very first goal of the War on Terror was to get Usama and bring him to justice.

Reading the accounts of the raid made me feel so much pride in the ability of our military and our intelligence institutions to pull off such a bold and complex mission. Lately it seems like only Israel or Russia had the ability and the will to protect their National interests at any and all lengths. We still are a super power, sometimes our leadership has no choice but to do the right thing. After all the first order of any Government is to preserve and protect its society. If said Government can't or wont do that they really are illegitimate.

So removing the head from th snake is a proper way to insure that snake can no more harm anyone. And people around the world should never forget that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for many Muslim deaths also, he really didn't care about any individual human life, maybe not even his own. His cause has lost a lot of traction in the middle east and jut maybe the peaceful Arabs can come out on top of all this unrest in Syria, and Lebanon, Gaza, Iran Afghanistan etc. They lost their front man but one thing is certain at this point is that the war is not over yet. The capture of his computers should help identify other terrorist suspects and all in all May Day was a good day for peaceful freedom loving people around the world.
I will not rejoice in the calamity that befell one evil man, a man with the means to do good in the world and does so much evil is always a tragedy.
I am not sure if this was the end Osama envisioned for himself, but its what he got, and most likely better than what he deserved.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Harbinger

"I'm gonna to get some gas and kick your @ss". That's a quote from an old story my daughter loves to have me retell every now and again especially when we see someone who is out of gas hiking to a station with a can in hand.
The story goes something like this... Probably circa 1980 Troy was driving by and saw some homey's pushing their lowrider off the parkway and he hooted out loud, "Ha Ha". One of the frustrated guys shook a fist and shouted back that infamous quote "I'm gonna git some gas and kick yo ass". I told my daughter that may have been one of the first ever rap lines, I have certainly never forgotten it and it brings back good and bad memories of good and bad times.

Fast forward to the year of our Lord 2008. Gas prices spiked as the economy crumbled. It was only the complete ruin of the economy that brought gas prices to the low price we enjoyed at the beginning of Present Oh's rule. Here we are again, now 2011, having lost 2 years to Drill baby Drill, and the price at the pump seems only one more mid east uprising or gulf spill/ hurricane away from 5 or 6 $ a gallon. If that does not crown in glory the achievements of this one term wonder, only the ensuing dip of the subsequent recession will waken the blind following, kool aid drinking, facebook fixated, peace and love and head in the sand, psuedo intellectual, feel good~do nothing, scorched earth in lieu of green earth, dreamers hoping for change getting change and losing hope, up from their 2 year hiatus from reality.

There are enablers out there in the media, citizens of the country answering polling questions, fellow Democrat/Liberal Politicians who put a floor under Present Oh. They take him seriously when he sits there with Oprah or on the View with his legs crossed like he is one of the girls and makes jokes about serious matters. Maybe the birth certificate wasn't the issue, but portraying yourself as transparent and then stonewalling only roils the waters and foments more questions. Why make it seem like those who want to know are some how conspiracy nuts? We wanted to know all along and it has taken 2+ years. We still want to know about college and any other paper trail. What will future historians have to cull from? Autobiographies? Will it all come out some day when its too ;late?

What I always say is watch what the other hand is doing. The concerted effort is in and Oh needs the media to do their part to enable him to accomplish his plan. And never forget there is a plan being fulfilled right now. Tearing the country apart like a swarm of Tornados is the first step. Then, as in the aftermath of the gulf oil spill, its easy to put a moratorium on drilling. Create a crisis then offer the solutions, Govt solutions. Mark Levin said it best, Government is the crisis. But the daily news stories skip over the mid east fiasco and dubious appointments and dead or dying real estate markets and weakening dollar and impending inflation and necessarily skyrocketing energy costs and budgetary inaction/ deficits to bring you birth certificate and campaign sound bites and pardoned turkeys and college basketball picks and trivial pursuits. The media is even trying their darndest to bring US Present Ohs challenger, right now its Donald Trump, Sarah Palin has already been discredited, and who will we end up with? Probably a Moderate Republican aka Obamas personal campaign punching bag.
We are getting set up for the big take down in 2012 and if the country does not wake up the change we see will not be pretty, hope is not yet lost, but as close as you get before you find out what you fear is.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Candidate Obama

The launching of the next Presidential campaign ironically coincides with the revelation that all the demagoguery candidate o spewed about Bush and Cheney shredding the constitution was just political rhetoric nullified when the wOn continued to use the same policies against terrorists/sic makers of disasters, Guantanamo detention policy and against certain dictators in the Middle East. The Nobel peace prize winner is actually escalating conflicts. Where is the war monger outcry always heard when there is a Republican President doing these same things?

Now we see the same hatcheting of the messenger as Paul Ryan tries to wake up the American people as we sleep on the RR tracks with a debt locomotive just around the bend. Obama will try to stay above the fray as he floats ideas like trial balloons, threatens vetoes and separates himself from any position that could blow his political cover. Our President is no leader he is a campaigner, making a difficult decision is way above his pay grade and our country is so much worse off because of his weak, passive-aggressive, lawyerly style of Presiding.

Its is almost comical to think that our countries fate hangs in the balance of the 2012 election and there are nearly 50% Americans bamboozled by this charlatan who will blindly pull the lever and watch our future circle the drain.
But there is a Trump card. And right now seems like he could do the job we need done so much better. Candidate Obama, you're fired!


Monday, March 28, 2011

A Smaller Fish To Fry

In our National Interest lies Lybia(sic) just like a boil waiting to be lanced. Lo! over there, isn't that Syria?
Oh Lebanon and Egypt ~~Tunisia and Bahrain~~Algeria ~~ Morocco~~ The whole friggin' southern Mediterranean, What in the world is going on?

I can't wait for our President to 'splain it all to US tonight. I'm sure somewhere betwixt all the theories about protecting Europe's oil supply and anti-colonial Islamo-resurgency enabling we will get to see another facet of the charade that masks our CIC with the Islamic/ African sounding name. All I can see through all this is a noose encircling Israel and no word of comfort for an ally will be forthcoming from the top levels of the representation of our Nation.

Stuff is happening right before our eyes, and it won't be pretty when its all played out.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What A Pickle

First we are ousting a dictator, then we are just preventing him from killing his civilians. We are bombing his compound but not trying to assassinate him. We are arming the rebels and hoping they can do the dirty work. But lo and behold who is also joining the rebels??
Hint: first name is Al-

This is sure a fine mess our political class has our stricken country wallowing in.

Lives created or saved.

There's a future out there that needs... winning. Duh!

Monday, March 21, 2011

UNtil Now UNthinkable UNHoly Alliance

I have read some most interesting takes on what is going on in the Middle East now that we have opened up yet another can of worms. History is in the process of writing itself. But its also a re-run.

Under the rule of Pres. Obama the US has confounded allies and emboldened Nations hostile to US benevolence. The Presidents aloof and casual reactions belie the gravity of the matter at hand. At best we may be witnessing the beginning of WW III and at worst there are a few more prophecies in the Bible that will be fulfilled before there is no longer any way to doubt.

Israel has been our most faithful friend in the Middle East and a beacon of freedom in an otherwise harsh totalitarian jungle. The recent breakdown of the old order has me concerned for what little peace they have now. Almost all potential changes seem to be more perilous for our friends. World events appear to be guiding and tracking a most dangerous path. The most anti American players are even getting enriched by the turmoil.

The Orchestration of these incidences and the viral nature make me certain we are witnessing Demonic influence on a global scale. I would hate to think Obama is complicit but I am certain he is unaware and getting played right along with The Nations of the World, the good, the bad and the Ugly. Its a spectacle both fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.

The Liberals in our country have always looked up to the United Nations as more Utopian because they need to believe that secular Humanity can self correct. And what better than the all inclusive UN to represent all the good in the world? If it were possible, ok, but... Human Nature says otherwise. So the Liberals have been Hell -bent on ceding our sovereign power to a corrupt body where hypocrisy sits on the Security Council.

I can only imagine a day when we must overthrow our own Government once again because of corruption and unconstitutional behaviours and then We the People have to fight the UN who intervene for the good of ? what? European socialism? Islamic dictatorship? Chinese Communism? My God, so many precedents are being set and so many of them are for evil ends.

I now know for certain what I have always guessed to be all we can do,
and that is to pray.
And remain vigilant.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Risk Averse

Japan had their big one last week, volcanoes erupting and now another earthquake near Tokyo. So far they are weathering the storm. How much longer can they withstand explosions in their reactors, melt down conditions, and aftershocks both geological and humanitarian?

Here in the US we are having questions of energy and how and where we obtain it. With plenty of our own resources but no willingness to exploit them we put our future in the hands of environmentalists and Middle Eastern despots, and market manipulators. On one hand using up other countries resources before our own makes National Security sense but is so hypocritical it's oxy-moronic. We can do a more responsible job of retrieving oil, natural gas and coal than 3rd world countries can. We can make a nuclear reactor able to withstand the forces of nature better than Iran, Syria, N. Korea or China. Why don't we?
And will they?

Fear is the factor driving all the decisions in the world anymore. We used to want to go to the moon and Mars, but a few mishaps and budgetary concerns have grounded NASA. Nuclear energy could solve a lot of needs but now Japan will be in the back of every new decision on permits and environmental impacts. A blown up oil well halts undersea drilling, heck it halted all drilling contrary to our Chief Executive's feeble lies. If we were so worried about safety would we drive around in any car less than armored or would we ever fly anywhere in any type of aircraft? Would we be willing to step outside our own front door?

Society has become so afraid of its own self we are paralyzed to attempt any thing adventurous or risky when the path is less than certain. I believe it is because western
society has placed a high price on life. As it should. Yet, at the same time moving forward has a price, also. Somewhere out here in the secular West we have lost some faith in our ability to have God direct the way. Some people even rebel from this golden corral by doing crazy stunts and taking up death defying past times.

So the higher we go the farther we have to fall. Meanwhile we tie ourselves up with a zillion cords of red tape from regulations to impact studies and reasons not to try. We are protecting our children at the same time we are impoverishing them with mountains of debt. We are sealing our own fate by trying to create a world where there are no negative outcomes. It will be bland and at the same time suffocating. We will be at the mercy of those who refuse to answer to our higher code, we will diminish and a brave, bold and possibly evil usurper will meet no resistance from US at all.

Our needs are being met by our loving creator, we just need to have faith and believe it. We just need to live.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Civilization Perched

The world seems to be teetering at the edge, of calamity on one side, or a brighter day on the other. Like my own circumstance sometimes it really does appear to be the new normal. Hope and despair intertwined, inextricably coupled into a symbiotic synergy.
I choose the brighter day and will exhaust myself in all effort to make it come to pass.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Whether Vain

"For the first time in my adult life I am embarrassed for my country"
Turn a phrase on its ear.

The Pot calling the kettle Balack.

A crisis a Day is all we ask.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here We Go Again

In 2008 America was treated to a spike in oil that preceded the collapse of the economy overall. The political will was there for a moment to get our own oil and leave behind the ridiculous dependence on other countries when we could satisfy our own demands. When the economy tanked the price per barrel worldwide slumped and the price at the pump also went way down. It didn't help a whole lot that gas was affordable again when there was no food or work. We even elected a novice community organizer to the Presidency over that whole fiasco. Ironically, now we are getting close to another election season and Obama's deft handling of Mid East crisis and his desires for wind and solar and benefitting Environmentalists over energy producers has brought US back to 4$ a gallon gasoline,with a fragile economy to boot.
Which way to go?

I have no faith in the American voter or in the media who have a duty to inform and maddeningly only tell one side of the story.

Take Wisconsin for example. The voters chose to try and bring sanity to their budget and debt problems and voted one political party in, a party in favor of reforms. No reporting brings in line what the options are for the future. Only what the union wants now seems to be the angle of the stories on this mess. Only what makes the liberals appear to be reasonable, when in fact their policy direction is really robbing from their children and grandchildren. Where are the stories and the badgering of the Lawmakers who have chosen to run and hide in Illinois so they won't have to face a vote? Where are the stories that would compare those tactics to our President voting present while he was a state legislator?

Just because a deal got made, if it was made in bad faith, like paying unions off for votes, then when that deal is found unsustainable it must be redone, undone. Do these strikers want to sit there with their small fortunes while everything around them crumbles and decays? Mathematics appears to be one subject they don't teach well in Wisconsin. Or logic either.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

There's a New Sheriff in Town

The New Barrack is a lot like 'ole Mubarak, but Musharef could be the one in jail. Algeria and Yemen, Bahrain and Tunisia, Lebanon Gaza and even Saudi Arabia are all sweating it out right now. Its a powder keg and it will be interesting to see if the desire for freedom is more powerful than hatred for others who believe and worship just a little bit different.
I know Obama wants to be President of the world, but all this spinning out of His control has to cause a moment of reflection.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Passing of the Olde World Order

With the Middle East in turmoil and a world economy in doldrums its worth remembering that we were promised change, and now our hope may be left to nostalgia and more revolution.
It seems curious and curioser that the big O keeps siding with the wrong players in most every major domestic and international dust up he encounters. Remember Honduras and how Obama wanted to return that commie to his "Presidency"? Now the health care bill is ruled unconstitutional and O presses on, then there was Arizona's immigration bill and the subsequent lawsuit against a State!
When Iran was in a nearly identical situation as Egypt Obama sat silent for days when his support would have made a positive impact to possibly topple a major sponsor of international terrorism. This time he steps in and destabilizes a regime that while not great with human rights issues is a regime that stands between the radical Islamists and one of the most influential Arab countries in the ME.
What we are seeing now is the old line Middle East which was pretty horrible in itself being shaken up and opportunities are now there for the Islamascists to make gains across the board. How much worse could that get?
Turkey was let go, Lebanon was not supported, Tunisia was practically ignored, Morocco and Yemen are ready to rumble and our community organizer in Chief seems like he doesn't have a plan. At least not a plan for the benefit of real American Foreign Policy.
If any plan is being followed at all its that of agitation and upheaval and destruction of alliances that kept a semblance of peace. I know certain events are completely out of everybody's ability to orchestrate now, and if we are not already across that line we will soon know we have. So if the big money players like Soros and all the international socialists want to put this genie back in the bottle before it wishes ill on them why are they making all the mistakes and sowing the seeds of destruction for so many, maybe even themselves?
I believe its more of the methodology of creating the crisis and then coming through with the solution nobody anticipated and nobody wanted, along the lines of the 1979 revolution in Iran.

So is this we are witnessing, "smart diplomacy", or is it a call to arms for the brave foot soldiers of the leftist movement?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Critical Mass

The Middle East is at a tipping point right now and what that could do to the already fragile one world economy is truly a frightening prospect. Dominoes are falling and I imagine right now Israel is ready for things to take a different tack as they can become the distraction and pacifier for the lunacy of street rioters and venters looking for a target for their pent up frustrations. So many things signal out of control and chaos right now I see the stage being set for the man of perdition to take His place in infamy, thank God there doesn't seem to be that personality out there right now, will the vigilant know Him when he arrives?

With things going on in the world like Governments shutting down the internet and micromanaging and mitigating their manufactured crises its only a matter of time before the World again turns to War to stop these challenges to their status quo. Borders need defense for many reasons and containment of the contagion's is certainly high on everyones list, or it should be, and will be proven to be.
These times they are a tryin', for sure.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fleece Option

For me there is a certain fascination with trying to figure out puzzles. Its part of why I love doing Masonry work, writing music and playing Keno.

There has been a controversy brewing in this country for about 3 years now on the origin of our 44th President, as a man worthy of the highest office in the land, as an American in both mindset and place of birth, and how he rose so high so fast. As Hillary Clinton famously stated, all he has ever done up to this point is give one good speech. She said that at the beginning of her failed bid for the Democrat Party nomination, and her campaign also was the first to make public the shadowy facts surrounding His entire past, from birth through college.

Now I am no conspiracy nut but the intrigue surrounding Obamas past has definitely caught my attention. If I was a novelist this plot would be magnificent. It has all the angles and mystery shrouds ever corner. I am certain at some point it was calculated to keep Obama's career achievements ephemeral. With control over the release of documents and even his thought processes history could be re written at the drop of a dime.

And now it seems that the controversy is going to be gamed to somehow delegitimize detractors as kooks and conspiracy theorists. All this could be stopped by the simple release of the actual certificate.

I am certain that there is something else being hidden here, and while it may not have anything to do with the POTUS' eligibility it may be personally embarrassing to him. Which is too bad but sometimes its not the crime, but its the cover up that is more damaging. A great mystery can captivate everybody.

I always say that honesty is the best policy and just maybe a few States will before the next election have the requirements that real proof of eligibility is necessary to be placed on their ballots. That would add another twist to this saga and I would love to see how team O wriggle around that one.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hear Ye, Here Ye

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What if Jared Loughnerd really was a conservative Republican? Where would all the angles of the narrative be leading US now? Censorship and Govt. power would certainly be being exercised at this very moment upon all Right leaning entities. Where would the tolerance line in the sand be drawn then? I am so afraid that with every false accusation the Left levies at the Right and is proved baseless will never count. And then, when one day there will finally be a deranged soul who nuts up and does abhorrent despicable acts against society and innocents and is found to be a Conservative, Republican, or both, all we will hear about is what factors created this inevitability. All humans show some restraint every day as they deal with slights and injustices, and even outright lies and thievery. The weak invariably succumb and flame out, some in spectacular fashion. But most people deal with real reality, and when they can't they just drown in their own self pity and fade away without harming too many people outside their immediate circle.

There is an atheistic cadre of elitists who deign themselves superior to US commoners. Who would rather rely on socialism and secular humanism to control the masses. Their faith is in themselves, for themselves, with themselves atop the heap, making the rules and enforcing their views upon US all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blood Libel

Libel libel, political attack, deranged psychopath, Spin spin,

"the devil made me do it"...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

  • Responsibility

  • I was reading readers comments to pundits reactions of the shooting of congresswoman Giffords and some of the things said make me wonder what country we are living in. How come everyone is trying to place the blame for this heinous atrocity everywhere but at the doorstep of one Jared Loughnerd? Here is a sample of some of the grousing and vitriol toward Sarah Palin
All about her… She needs to shut up and shut her operations down.BY JR NNIFER on 01/12/2011 at 07:55
This woman is a sad, selfish, stupid opportunist. She should be SILENT.BY EDWARD on 01/12/2011 at 08:05
The stupid liberals (which means all of them) are OBSESSED WITH SARAH PALIN. It is a sickness not seen since Ronald Reagan was in office. Liberals are truly a sorry bunch. I think even some liberals are beginning to see this sickness.BY ABE on 01/12/2011 at 08:13
That's right - she has no business speaking about this situation. This has nothing to do with her. It has everything to do with a crazy, drug abusing, radical leftist who acted alone and with malice. Sarah Palin should go about her own business and keep quiet.BY TONY on 01/12/2011 at 08:16
Well said, Mrs. President.BY BURTONROBSON on 01/12/2011 at 08:17
Classic Sarah, it's the media's fault. This killer could have asked her on camera if she was proud of him and she'd blame the media. Must there be deaths directly related to her words before she grows up and shuts up.When will she take responsibility for her words and actions? What is wrong with our country ? Who would support someone this self absorbed?BY MOMMADUKES on 01/12/2011 at 08:18
Sarah Palin is a patriot and a wonderful example of a conservative. I thought BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) was bad…PDS is 10 times worse. You lefty losers should be ashamed of yourselves.BY LIAMD2 on 01/12/2011 at 08:18
Good for Sarah. Tell the haters where to stick it.BY JWF on 01/12/2011 at 08:20
"Morons, your bus is leaving." This 22 year old shooter is the only person responsible for this tragedy. The left is for free speech until the free speech conflicts with their views.BY MIKE WILLIAMS on 01/12/2011 at 08:22
This woman is a disgrace. The media treat her with kid gloves, pretending she is some harmless dingbat "Mama Grizzly", but she is really a terrorist, inciting anti-American violence by telling her idiot followers to RELOAD and placing rifle targets over representatives districts. Shame shame shame on her.BY SEQUOIA on 01/12/2011 at 08:23

Monday, January 03, 2011

Lets Get On With the Business of Governing, or...

California changed figureheads and we get a whole new batch of rules. The country changed a legislative body and lets hope we get some serious forward thinking problem solving as we are only a few short years away from the tank. Just like a football team thats a little too little too late I pray our world can straighten itself out here and now. However, now that my children are old enough to attest to the way things were and stand on their own two feet, with a little help still of course, I am ready to say we do need the old way to fall if it can be replaced by true freedom. If the only way this world can keep on its present course is more indebtedness then the course needs to be changed and reverse could be a viable option if its moved back by around 50 years. Which ironically is just about my lifetime, imagine that.