Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blame Game

Yesterday we got to hear from our highest echelon of Government all about how they spent so much and now its time to pay the bill. I just loved Obamas lament that the Republicans are putting off the measures like a kid who won't do their homework until the last minute. Since when is holding the line on what really needs to be done procrastination? Sasha and Malika I am certain are the stars of the Obama household and I am sure if our dear President asked them what to do they would most likely have a solution outside of blaming, smearing and condescending to opposition.

Obama loves the straw man tactic. Its an easy guy to pick apart and as he preaches to his base voters, most likely the only ones who cant remember that Obama and the Democrats have had 2 years of total Government control and have had both the Legislative houses for 4 years. Thats 2 years with majorities that could have accomplished great things if only they could find unity within their own party, which is most difficult when re election is the goal and policy the party line embraces divides and destroys the Nation.

So here we are with our proverbial car in the ditch, pointed at the cliff edge, gas tank on empty, oil light flashing, tires spinning, spewing smoke with our driver hoping everybody else sees our pile of debt through the passenger side mirror which states that objects appear smaller than they really are. That pile of debt is like a semi tractor trailer coming around the bend and anybody with eyes can see it now. But what do the architects of this predicament have in mind? The November 2012 election, thats what. Spinning the facts and hoping everyone forgets history and how we always used to get out of recessions and depressions.

Obama acts as if he has arrived from some distant galaxy and can step in and save the day because he has no culpability and no agenda and no problem with the truth. He is right about one thing though, we do need leadership right now. Like never before we are boxed in and there are really no tools left in the bag of tricks. Maybe that semi will stop and pull US out of the ditch, or maybe it will just knock US off the cliff. Then our country can get a new car and driver, or go back to riding horses or something.

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