Thursday, June 09, 2011

Will It Be Worth IT

The economy is still tanking and all this country can seem to muster is enough attention to peruse sex scandals and who may run against Obama in a year and a half. Right here right now we have energy independence opportunities that will probably drown in the redtape regulations, Iran and the Middle East about to im(ex)plode, an economy that if it ever gets any traction will explode with inflation, Laws rammed through by this President and last congress about to be declared unconstitutional, a housing market that may take years to come back, unemployment ridiculously high, and debt that will crush the next two generations possibility to live a better life.

All this is penance of a sort, I am thinking, paying dues for out of control obsessive compulsive living high above our hog. We have forgotten that God gave US this bounty and He can surely take it away if we seem to exhibit bad stewardship and self indulgence, which this nation, and the world, has surely been guilty of for at least a generation. We can get back in good graces if we remember our Lord and that our lives purpose is to serve Him. This crop of louts can be dealt with at the ballot box and will be soon enough. The lessons we learn?

Hope and change can be desired, and may even be necessary. But in whom the agent and direction are empowered should be thought through with the greatest gravity. Here we are learning the hard way it takes more than just words and grand ideas. Ability has to match reality has to match possibility. Our lesson will be what we can't do this time.

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