Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Through the Ceiling

The proof of what the political parties are made of is now evident if we all have the nerve to see things as they really are. Since 2007 the economy has been in a tractionless funk. Spending by the Federal Government has spiraled upward and is now out of control.

Both sides have some culpability in where we are right now. However, since 2007 the Democrat Party has had the advantage and responsibility. All the Republicans had since '07 was the Presidency for 2 years and now 1/2 year of majority in the House of Representatives. So you could say " Look what the Democrats have wrought" and be pretty accurate.

Now we get a taste of the desperation of the taxers and spenders as rumblings of Europes avalanche of debt are being felt here and signs are apparent we are headed for the same fate. Our "leader" now sounds more like he's trying to be our Dad than the "Messiah"some were so beguiled out of their vote for in 2008. 'Time to eat our peas', threats that social security checks won't go out, another summer of recovery, storming out of meetings is no way to lead from behind, either.

Its ironic that Baracks 2 and a half year spending spree has US on the edge of the cliff and now he has the nerve to play brinksmanship with those who can help him out of His jam. I heard a great analogy to the Debt Ceiling Negotiations, that its like Obama and the Dems are bargaining between Obama's position and Pelosi's instead of between a Liberals solution and what the Conservatives want to move US forward again.

The bully pulpit seems to be Barry's crutch right now as the reality that it is his spending that got US to this point might finally get to sink in if Boehner, Cantor and McConnell stick to their principles here. These are not election year politics at all, its the survival of a Nation at stake, and fiscal sanity has to be our cornerstone.

A lot of Americans have had to declare Bankruptcy, lose their homes , scale back their lifestyles and start over since this mess started 4+ years ago. We have learned how to jettison the dead weight and non essential budget busters in our households and businesses. It seems high time that the Federal, State and Local governments learn to do the same. It actually has to start with a budget however.

Sooner or later austerity will set in, and the sooner we get on the right road the sooner we can begin our journey back to prosperity. We are in danger of creating a whole lost generation if we don't start figuring out who knows what they are doing and who is learning on the job and messing everything up and needs to get reacquainted with the real private sector, job creating and productive sector of our once and future great economy.

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