Saturday, January 15, 2011

What if Jared Loughnerd really was a conservative Republican? Where would all the angles of the narrative be leading US now? Censorship and Govt. power would certainly be being exercised at this very moment upon all Right leaning entities. Where would the tolerance line in the sand be drawn then? I am so afraid that with every false accusation the Left levies at the Right and is proved baseless will never count. And then, when one day there will finally be a deranged soul who nuts up and does abhorrent despicable acts against society and innocents and is found to be a Conservative, Republican, or both, all we will hear about is what factors created this inevitability. All humans show some restraint every day as they deal with slights and injustices, and even outright lies and thievery. The weak invariably succumb and flame out, some in spectacular fashion. But most people deal with real reality, and when they can't they just drown in their own self pity and fade away without harming too many people outside their immediate circle.

There is an atheistic cadre of elitists who deign themselves superior to US commoners. Who would rather rely on socialism and secular humanism to control the masses. Their faith is in themselves, for themselves, with themselves atop the heap, making the rules and enforcing their views upon US all.

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