Friday, January 28, 2011

Critical Mass

The Middle East is at a tipping point right now and what that could do to the already fragile one world economy is truly a frightening prospect. Dominoes are falling and I imagine right now Israel is ready for things to take a different tack as they can become the distraction and pacifier for the lunacy of street rioters and venters looking for a target for their pent up frustrations. So many things signal out of control and chaos right now I see the stage being set for the man of perdition to take His place in infamy, thank God there doesn't seem to be that personality out there right now, will the vigilant know Him when he arrives?

With things going on in the world like Governments shutting down the internet and micromanaging and mitigating their manufactured crises its only a matter of time before the World again turns to War to stop these challenges to their status quo. Borders need defense for many reasons and containment of the contagion's is certainly high on everyones list, or it should be, and will be proven to be.
These times they are a tryin', for sure.

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