Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Passing of the Olde World Order

With the Middle East in turmoil and a world economy in doldrums its worth remembering that we were promised change, and now our hope may be left to nostalgia and more revolution.
It seems curious and curioser that the big O keeps siding with the wrong players in most every major domestic and international dust up he encounters. Remember Honduras and how Obama wanted to return that commie to his "Presidency"? Now the health care bill is ruled unconstitutional and O presses on, then there was Arizona's immigration bill and the subsequent lawsuit against a State!
When Iran was in a nearly identical situation as Egypt Obama sat silent for days when his support would have made a positive impact to possibly topple a major sponsor of international terrorism. This time he steps in and destabilizes a regime that while not great with human rights issues is a regime that stands between the radical Islamists and one of the most influential Arab countries in the ME.
What we are seeing now is the old line Middle East which was pretty horrible in itself being shaken up and opportunities are now there for the Islamascists to make gains across the board. How much worse could that get?
Turkey was let go, Lebanon was not supported, Tunisia was practically ignored, Morocco and Yemen are ready to rumble and our community organizer in Chief seems like he doesn't have a plan. At least not a plan for the benefit of real American Foreign Policy.
If any plan is being followed at all its that of agitation and upheaval and destruction of alliances that kept a semblance of peace. I know certain events are completely out of everybody's ability to orchestrate now, and if we are not already across that line we will soon know we have. So if the big money players like Soros and all the international socialists want to put this genie back in the bottle before it wishes ill on them why are they making all the mistakes and sowing the seeds of destruction for so many, maybe even themselves?
I believe its more of the methodology of creating the crisis and then coming through with the solution nobody anticipated and nobody wanted, along the lines of the 1979 revolution in Iran.

So is this we are witnessing, "smart diplomacy", or is it a call to arms for the brave foot soldiers of the leftist movement?

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