Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here We Go Again

In 2008 America was treated to a spike in oil that preceded the collapse of the economy overall. The political will was there for a moment to get our own oil and leave behind the ridiculous dependence on other countries when we could satisfy our own demands. When the economy tanked the price per barrel worldwide slumped and the price at the pump also went way down. It didn't help a whole lot that gas was affordable again when there was no food or work. We even elected a novice community organizer to the Presidency over that whole fiasco. Ironically, now we are getting close to another election season and Obama's deft handling of Mid East crisis and his desires for wind and solar and benefitting Environmentalists over energy producers has brought US back to 4$ a gallon gasoline,with a fragile economy to boot.
Which way to go?

I have no faith in the American voter or in the media who have a duty to inform and maddeningly only tell one side of the story.

Take Wisconsin for example. The voters chose to try and bring sanity to their budget and debt problems and voted one political party in, a party in favor of reforms. No reporting brings in line what the options are for the future. Only what the union wants now seems to be the angle of the stories on this mess. Only what makes the liberals appear to be reasonable, when in fact their policy direction is really robbing from their children and grandchildren. Where are the stories and the badgering of the Lawmakers who have chosen to run and hide in Illinois so they won't have to face a vote? Where are the stories that would compare those tactics to our President voting present while he was a state legislator?

Just because a deal got made, if it was made in bad faith, like paying unions off for votes, then when that deal is found unsustainable it must be redone, undone. Do these strikers want to sit there with their small fortunes while everything around them crumbles and decays? Mathematics appears to be one subject they don't teach well in Wisconsin. Or logic either.

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