Monday, March 21, 2011

UNtil Now UNthinkable UNHoly Alliance

I have read some most interesting takes on what is going on in the Middle East now that we have opened up yet another can of worms. History is in the process of writing itself. But its also a re-run.

Under the rule of Pres. Obama the US has confounded allies and emboldened Nations hostile to US benevolence. The Presidents aloof and casual reactions belie the gravity of the matter at hand. At best we may be witnessing the beginning of WW III and at worst there are a few more prophecies in the Bible that will be fulfilled before there is no longer any way to doubt.

Israel has been our most faithful friend in the Middle East and a beacon of freedom in an otherwise harsh totalitarian jungle. The recent breakdown of the old order has me concerned for what little peace they have now. Almost all potential changes seem to be more perilous for our friends. World events appear to be guiding and tracking a most dangerous path. The most anti American players are even getting enriched by the turmoil.

The Orchestration of these incidences and the viral nature make me certain we are witnessing Demonic influence on a global scale. I would hate to think Obama is complicit but I am certain he is unaware and getting played right along with The Nations of the World, the good, the bad and the Ugly. Its a spectacle both fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.

The Liberals in our country have always looked up to the United Nations as more Utopian because they need to believe that secular Humanity can self correct. And what better than the all inclusive UN to represent all the good in the world? If it were possible, ok, but... Human Nature says otherwise. So the Liberals have been Hell -bent on ceding our sovereign power to a corrupt body where hypocrisy sits on the Security Council.

I can only imagine a day when we must overthrow our own Government once again because of corruption and unconstitutional behaviours and then We the People have to fight the UN who intervene for the good of ? what? European socialism? Islamic dictatorship? Chinese Communism? My God, so many precedents are being set and so many of them are for evil ends.

I now know for certain what I have always guessed to be all we can do,
and that is to pray.
And remain vigilant.

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