Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When You Want to Believe Something So Bad

We can all breathe a great sigh of relief. Iran never had any bad intentions, not toward US or toward Israel. According to National Intelligence Estimates the Iranian Regime has not been working on Nuclear weaponry since 2003. Cascading uranium was only for "electricity". Hillary, Barack and Joe knew that all along. What putzes we are to believe the NIE at all the wrong times and deny their credibility when they make an outlandish assessment about the Islamic Republic of Iran. Setting the record straight thusly will confirm to the world we mean what we say? "Iran is 10 years away from making a nuclear bomb", I wonder if they would bet their life, their families lives, and everyone in a major American city's lives that they are certain this is true?

So let's get this straight, we can believe the Intelligence when it makes US look bad, but when it's there to possibly prevent catastrophy we should doubt and recheck and play politics with the results, if there happened to be an error? Since when is intelligence an exact science? There has never been a time when we got it wrong? Or just came by more facts and improved and filled in the grey areas? We got where we are in time now with mistakes and miscalculations made, but through the rearview mirror everything looks better.

This is all getting so ridiculous, it seems to me we are being set up to let our guard down and then, wham! How is Russia, China , Venezuela, Syria, No. Korea and The loose bunch of Islamo-Fascists around the globe supposed to view US? Are we so afraid to be wrong we cannot act at all. I am hearing about Bush's rush to war with Iran, but if there was a rush to war they would already be subdued. This is how things get done, put the pressure on and make sure you got it right. We can't afford to wait until Israel is vaporized under a mushroom cloud. Or Paris or New York or London. Proactivity means moving forward, like a shark, in order to survive. Senator Joe Biden illustrates beautifully why we cannot elect a defeatocrat in a time of war.

Don't think we are in a War? Just look at what these countries are doing out there on the sidelines.





North Korea


So there we have it, a country that wants peace, peace at any price. Can we afford not to be prepared for whatever these countries that hate US may do?

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Mirjam Hoch said...

Thank you for your birthday wish. I am honoured to celebrate my birthday on the same day as your daughter.
This year is nearly over and I praise the Lord for what he has done in this year. He always gives us more as we hope for. I deleted some of my old posts as things turned out so well.
Thanks again for your comment.
It's good to read your blog as it makes one think about things and it's good to read your opinion about politics!
have a good day!