Monday, December 17, 2007

'Tis the Season, or Reasons for Giving

Christmas always brings an emotional avalanche upon me. Ever since I was responsible for giving one gift there has been an element of stress involved. My adult life has mainly been in the field of construction and outdoor work. So this time of year has always been stressful all by itself. There is more to the Christmas season than the obligation to give to loved ones, there is the connection element to show we are thinking beyond ourselves for a moment. I get so caught up in making ends meet, I miss an entire facet of being. Christmas is about praising the Lord and using this blessing to share the good news that we will be delivered from the grind and necessity to focus within our narrow fields of vision. The bigger picture is right there, if only I could take a little time to look around. How much more is there to see? I think ... There is a whole universe out there!

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