Monday, February 26, 2007

World NewsWatch February 26, 2007 A.D.

The Iranians and Mahmoud Ahmadinajhad say their nuclear programme is like a train with no reverse or brakes. To complete his metaphor, I would add, No Tracks. Good Luck, World, when these guys build their little bomb. Over the weekend they sent a rocket into space, also. What do you suppose 1+1=?

If we could just get Pakistan fully on board the whole war on Terra could become an island. When the Rats crawl out of their holes in their dirty nightshirts and are cornered, Allah will welcome them with open arms.

If the Archeologists said this was true the reportage would do backflips. Since they claim Jesus and His "Wife's" bones buried in the tomb to be bunk, this Secularistic writer will put it out there like that anyway, because it's the contoversy that sells. Until Jesus comes back, there will always be a concerted effort to disclaim the Resurrection.

Governing by the polls is never really a good thing, unless the Govt. can reverse course, stop on a dime, or move quickly enough before public opinion can change. That's why we elect leaders to lead. Reactionaries need not apply.

So that is what all the tears were for, that debacle of a hearing was a job audition. A new reality show, Make the Judge Cry.

The BrainTrust has always thought one of the best ways for a terroristic attack here in America would be through the Trucking Industry, or on our Highways. Now that Mexico will have an access to our Highways, an inspector job has become frontline defense/first responder type of responsibility. The Border must not be porous enough for some, so let's add another challenge before we get the first order of the day completed.

Al-Reuters is making sure it is known they are not responsible for the content of this article. The pirates must have allowed Reuters access so they can't comment, like CNN in Baghdad before the war.

All those poor individuals who waited for days in line got burned? Or do they have the ultimate collectible electronic piece of junk?

It may be a form of child abuse, but I am not sure taking Him away from his family is helpful. He needs a bicycle. One he can pedal around, that might help too. I feel sorry for kids who start life out with a challenge that is nearly insurmountable. But this kid is young enough to grow out of it, somewhat. It seems like Connor's Mother does what He wants, not what He needs. Maybe when He was a baby crying for more food, there was something else He was crying for. Sometimes the child just does not really know what is best for themselves.

How great it would be to develope an early test to detect this most common and evil form of Cancer.

I don't understand that Terrorism has not at least been suspected here yet, or has it? The copy makes it unclear. Maybe it's another example of hoping it's not terrorism so much you'll try every other possible theory first.

A loss is a loss in sports, it does not matter how or why. All the woulda coulda shoulda di'nt is so cowardly and unbecoming of a world class democracy. If we want to win we can win, if we want to lose, there's a plan for that, too.

Check if those in favor of the fairness doctrine or "Hush Rush" have a stake in satellite radio futures, because if they ever enacted the fairness doctrine Satellite Radio would be the way to go. It is funny, though, because how exactly would a fair radio program be conducted?, and who would decide it was "fair"? Maybe the call screener job would be done by the FCC. And every what?, 2 hours have a new host? One Lefty, one Righty? You might kill radio stations but somehow free speech would get spoken. There would be a migration from AM radio to satellite. And when that got shut down by the ones who cannot debate, HAM radios. They can never win. The conservative side can line up Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, and Bill O'Reilly as our first team. Where do we have time for Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, Dr. Laura,Gallagher, Pat Campbell Paul Harvey, Art Bell, Kruk and Kuip etc. etc. And then the lefties have Al Franken, John Stewart, Randy Rhoads, and then all the shadow lefties Bob Schieffer, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert,Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Walter Cronkite, and all His Ilk. After all that then what, our computers?

Freedom Fighter and Communist Leader describing the same individual. Sounds like a contradiction in terms.

France can not deny they, too, are targeted by the Islamo-Fascist, violence worshipping, retro-humanoid, demonically inspired partiers at the gates of Hell.

The Civil War is in Baghdad, not Iraq proper. I do feel I agree somewhat with Sen. Carl Levin, ironically, the goals of just being there to Train the Iraqi Army, counterterrorism, or border security(Our own Border Security?) . are the success oriented results I, too, hope to one day see. However, complete success doesn't happen overnight and how the enemy views our actions is almost as important as the actions are themselves. They will view any type of backtracking as retreat. While we try and move backwards (less troops) it has to have an overt perception ( kicking some @ss) to instill the respect for our power, that power not used is still a threat.

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