Monday, February 05, 2007

The Relevency of Averse Proclivity

As downward spirals go, some are definitely worse than others. Like in warfare,actually the Israeli-Palistinian conundrum. That would have to be the worst, most ridiculous waste of energy and wheel spinning this planet has ever seen.
The Spiritual Warfare is another that comes directly to mind. Angels vs. Devils. In its cosmic place, that irreconcilable tug of war can never be remedied into an acceptable human condition. We being fallen entities, desperately trying to get right, and a tempter who has fallen with no remorse, trying to take us down for spite.
An equally terrible and all too common downward spiral that can consume lives is within marriages and relationships. How to stop the cycle of anger? Was it not being loved that made a person unlovable? Or was it an angry bellicose disposition? What could cause that said outlook in someone committed to loving their significant other for the rest of their lives? Maybe it is just simply everyone taking everything for granted, if we knew for sure we only had one more day to live, I am sure the little petty indifferences would not come to light.

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