Sunday, February 18, 2007

World Newswatch February 18, 2007 A.D.

I hope Condoleeza can be successful over there, anything good news oriented might start an avalanche.

We can't forget that life goes on, there are so many things do in life.

It needs to get repeated ad naseum here, too. The message our leaders want to convey has to be shoved down some Americans throats, because some guys get free publicity and some guys get bad publicity.

I haven't thrown out my peanut butter yet, but it's scary to know how things slip through all the layers of protection we have given ourselves.

I've always wanted to go climbing, but I guess there's a good reason I'm so chicken. I guess IMAX is better.

The Presidents plan for Iraq must have at least a long shot of proving itself successful, judging by the Democrats all out effort to interfere.

Terrorists are never going to stop their wicked ways, May God stop them His Way. India and Pakistan are starting to notice each other again. It's almost like there are going to be X amount of terrorist attacks every single day. No more no less. Could it be The Lord restraining Satan until it's Time?

The Russian people have learned how to live with domestic terrorism. This time it was in the Holy City of St. Petersburgh.

We need to enjoy every day as best we can.

We have to have known the Enemy will say anything and have a decent chance of being believed by whoever has an axe to grind with the USA.

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