Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Highwire Act Without a Net

It must be incredibly difficult to be in charge of United States Security with roughly half of the population indifferent or in outright denial of your desperate desires to make sure not one high profile attack succeeds. Nobody cares if you are successful 99.99% of the time if the .01% chance is the attack that causes the death of many innocent souls. Since we in the USA have the big bullseye on our backs, the rest of the free world is watching and waiting.
I will grant the Islamascists frustration at our apparent lack of moral fiber for I lament it every day, too. But for every piece of crap pornographer or adulterer, or crooked cheat, there are an equal number of God fearing, peace loving, and nice people, here. And Islam itself has the same dichotomy,many of the same sinners, blood lusting, drug smuggling, peace hating S.O.B.'s to go along with their "true believers". Jesus said remove the beam from your own eye before you try to take out the splinter in someone elses. Oh, how the simple platitudes cut to the quick of our souls.
Man made governments can only do so much, human nature is so vastly varied and complicated. Politics and political manuevering ensure that partisan bickering could actually override National Interests. No one can really be to blame when ostensibly all sides believe they are correctly analysing and disseminating the facts honorably. But actions have consequences. And being wrong while trying to do right is just as wrong for everybody else, to whom it is concerned, as actions with nefarious inspirations. Especially when lives are lost and property is damaged.
Somewhere in the chain of events that make up our lives, those of us living at the beginning of Spring 2007 A.D. Everyone alive on the Planet Earth will have had to make the decision, is our life, here, now, Divinely inspired to do the will of Lord God Almighty?Are our decisions to fight, if we have to, for freedom for everyone? How does God really want to seperate the wheat from the tears? How will His Will be fulfilled, and by whom? Are Angels going to come down from Heaven to do the work, or are the Good, God Fearing Christians in the World going to have to unite ourselves? Actually I would prefer Angels to come down and do it themselves, because then we would know, there would be no ambiguity. God's real will was being done.
I like to kid myself that if I were there with Moses, seeing all the miraculous things, I would never have gone to worship the Golden calf. I would have been satisfied with the pillar of fire, the Manna, the parting of the Red Sea, water from the stones, and everything else God did to free me from Pharoah. But many always get beguiled, even now with all We know about what is to come, Many, even the very elect would be deceived, but that the Days will be shortened. The hard lessons that the Jewish people suffered through and chronicled for future benefits should never be misunderstood. God so loves His own that he chastens us, corrects and guides our paths. And we can find ourselves astray so quickly we cant afford to look away for long.
And that is why We have to have Faith.

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