Thursday, February 01, 2007

World NewsWatch February 1, 2007

We have to wait until July to find out what happens to Harry? I hope I can wait that long.

In Britain they get a quiz for plotting murder. I'm guessing they flunked.

Russia's got a surge also, and a gap between the rich and the poor. If my economics are correct the rich are supposed to get richer, and Jesus said we will always have the poor. Some people really are needy, but quite a few just refuse to work hard. It's a rising middle class that booms the economy. Those who benefit greatly should help the needy, but the lazy butts need tough love. How do we sort them out?

Hugo Chavez gave himself some more power. Sounds like dictatorship to me. The next decree will be a lifetime "Presidency".

This "Hoax" seems awfully pernicious to me. In this day and age every stupid prank seems tainted with being a test run or a training exercize. I wonder what Jane Fonda thinks of the bad publicity, and competition.

As tragic as that accident was, the deep pockets syndrome is sickening. Not even Beckham is worth 50 million.

Maybe they won the physical war, but just like US, the media propogandists paint a different picture.

There's no way guys want to be thin, not that bad.

Don't worry Joe , I'm sure you'll get a pass. They want you in the race as long as possible.

How soon until we see the leaks? How soon until something bad comes of this?

I'm glad this won't happen until 2012, because who knows what is going to happen then.

Of course they will forgive a Liberal Politician, He's right up their alley.

I guess it's all about priorities, who they'll nuke first? Oh, Israel, thats o.k. with Jacque.

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Danny L. McDaniel said...

Your right. Beckham is not worth $50 million. He is worth closer to $150 million. He will renegotate after a year and get it!