Friday, February 09, 2007

World NewsWatch February 9, 2007

The Palestinians have found their focus of Anger, "mercifully" turning it away from each other. Unfortunately the path of least resistance is Israel. With so many 'Holy' places and cities in the Moslem world you would think some of that piety would rub off.

Putting the Surge to the test, will the tactic of no sect favoritism hold for long? It's a good place to start, at the top, and work your way down.

Iran is running out of aid for their stalling charade, their citizenry can't be happy with the direction the mahdi-seekers have in mind, a confrontation they have no chance of winning.

I thought conflicts were all solved in less than 4 years and then we go home and ponder our navel.

I know this is a BIG story and Anna Nicole ended up following in Marilyn's footsteps much more than she really wanted to, but is it really that important to call it "Breaking News"? America loves a good mystery and this will work for awhile, but I'm not sure it rises to the level of constant coverage. She really is only famous for being famous, and I guess in modern America that has some mileage. And serves as cover for media misdirection.

Such a strange method of negotiations yet N. Korea has gained concessions. I guess if it works to disarm them it's a good thing.

So much ado of nothing, who they gonna charge?

I am all for free speech, even if its ludicrous and base, plus it cuts to the chase. The Edwards camp should not have to distance themselves from these spokespeople, especially if it's how they really feel. I don't think Edwards' polished image would even agree with these impressions so lets leave them where they belong, with the individual. I think the silencing of whom you do not agree with goes both ways and I for one would rather know wherein the heart truly lies.

There's always hope and prayer.

I see, Global Warming actually creates global cooling, wait a minute, how does anybody really know what the Globe does within it's intermediate periods of heating up and cooling off?

NewsFlash Lite: Cowboys hire Phillips so Niners get to keep coach Norv Turner. Yay!
Kings win fourth in a row. Playoff talk, maybe? Nah. Not just yet.

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