Sunday, February 11, 2007

Deal or no Deal?

It seems all the deals we would like to think could help create some world peace always fall through.


The good people of Biffin Bridge said...

The Christian Science Monitor has, apparently, some good articles that us atheists read.
Having said that I know that Karmabanque say that a Christian Scientist called Hank Paulson is the one to watch as far as negotiations are concerned as your US dollar is in serious trouble.

Hamas were funded by the Israelis to cause mayhem for Yasser Arafat who was in turn brought into power by the Israelis to replace people like Edward Said.

If the US wants peace they should:

Cut there ties with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Have fair elections where there is a cap on election spending and a ban on funding representatives by lobby groups.

Vote instead of veto in favour of Israel at the UN.

Respect and help develop international law.

Get out of Iraq.

Stop polluting the planet and forget ethanol as a fuel replacement as this is just another kickback to US agri interests.

Stop making unfair free trade agreements.

Have greater controls over the US stock market.

Much love,

A shmeg smuggling pinkoe

JohnnyT. said...

It's a pity England long ago stopped being a Nation with a vision much further than a mirror. Governments try to lead people into the future but the past always seems safer and homogenized to the sheeple. If we worried about every little up or down tick in an economic cycle we would be insane. Likewise for security and stability. Decisions must be made that honor God and humanity.
Don't worry America is not too far behind you guys and out of control secular Humanism will bring God's wrath upon the whole world. You know what they say about an Atheist at their funeral?
All dressed up with nowhere to go.
When England and America finally do abandon Israel as you suggest, watch how long it takesfor the world situation to totally fall to pieces.

Mirjam Hoch said...

Hi Johnny
thank you for your comment in my blog. You are right Zwingli was great. I often visit the church called "Grossmuenster" in Zuerich where he used to preach. You can go upstairs to the church tower where you have got a great few over the lake to the mountains.
There is also a huge statue of Zwinglin holding a bible an a sword in his hands.
There are still a lot of people who fear God but not as many as there used to be. People are walking away from God.
However, God's plans are perfect even if we can't see it sometimes.
Have a jolly day and be blessed.
PS: you seem to have a superb blog, I'll read it as soon as I have got some time.