Tuesday, February 06, 2007

World NewsWatch February 6, 2007

I wouldn't have expected any less. I'm sure the Democrats will do better.

Going all the way to the top. Maybe Allah will intervene? Maybe not, as this is what he likes.

I didn't think anything horrible could happen in the blissful E.U. No guns, no military, no problem, right?

It's Diplomacy in action.

She just wanted another chance to join the 350 Kilometre Club.

Maybe Turkey and Pakistan can throw their weight at the problem and get something done.

I just want to know, when isn't there a problem in Indonesia?

It's O.K. for the Moslems to dig around on the Holy Site but not the Israeli's ?

Slowly and surely it seems Russia is slipping backward toward it's totalitarian/ communistic tendencies.

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