Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Convenient Lie

Hollywood and the Motion Picture Industry has spent the last couple hours congratulating themselves on how much they care, they care about the environment and homosexuality a la the oscars won for The Inconvenient truth. They care about Race and Equality, Peace and Freedom, Age and experience, Life and Death, you name the cause and I am sure they care. Only it never seems they care enough to put their money where their mouth is. They care enough about any cause to exploit it to line their pockets. It's just they are so important and their time so valuable, plus they are so smart. If they had their way tonight they would vote in Al Gore to be the next President of the United States, because He is a great leader? No, because he cares so much about the environment He is willing to tie up the world economy as hostage in return for a couple tenths of a degree in temperature fluctuation. That makes a lot of sense to the ultra rich. I am sure they are all set up to weather a severe economic downturn should their plan come to fruition.
The whole show has a pre-determined outcome feel about it to me. Ellen has been o.k. to me and some of those shadow dancing routines were great. Thank goodness Prince was not there. Forrest Whittaker seems like a great guy, maybe a little too New Age. Martin Scorcese was the consensus charity pick. And most people that saw all the movies would never have picked The Departed as the best, give Martin a double. The Queen actress Helen Mirren was regal and elegant amd it was nice to see an older actress win best actress.
It seems like Hollywood is going out of their way to cloak their leftism, which I appreciate because when they come out and go political it ruins everything those actors have ever done for me. Their sanctimonious self rightous posing really wears me out. With the Grammies in the can and the Golden Globes , and now the Academy Awards over we see that speeches are out of vogue with their political leanings displayed onto everyone. Now the Arts and Croissants crowd illustrates its socialism with who wins the award. Or who does not win. I guess if you just want things straight and truthful on T.V. you can't win.

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