Friday, February 16, 2007

The Non Binding Resolution

I want to state how I feel about the War in Iraq. I wish the U.S.A. could figure out what our National Interest is. Is it O.K. to suffer another attack like 9/11/2001? Should our country try to act like nothing of much consequence happened then and nothing remotely like that could ever happen now? Of course we could overcome anything that happens to US, we have no choice but to move forward. But how can we keep living like war is imminent? Especially if war is not imminent. War has always been a fact of the Human Experience. Everybody is so sure they have to fight for their place under the sun. A certain amount of striving and yearning is good for the soul, but to constantly be aware of outside aggression wears out even the most stalwart sentry. I feel that freedom is always worth fighting for. If the Iraqi people felt freedom was worth fighting for maybe Saddam Hussein's tyranny would have never lasted all those years.
Here in the U.S.A., in 2007, we are so detached from what evil can ruin a society we assign it to leaders whose faults are mostly self inflicted and deprecated. Weaknesses that fluctuate from infidelity to hippocracy. Weaknesses that can take down a once great Nation.
Even if we would insist that a belligerent country like Iraq come clean and stop resisting their call to peace among the friendly Nations of the world, there is no guarantee they would actually do so willingly. They really know no other way. Maybe next generation.
So there you have it, I guess I can be chalked up to, "It's not worth another American Life or Dollar if the Iraqis don't step up and take this thing over", we do not know as well as they do who the Terrorists are that are in their midst. But I am totally for US going all out and razing their Hot Beds of Terrorism so they can keep the peace. So I am for this surge, if appropriately applieed, kicking the enemies butts and getting the Iraq Army to secure their own peace.
So I would vote for the surge but qualify it with progress, openness, and complete effort to win.

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